Longboard Sling vs Backpack? The Answer for You

The sport equipment longboard, which similar to, but not the same as, skateboard, is used by speed-junkies for sliding, dancing, cruising, downhill racing, long distance racing and they are making a comeback in the mainstream as tool for travelling.

Of course, the craze for longboarding amongst its cult members was never gone but more people have recently started to accept it as a better mode of conveyance. It is quicker than walking on foot, cheaper than using a car and definitely less tiring than riding a bike. Every time you choose to skate instead of driving you are doing your planet a favour, and it can’t get stolen because you can take it anywhere with you unlike bike.

Longboard Sling vs Backpack
These days different qualities of Longboards which are available in the market and the best part is that high quality Longboards are made available at a decent price.

Now there will be areas where skating is prohibited and where the surface will not be favourable for skating in that case you have to carry your board. The biggest concern that every Longboarder has is how to carry the longboard?

You just can’t park it anywhere or lock it down. To carry the lumber some board, you need something that can help you to easily lift it around. Currently there are two options available in the market: one is the old and evergreen backpack and the other is the comparatively newer, Longboard Sling. Both are quite different from each other even if they serve the same purpose.

Let’s see the difference between the two of them and what might be the ideal choice for you given your situation.

Longboard Sling

  • The Longboard Sling is made of a sling with a comfort pad that you can attach to the trunks of your longboard. The sling consists of a tenacious nylon rope. Its abrasive resistance makes it useful for a long haul with minimum wear and tear.
  • The comfort pad helps to disseminate the pressure exerted by the board equally across your chest and shoulder. It helps to avoid the rope from digging into your skin and saves you from rope burns.
  • The distribution of the weight and the soft cushioning of the pad make it further easy to carry the board around comfortably. It has a stainless steel ring that establishes a tight fit between the rope and the trunk and restricts the excessive shifting of the board.

Longboard Sling

One of the best things about a Longboard sling is that there are wide varieties of slings that are available. You can easily search for different and high quality slings across online shops and chose the best one for you.

Apart from buying a readymade sling, you can also go for DIY options and create your own slings. Make sure to read online tutorials for the same and create the best one for your Longboard. Also keep in mind about the genuine online resources so that you can have the best sling made for you or loved ones.

Why it is better for you?

  • If you are going for a long skating session you’ll need something as light as the longboard sling. It is lightweight and small in size. It will make carrying the board to the top easier. While riding, you can just bundle it up as it is really small in size.
  • You also need to keep in mind about the load that you are carrying with you. Slings are best for low and medium loads but not ideal for heavy loads.
  • Another best part about slings is that they prove to be really comfortable during summer or high moisture season. As your back and shoulders are free, you tend to enjoy a nice ride.

It is way cheaper and costs very less as compared to any other option. One of the most important things to keep in mind is to always insist for high quality slings as inferior quality slings may break and the fall may lead to the damage of your precious Longboard.


They are the Backpacks longboard that are specially designed to hold the longboard. They come with several different attachment method of the board with the backpack.


To hold the longboard on the backpack strap, usually the Longboarders prefer the hanging method. Usually it has two clips attached to the strap on the outside of the backpack to hold the board. The board could be easily attached and detached to a backpack.

Backpacks prove to be really helpful if in case you wish to carry heavy loads and are also ideal for winter season. However, backpacks are not that ideal for summer season as sweat tends to accumulate and leads to uncomfortable situation.

Backpacks are perfect for a rainy season as they help in preserving your board and other personal belongings from moisture. One of the major benefits of having a backpack is the availability of multiple pockets which helps in taking care of small things such as headphones, smartphones, keys and many more such important things.

Why it is better for you?

Why it is better for you?

If you more than just a skateboard to carry around, Backpacks are just for you. Another main benefit of having a backpack is that you can carry several other personal items as well. It means if you are planning for a road trip or an expedition then it becomes really easy for you to keep all the items at a one place. Not only it is convenient but also helps in enjoying an amazing riding experience.

From all of the above mentioned points you can very well judge that carrying a Longboard with the help of a sling or backpack is really helpful. But it is up to you to decide whether a sling is good for you or a backpack. You can easily make a decision as per your convenience.

If you are a student or are planning to go for a small Longboard ride then a sling is good otherwise make sure to carry your Longboard in a backpack and enjoy your time.

Happy Longboarding!

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