Is Longboard Larry the Premier Skateboarding Brand?

Longboard Larry, which has gradually won the skateboarders’ heart, is a reliable brand.

Which makes Longboard Larry preferred?

Longboard Larry is a brand that prioritizes quality above all else. Their boards are crafted from durable, high-grade materials, ensuring they stand the test of time and are suitable for a wide range of activities. What sets them apart is their commitment to affordability, making top-notch equipment accessible to skaters of all levels. For those keen on exploring what Longboard Larry has to offer, our comprehensive articles are here to guide you through. Everything you need to know about Longboard Larry can be found right here, so take your time and enjoy the read!

Let’s see!

About Longboard Larry

As previously stated, Longboard Larry is a prestigious brand.They have built the skateboards with lightweight and high-quality features even before people knew about longboard skateboarding.

Generally, Longboard Larry specially provides the hand-made boards.

Aside from the good look, the quality of these boards is amazing.

There are serial numbers and dimensions on each board.

Above all others: Larry creates their own individual impression, by the creative shapes and versatile boards on various longboard marketing campaigns.

They must guarantee each finish to be beautiful.

Once you begin riding their boards, it is certain that you no longer want to ride other longboards.

Why Should You Use Longboard Larry?

Why Should You Use Longboard Larry?Longboard Larry brings an absolute trust to users.

With the norm: Provide the highest-quality manual boards, along with a nice look when riding.

The manufacturer takes the longboard quality into consideration.

Their products promise to meet user’s expectations .

Importantly, They provide a reasonable price.

It means that you get a durable board and save your budget at the same time.

Longboard Larry Shapes

We must admit that Larry has full of longboard shapes as demand.

In particular, here are:

Pintail Longboard

  • Pintail LongboardThe nose and tail are sharp while the base center is wider.
  • There are outstanding features in the pintail longboards.
  • They are often an optimal selection for direction riding, thanks to the good balance.
  • The representation has Sea Cow and Sea Calf.
  • Both are the top mount speed board with a fair radial concave and fit for all feet sizes.

Fishtail Longboard

  • Fishtail LongboardAt first sight, the fishtail longboards seem similar to pintail longboards when they also have a sharp nose and wide base center.
  • The special difference in the design can be seen in the tail which shaped like a fish tail.
  • For the long rides, fishtail longboards will be the best option.
  • The Tarpon and Humu from Larry are two typical longboards.
  • If the Tarpon is fond of speed, the Humu is a rockered mini. They are very comfortable when riding.

Blunt Longboard

  • Blunt LongboardThe beginners take up skateboarding with a blunt longboard, which is the right decision.
  • Frequently, Blunt longboards are designed with a wider round tail and nose to provide the stability.
  • With a better stability, The novices will quickly master their skills.
  • However: These boards offer less clearance than other longboards that have the wider tail and nose which makes them hard to sharp turns.
  • That’s why the 56” Cruiser or the Walkabout is to cruise in style and service for long distance pumpers.

Twin Longboard

Twin Longboard

In the 90s, twin skateboards were a common sight on the streets, designed for versatile, multi-directional skating. Nowadays, twin longboards have even wider sides compared to their skateboard counterparts. They are highly favored for freestyle riding, thanks to their excellent stability, which makes learning new skills a breeze. Larry, in particular, has introduced the Emperor Penguin and DK Penguin models, tailored for freeriding enthusiasts. The smooth spoon concave design ensures that commuting and freeriding are both seamless and enjoyable experiences..

Cut Out Longboard

Cut Out LongboardCut out longboards stand out with their remarkable wheel clearance, surpassing any other type of longboard in this aspect. Their bidirectional design adds convenience for riders looking to switch and ride in their preferred direction. Coupled with drop-through trucks, cut out longboards provide superior stability, especially during high-speed rides. This explains why Larry introduced the Screamin’ Mary model, featuring a sturdy double drop design specifically engineered for high-speed performance.

