Longboard Vs Skateboard: Defining Differences

Longboard Vs SkateboardLongboard vs skateboard –they can be quite similar to each other but they have different use and purpose behind them. Longboards are a variation of conventional skateboards. Skateboards have different varieties, and one of them is a longboard and it is distinct enough to have its name.

Though both sports activities seem similar apparently but there are some vital distinctions between the two. The similarities and differences are quite controversial and a topic of hot debate among sports enthusiasts. Which activity should be preferred and which one is more fun? Since personal styles and preferences also play an essential role in developing a fun experience.

Well, if you have been feeling indecisive about the choice between longboard and skateboard, then you must know the main differences between the two. Such information will facilitate your selection process for the board that best suits you. The following details will make this point clear, and as you read on through the whole content, you will know what’s for you.

However, it is quite essential to know how skateboards came into being. Initially, skateboards were made to surf over the flat waves to have some thrill. Later on, the surfers transformed it into a longboard by adding heavy wheels and making the deck longer. It was then when the real fun began! Longboards started appearing in different shapes and styles, and surfers began adopting what they could flaunt with ease and grace.

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Practice Turning

Every sports enthusiast who wants to choose between longboard vs. skateboard must know about its different shapes and sizes. Well, the most apparent feature of skateboards is their curved shape on both sides of the deck. These kinds of upward curves are best for users who prefer to perform kickflips. Whereas on the other side, longboards are longer in size than the conventional skateboards and their lengths are approximately up to 130 cm. Unlike skateboards, longboards have two strips at each side instead of curves.

Many surfers prefer skateboards over longboards due to their lighter weight and easy use. Well, expert surfers do take longboards of different styles as an opportunity for outclassing adventure. As it has said, personal structure and preferences play an important role.

Style of Roller-Skate Wheels

Roller-Skate Wheels

The wheels of skateboards and longboards have distinct differences which account for different uses. The surfers who want to grind and to perform tricks on benches and curbs would go for skateboards since these are lighter. Although longboards have soft wheels, they are large sizes making them pretty suitable for doing tricks due to awesome ability to absorb . These kinds of wheels are great to perform tricks on rough surfaces so they are better suited for adventurous stunts.

So, different features of both sports are accountable for shaping the choices of surfers.

Apart from the different shapes and styles of longboards and skateboards, different riding sites also shape the preferences of users. The tricks they choose to perform and the riding site and surfaces they prefer must match their choice of sport; longboard vs. skateboard. Following are some of the tricks that are performed on specific surfaces by riding longboards and skateboards.


Longboards Cruising

Although skateboards are usually used for cruising the streets and carrying grocery around the blocks suitable for plain and flat surfaces providing a smooth ride as a result. Skateboards are lightweight as mentioned earlier. They require special settings to stay stable so they are suitable for a short ride around the place. While on the other hand, longboards are best-suited for long rides and transportation purposes. Their long length and smart designs ensure a smooth ride for miles on over almost all kinds of terrain.


Balancing Longboard

The balancing tricks and stunts are most popular among skateboarding fans. Maybe this is the reason why many sports enthusiasts go on performing balancing tricks to win the crowd. Well, if you are among those people who love to see balancing tricks and want to perform too, then you must know the difference between a skateboard and a longboard for this particular trick.

Conventional skateboards that are small in length would require good balance skill so it will be important for user to practice before hand to easy get along with this skateboards. On the contrary, longboards have ideal length and level of stability for these particular tricks. Even a beginner can perform some cool balancing stunts on a longboard. It provides you with the freedom of positioning your feet on a wider length since its width is great for larger size feet. So if you are planning to learn some balancing tricks and impress your buddies, then you rock it on longboards.


Grinding Longboard

Grinding tricks are usually complicated and risky so they are quite popular among teens who are thrill seekers and often get injured in the process. This is the reason why grinding tricks like staircase riding, flip tricks, aerial, half-pipes, and ollies are so attractive to young players who want to seek that adrenaline rush.

Well, if you want to grind anyway, you should go for skateboards. The smaller size and lighter weight of skateboards enable the surfers to perform complicated tricks like grinding with much ease and grace. However, longboards would be a wrong choice for this riding style since its longer size and shape makes it dangerously tricky.


Pumping Longboard

Pumping is a riding technique tailored for those who prefer not to constantly touch the ground with their feet. Unlike skateboarding, which necessitates periodic foot contact for propulsion, longboarding allows riders to move without requiring foot contact. Its shape and design facilitate a “pumping” action for increased speed. This is achieved by shifting your weight back and forth on the deck while riding, accelerating your speed without the need to lift your feet off the board to touch the ground. Therefore, if you seek a swift ride while maintaining a secure footing on the board, longboards are the ideal choice for you.

Which One is Easier To Ride?

Which One is Easier To Ride
  • Well, the answer to such question also relates to the personal structure and user preferences of the surfer. Generally speaking, longboards are preferred and found comfortable for activities like cruising over the long distances at high speed. Also, longboards come handy when you need to have a downhill ride that requires increased control of your board.
  • Well, skateboards are easy to ride too in their way. In case you are planning to surf on smooth surfaces and perform some kickflips, then skateboards are easier. Riding over the benches and small curbs are always more comfortable with skateboards as compared to longboards, as they are heavier and longer.
  • So both kinds of boards have their own set of differences which account for a varied level of ease. No, you can’t complain now, I had warned you, it’s quite tricky!

Which One is Safer, Longboard or Skateboard?

Longboard Vs Skateboard

Whenever you’re riding on a variety of surfaces, there’s always a risk of potential injury, so it’s crucial to take precautions and exercise caution to the best of your ability. Given that longboards excel in long-distance and downhill rides, attempting aerials, ollies, and kickflips on them could pose a danger, as longboards aren’t engineered for these maneuvers. Therefore, safety hinges on selecting the appropriate activity. You can’t expect to stay safe on the board if you’re attempting a trick that isn’t well-suited for that type of board. The reliability of either option depends on your physique and your proficiency in specific skills.

As you can observe, safety hinges on selecting the appropriate activity. It’s unrealistic to anticipate safety on the board if you’re attempting a trick that isn’t well-suited for that particular board. Depending on your physique and skill preferences, one of the options may prove to be more dependable than the other.


91048Skateboards and longboards are quite different and similar in many ways. Both have their own set of benefits and downsides. Skateboards are useful for performing tricks while longboards are not suitable for playing any tricks due to their heavy weight and large size. The personal preferences and body structure also signify the distinct difference between the two boards. Longboarders and skateboarders prefer to build their boards to suit their own needs. The board builders provide customized boards on demand with a variety of materials. So if you think you have figured out which board will suit your interest, you can build your board very quickly. It’s easier because board builders are now providing online services and you can even see some DIY projects and make your own. No matter what your decision is, it’s clear that both skateboard and longboard are different in many aspects. You can enjoy surfing both if you want to adopt different activities ranging from performing tricks to downhill skills.

Skateboards are adventurous, and longboards can be your best transportation buddies. Both boards are cool, but the choice will depend on you. You cannot flaunt your surfing style if you choose the wrong board, so it’s best if you take professional help. Share your surfing preferences with us. It is fun to know what do you prefer – a skateboard or a longboard?

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