Longboard Wheel: Everything You Need to Know About

Skateboards and Longboard wheel use the same type of Wheels since the use of both these boards are pretty much the same. As the technology and inventions increases, the designing materials of the wheels and their sizes are also changing. Today, we have a vast number of Skateboard and Longboard wheels available to choose. If you are a professional Skateboarder, then here we will guide you on everything which you might want to know about the Longboard Wheels, the types of Longboard wheels, different sizes of Longboards, etc.

Longboard Wheels are made from Polyurethane. Polyurethane is a petrochemical material which is a unique material to build the all types of Skateboard and Longboard wheels. This material comes with different nature which offers bounce and enough grip. Interestingly, the article is available in a variety of color options. Previously, there were only a couple of colors available in the market, but not we have hundreds of different types of color of Longboard Wheels available with us.

Longboard WheelIn the early age, the Longboard wheels were made from plastic and rubber materials. However, today, we have even more durable and good quality material of the wheels which offers more grip and provide longer life. Of course, they are a little expensive than the previous generation of wheels; however, it is all the worth.

Most of the Longboards are strongly associated with wheels made of soft materials. Soft Wheels are better than the hard ones as they provide better grip, they roll faster than the other wheels and offers more comfortable controls compare to other hard material wheels. Most of the professionals do recommend choosing the perfect wheel based on its material and size. Since you are getting into this sport, you should be well aware of each and everything which is associated with the Longboard. Wheels are the main base which lets you decide the trick which is more suitable for you on the Longboards.

What are the different types of Longboard Wheels available in the market?

Longboards are of different sizes, and each size has some advantages and some disadvantages. Since people have expectations from the Longboard, you should know about the dimensions of the Longboards and the associated parts on the Longboards. Since we are here to tell about the Longboard Wheel, we have listed down the types of available Longboard Wheels here in the following list.

shapes and sizes wheelsBefore we jump on to the list, you should be well aware of the fact that, Longboard Wheels come in different shapes and sizes. They have edges, cores and are designed for different types of professional riders. We would guide you about the suitable Longboard Wheels for various purposes of the Longboard users later in this post.

Before making up your mind on choosing the right wheels for the longboard, first, you need to know about the required size of the wheels, what size of wheels do you need? Most longboard wheel are between 64mm to 100mm in diameter; however, there are some special Longboards available which come with even more diameter for special purposes of the users.

In general, different wheels play different roles when you ride on the longboard. Larger wheels accelerate slower compare to the small ones. However, larger wheels offer high speed and they provide better controls to the riders. Smaller wheels too are good at it. However, they never achieve the speed like the Larger ones.

Types of Longboard WheelsFirst, let’s get on to the list of the different sizes of Longboard Wheels.

  1. 70mm Longboard Wheels
  2. 75mm Longboard Wheels
  3. 80mm Longboard Wheels
  4. 100mm Longboard Wheels
  5. 107mm Longboard Wheels
  6. Biggest Longboard Wheels

These are the highly recommended wheels for the Longboard when you ask for some guidelines on buying the Longboard wheels from the professionals. Since you can try out different tricks on a longboard, the size of the Longboard Wheels is designed differently to achieve the purpose. Let’s get into more details about the popular sizes of the Longboard Wheels one by one, so you can have a better knowledge about them in brief.

70mm Longboard Wheels

70mm Longboard Wheels70mm Longboard Wheels are the most common wheels. Most of the Longboards and the users of the Longboards do prefer to pick the 70mm Longboard Wheels instead of choosing the other sizes. The diameter of the wheels affects your acceleration, responsiveness, stability and more. So the 70mm Longboard Wheels are highly recommended by the professions which are suitable to place on pretty much all types of decks of the Longboards.
Pros of 70mm Longboard Wheels

  • Suitable for all types of Longboards
  • Compatible to place on a variety of decks
  • Ideal for the beginners and intermediate users of the Longboards
  • Offers quick acceleration
  • Fits perfectly well on your setup
  • More responsive than any other Wheels
  • Widely used for freeride Longboarding
  • Easy to get, almost available in all the related stores

Cons of 70mm Longboard Wheels

  • Not suitable for transportations
  • Doesn’t offer great speed
  • The reduced stability of the platform which may injure you
  • Doesn’t provide long life as it is built with soft material

75mm Longboard Wheels

75mm Longboard Wheels75mm Longboard Wheels are slightly more significant than the 70mm Longboard Wheels which too are the most popular Longboard Wheels recommended by the professionals. In the current market, there is a variety 70mm Longboard Wheels available in different colors and built with different materials. You should go with the ones which are suitable for your deck.

75mm Longboard Wheels comes with more stability. It is an ideal size for Cruising and Freeriding on the Longboards. With 75mm of its diameter, the rider can cruise over cracks, rocks, sticks, and the toughest roads while cruising. Offers smooth and predictable slides throughout the life of the wheels. Moreover, they are designed to give you a buttery-smooth slide.
Pros of 75mm Longboard Wheels

  • 75mm Longboard Wheels fits perfectly well on pretty much all types of Decks
  • Ideal for cruising and Freeriding
  • Suitable for all-purpose longboarding
  • Offers smooth and more predictable slides throughout the life
  • Slides better than the 70mm
  • Maintain proper momentum
  • Provides more grip on the ground to perform well

Cons of 75mm Longboard Wheels

  • Not suitable for long transportation
  • Doesn’t fit on the beginner’s Longboards
  • Requires particular deck to fit on
  • Soft material decreases the life of the wheels

80mm Longboard Wheels

80mm Longboard Wheels80mm Longboard Wheels are there for the racers. If you love speeding and want to ride on the Longboard with maximum speed, you should go with the larger Wheels at the beginning, and 80mm Longboard Wheels are suitable to do so. The 80mm Longboard Wheels are for the people who also want to go for Downhill Longboarding.