Drop Down Longboard

  • Drop Down LongboardThe design of the drop down has a lower deck to enhance stability.
  • The skateboarders can comfortably enjoy a long ride and pushing also becomes easier.
  • To keep a wheel clearance, it pairs these longboards with cut-out shaped decks.
  • There is the Pusher 2.0 from Larry.
  • Its design allows the rider to go for distance or down the block.

Highlighted Features of Larry Board

Highlighted Features of Larry Board

Every brand has specialized features to attract their customers and so is longboard Larry but Larry’s board can be consider far superior with their features that target certain skate styles.

The first have to mention:

Feature Description
Design Larry longboards offer a variety of types tailored for different purposes. They feature exclusive constructions and unique patterns that distinguish them from other brands.
Material Larry prioritizes the use of durable and solid materials in constructing their boards. They offer options including Bamboo, Bamboo & Fiberglass, Birch or Bamboo, and Maple.
Price Despite the high quality they provide, all longboards from Larry are priced under $200 per item, offering a cost-effective option for obtaining a quality model.


With what Larry longboards provide, it is certain that the price is not cheap, isn’t it?

In fact, All longboards from Larry are under $200 per item quite cheap despite the high quality they provide.

It means that you just need to pay a reasonable cost to get a quality model.

For What Purpose Do You Use Longboard Larry?

Not all longboards are perfect and fit every skating style.

Larry understands that, so they produced a series of longboards for multi-purpose.


FreerideInitially, we should know that freeriding is a unique and interesting style of its kind.

Although boards designed for freeride have significantly changed, they still need to ensure the secure foot placement and higher speed control which make them popular to the player in the first place.

Look at freeride Larry longboards, They can meet the riders’ from-basic-to-serious demands.

Each board has its own features.

If featuring a nose and tail of The Mole provides a standing platform, the DK Penguin or Emperor Penguin have the 5/8-inch drop into the concave in the standing pocket.


DanceWe can see longboard dancing performances in the USA or Europe.

To get perfect tricks, the balance is very important.

Therefore, Larry dance boards are designed wider.

They have a certain space in order that you can walk the board, spin around, or cross your feet.

Even: The designing team especially builds up the flat surface and the tail as well as nose.

The purpose is to pre-load tricks better.


SpeedThe speed is very important for any skateboarder.

The longboards designed for this need are more special then.

It requires that: The boards comfortably hug your feet and the tail and nose have aerodynamic features.

Beyond that, The double drop has to be thick enough for going fast.

With those, Larry has studied and cooperated with other car designers; and then, they produced the Sea Cow, Sea Calf, Tarpon, and Screamin’ Mary in turn.

The model has gradually improved over time.


CruiserEvery rider will need a basic starting point. It is exactly a cruiser longboard and as far as we are concerned, Cruiser longboards are more fundamental than any longboard making them famous with consumers from all ages.

They have the typical shape like a surfboard. For example, there is the Da Glide or the 56” Cruiser.

Coming with that, We do not forget to mention the unique pattern on the surface of boards.

It creates a sweet spot with products named Larry.


DistanceIf you often ride your longboard on a long trip, your best selection will be distance longboard.

For long distance, Larry’s longboards have the true design for the etiquette of passage.

The extra-wide concave allows you to easily tune. An upturned nose will lock you into place while riding.

Don’t stop!

The Pusher 2.0 has the super low deck which is designed to make it easy for you to push.

All guarantee an interesting long ride.


MinisThe Larry longboards are large. If you want something smaller to store and carry, minis longboards will be ideal.

The Humu and Urchin are the emblematical representatives.

It can say that both are a rocked mini and are built in strength.

You feel totally comfortable despite the appearance of a small deck..

Moreover, You still feel fun with kicks.

Longboard Larry Reviews to Trust

To give you a practical view of this brand more, here are longboard Larry reviews you can trust.

Longboard Larry EL Chupacabra Deck

Longboard Larry EL Chupacabra DeckIs freeriding your favorite skateboarding style? Well, the Longboard Larry EL Chupacabra can be an appropriate option to choose.

