Longboarding Basics – A beginner’s Guide

Are you a big fan of longboards? Then this is the right hobby for you. When you try to ride and learn by yourself it can be much more challenging than you may be thinking about your abilities to ride a longboard. It is not so easy as it looks superficially. Basically, every longboard is made up of certain characteristics, which may be suitable for a particular style of riding. People are quite amazed when they see others riding with a great sense of perfection. But there are certain tips you need keep into consideration before you think about or even attempt riding a longboard.

Practice Moving Forward

Practice Moving ForwardYou need to learn some techniques to start – so take back your foot step and push the ground from another foot. Start it slow and then continue moving and balancing. You can either go to one big push or multiple smaller pushes so as to move ahead on the road. Make sure that you keep your body a little bit loose in order to prevent yourself from going off balance. The more stiff you keep your body, the difficult it may be to maintain your body balance. However, you can push off your front body a bit and give a try. However, it is in rare cases that some longboarders follow this method. Continue doing harder kicks once you are quite comfortable riding the longboard and balancing it.

A simple advice we could give – Do what you feel comfortable than doing what people suggest you to do.

What If You Want to Turn and Carve?

What If You Want to Turn and CarveIn case you want to ride around and do some small tricks, then learn how to turn around while balancing your longboard. Though turning can be easy at times, it is still challenging and tricky. Make sure that you apply pressure down only on one side of the longboard and lean before turning. There are 2 types of carving boards available – heal edge carving and toe edge carving where heal edges are used when you turn inside and downward direction and toe edge longboards are used for making outward turns. You can use them when you want to make right turns.

How Do You Make Sudden Stops?

How Do You Make Sudden StopsLearn how to control your grounding speed and foot breaking. Dragging one foot on the ground is one of the most easiest ways to stop your friction with your foot. There could be other ways of stopping your longboards. Carving can help you snake down when you are climbing down the hill so you lean from side to side by pushing on the wheels and help reduce the speed. Air braking is another technique where you can simply standup and put your arms up so as to make your body push against the wind. This slows you down for sure.

Slide Smoothly

Slide SmoothlyIn case you want to increase your speed, then you should save some time for learning rash and fast moves. This will help you sliding swiftly and smoothly across the streets, corners, downhills and sophisticated areas. You can take your foot forward bending your knees which will help shift your weight. Then slide back to start riding smoothly.

Likewise, there are various parts which you as a beginner needs to learn in order to start assembling your own longboard one day. So why don’t you begin with tips for setting up your longboard bushing?

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