If you have developed enough skills on your longboard and want to go and try out the new Downhill Longboarding trick, 80mm Wheels are perfect to do so. The big size of the wheels can roll over anything. They are very fast and come with better road gripping. The 80mm Wheels generate high-speed and offer better balance so you won’t fall. It is safer than the wheels with a small diameter.
Pros of 80mm Longboard Wheels

  • Offers excellent high-speed for the exciting longboard riding experiences
  • Suitable for Downhill Longboarding for the intermediate Skateboarders
  • Hard carving, pumping, and long-distance pushing can be performed well
  • It can roll over anything due to the large size which makes it perfect for rough use
  • Slides smoothly when required
  • Large wheels provide maximum grip and offer more stability on-board

Cons of 80mm Longboard Wheels

  • Designed for high-speed racing which can be risky sometimes
  • Being large, it can’t fit well on all types of deck

100mm Longboard Wheels

100mm Longboard Wheels100mm Longboard Wheels are extra large and are suitable for the professionals who have good experience riding on a longboard. Being big, the 100mm Longboard Wheels are designed for the speed racers. If you are looking for Longboard Wheels which offer faster riding experience, you should go with the 100mm Longboard Wheels.

The 100mm Longboard Wheels are built with durable material which provides more life. The larger wheels offer more balance as they occupy more ground space. The wheels come with a broader base which provides better grip on the ground making it easier for the riders to ride safely on the board. For transportations, 100mm Longboard Wheels are highly recommended.
Pros of 100mm Longboard Wheels

  • Made for speed and rougher surfaces
  • Provides better momentum and have higher roll speeds
  • They offer much more stability at high-speed riding
  • Larger wheels rollover surfaces easily while maintaining balance
  • They come with a larger width which allows you to ride more safely
  • Provides better grip on the ground which offers balanced riding
  • Suitable for downhill longboarding and Slide boarding

Cons of 100mm Longboard Wheels

  • Designed for a limited number of decks
  • Not suitable for the beginners
  • Only for the riders with particular purposes

107mm Longboard Wheels

107mm Longboard Wheels107mm Longboard Wheels are specially designed for the people with different purposes while riding on the Longboard. If you have gained enough experiences riding on the Longboard, you should get the best wheels which you can place on the deck as per your desires. 107mm Longboard Wheels are suitable for Freeriding, downhill longboarding, slid longboarding, etc. They can also be used for transporting yourself.

Most of the professionals do recommend to go with the larger wheels when it comes to high-speed longboarding with different tricks. If you have different purposes of riding on the Longboard, go with the 107 Longboard Wheels. They offer better grip and can roll over quickly on the obstacles. They cover more ground space which keeps you balanced while riding at high speed.
Pros of 107mm Longboard Wheels

  • Suitable for high-speed longboarding
  • Downhill longboarding, Slide Longboarding, and Transportation can be done quickly on the 107mm Wheels
  • The large size of the wheels easily take over all the obstacles and provides you smooth and faster riding experience
  • The Large wheel offers more stability which is safer

Cons of 107mm Longboard Wheels

  • Available for a limited number of Deck of the Longboards
  • Large Size of the wheels are not usually for everyone
  • Requires some skills to trick it out

Biggest Longboard Wheels

Biggest Longboard WheelsThe Biggest Longboard Wheels are not readily available in the market. The Wheels are of different sizes; however, the dimensions of the Longboard Wheels are of limited range and to get the biggest Longboard Wheels, you have to order them where it is manufactured specially. However, you may be able to get one easily by exploring various websites who sell out different types of Longboard Wheels.

The Biggest Longboard Wheels require highly skillful professional skaters who know various tricks on the longboard. Such wheels come with more safety; however, they are very unsafe if you ride without wearing safety gears. The Biggest Longboard provides an excellent balance. They can take over different obstacles and offers high-speed longboarding experience at ease.
Pros of the Biggest Longboard Wheels

  • Suitable for professional Skateboarders
  • Designed for Downhill Longboarding, Slide Longboarding, Freeride Longboarding, Transportation Longboarding
  • Gives you the highest speed of riding on the longboard
  • More stable and provides well balance at high-speed
  • Grips well on the ground and makes the super sliding fun and easy
  • Cons of the Biggest Longboard Wheels
  • They are not ideal for everyone as they are massive
  • Unusual size doesn’t fit well on the Deck

Disadvantages of Biggest Longboard Wheels

  • Compatible with a limited number of Longboards
  • Only for professional Longboard riders
  • Requires you to be a skillful rider

These are the different types of longboard wheels available in the market. The above guidelines and information help you to know better of the different sizes of the Longboards and their functionality. By following their pros and cons, you can quickly figure out whether it is suitable for you or not!


Longboarding is super fun, and it allows you to try out a variety of tricks on to it. This is the most exciting sport for the current generation. With the perfect set of Longboard Wheels, you can make your longboarding experience much more exciting and safe. We recommend you to make your choice wisely when you decide to buy a new pair of Longboard wheels.

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