Longboard Tips to Remember While Performing Tricks

Performing tricks on a longboard is not a difficult task at all and can be easily performed by every rider. Some of the most commonly tricks performed on this amazing sports equipment are Melon, Manual, 360, etc.

A rider can easily learn these tricks and perform perfectly within little time but there are certain things which a rider needs to keep in mind before practicing such cool tricks. Let’s have a look at the useful longboard tips which will help the rider to perform tricks on a longboard without any harm

Safety Comes First

  • A rider must wear the safety kit before stepping on the board in order to protect himself from major injuries in case of any accident. Every time a rider tries to learn a new trick he might fall from the board and injure himself. This is where safety kit comes into use as it ensures that a rider is not seriously injured.
  • Helmets, gloves, pads are some of the important safety gears which ensure the safety of various body parts. So, never forget to wear these safety gears before taking a ride on a board as without these gears there is always risk of serious trouble for the rider.

Longboard Tips

Correct Your Stance

  • Riders who are new to longboarding must correct their stance before performing tricks on a longboard. It might take weeks or even months to have a proper stance but once you adopt a proper stance longboarding becomes easy. There are two types of stances i.e. regular and goofy.
  • In regular stance, the left foot is forward in the direction where the rider is going and in goofy stance, the right foot is forward. Choose any stance but make sure you are comfortable in it as without proper stance you cannot ride comfortably which means performing tricks on a board becomes an impossible task.

Collect All Stuff Related to the Tricks

  • Before practicing any trick make sure you are well aware with it. Try to collect as much information from the internet related to the trick as it will help you to perform it with ease. You Tube is the best source from where you can learn any trick.
  • Several riders, who are expert in performing tricks, upload their videos on this social site to help other riders to become expert in the tricks. So, don’t forget to search for the videos on You Tube as it will not only help you to perform the tricks with ease but will also help you to perform it safely.

Final Word

These are some of the useful tips that will help the rider to perform difficult tricks with ease and full safety. Even if the rider fails to perform a trick on a longboard, these tips will make sure he doesn’t hurt himself and can give a one more try. So, do consider these tips if you want to become an expert in performing tricks on a longboard.

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