General features:

  • Made from the maple combined with fiberglass.
  • Built-up 3/8-inch flat drop in the back and the same size in front.
  • The wheels in back are integrated.
  • 37-inch in the length, 10-inch in the width, and 26-inch in wheelbase
  • The best selection for toe-siding, speed sliding, kick tailing, corner store riding, and commuting.

Honestly, the EL Chupacabra is suitable for most terrain.

Longboard Larry Komodo

Longboard Larry KomodoIt sounds like the name of a species of lizard in Indonesia – Komodo. So, is it strong enough to provide you with an interesting experience?

General features:

  • A great combination of bamboo with a birch core.
  • Design the trucks placed for nose manuals and hanging ten.
  • Built-in medium length: 47.5 inches.
  • Offer a dominant energy.
  • Ideal for both beginners and professionals.

In brief, Komodo designed by Adam Colton is one of the classic boards to ride. It is a trustworthy option to dance, carve, or cross step.

Longboard Larry Tarpon

Longboard Larry TarponIf you always keep speed in mind, you can be satisfied with what the Tarpon brought.

General features:

  • Use the optimal material to built-in this board – bamboo and fiberglass.
  • Have a deep tub concave, along with a flat base.
  • The top is made from a birch concave with triaxial fiberglass.
  • Use carbon fiber to make the bottom.
  • Add a little damping to this board.
  • A design after specs from Team rider Deano.

Based on all the features listed above, we have to admit that the Tarpon is perfect for speed riding.

Longboard Larry Salamander

Longboard Larry SalamanderSomeone said that the cruiser boards are flexy carve killers. And the Salamander from Larry is one of them.

General features:

  • Create a perfect and light board by combining 2-layer bamboo with fiberglass.
  • Not only mellow kicktail but also the nose works with the high flex.
  • Have lightweight, so you easily carry anywhere when you are not skateboarding.
  • The length (35”), width (9”), and wheelbase (23”) are compatible together.

Repeatedly, the Salamander is a cruiser board. It is a reliable choice to off to the hills or class.

Longboard Larry Walkabout

Longboard Larry WalkaboutYou often have long distance rides, passing states, cities, or counties, for example.

It is certain that you will want to own a quality longboard.

Here! A good suggestion for you is the Walkabout.

General features:

  • Enable you to lose yourself and tune your surroundings on the additional wide concave.
  • Lock you into place when you move on the deck.
  • Don’t require extra effort and even you are returned more energy, thanks to the highest-tech composition.
  • Include many rear truck holes to tune the flex easily and effectively.

Actually, the Walkabout is a tremendous selection for distance riding.

Longboard Larry Humu

Longboard Larry HumuThe Humu is one of the enjoyable mini longboards.

When talking about the minis longboards, we know that they are a flexible option for kids with optimal storage.

General features:

  • Have a compact style, so you can carry it everywhere.
  • The whole deck is made from bamboo – very solid.
  • Design the rolled edges that allow you to place your feet comfortably whether the deck is pretty small.
  • Squeeze the riders in and kicks in its tail.
  • Have a compatibility between the length (26”) and width (7”) to optimize your demand.

Obviously, it is no coincidence that the Humu is preferred. Look at these features, we can recognize its pros.

In a Nutshell

Is longboard Larry reliable? Have you found the right board for yourself?

We are confident that you have found the answers you were seeking. Larry’s models excel in every aspect, from their distinctive features to their reasonable pricing, making a compelling case for potential buyers. With a wide array of types available—whether it’s for freeriding, cruising, long-distance journeys, mini-boards, high-speed rides, or dance—you have the freedom to choose based on your specific purpose and preference. Simply assess your needs and make your decision accordingly. In our personal opinion, investing in a Longboard Larry is a wise choice, ensuring you get true value for your money. Congratulations on your decision! Finally, we sincerely hope that our information proves valuable to you, especially if you’re in search of a top-notch board.

Good luck!!!

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