Longboarding Techniques for Beginner Girls in 2023

Longboarding offers an undeniable charm and a gender-neutral thrill. This guide empowers beginner girls as they start their longboarding journey. Beyond just techniques, it’s about embracing self-expression, building resilience with every push, and discovering the joy of cruising. Join us in exploring the world of longboarding, where the pavement becomes a canvas and every ride is a step toward empowerment and growth.

Why Longboarding is Important for Girls?

Longboarding is so important for human being especially for beginner girls. Nowadays longboarding is becoming more popular among girls. Besides, it is one kind of exercise and that is why it is beneficial. It helps to build a healthy, stronger body.

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Techniques for Girls:

Girls can ride any kind of longboard that boys can ride. Every girls has different attitude to have a longboard for her. There are a number of techniques of longboarding for girls. Air Braking, Sliding, Land padding, Foot Braking, Carving, Pumping, Early Grabs, Train Drafting, Tucking and Rolling off the road are the most common techniques of longboarding for girls. Now I am discussing all of these important techniques.

  • Air Braking:

    LongboardingAir braking is one of the most essential and effective techniques. Air braking involves standing upright on your board with arms outstretched to catch as much wind resistance as possible. This is commonly done in speedboarding to reduce speed before a tight turn. To maintain balance it is a very effective for the users.

  • Sliding:

    Sliding is the most effective braking technique for downhill longboards. It is a process by which a skater can handle her speed much more quickly than footbraking, but it needs a wider area on to control the slide. It also helps to make you a good rider. There are some popular slides named the Coleman, Bert and Standup.

  • Land Padding:

    At the time of longboarding, Land Padding is the use of a long pole or stick. In this process a rider can use a stick to control her speed easily.

  • Foot Braking:

    Foot Braking means putting one foot on the road and other on the longboard. This technique is used to reduce the speed and to stop the board. It is one of the most famous longboarding technique for girls. When a rider does not feel comfortable by using the slides, then it is more helpful. It also a process which is harmful for the shoes because shoes are used in this process.

  • Carving:

    It is also a popular way to control speed of longboards. Carving is also more effective for the girls among all of the longboarding techniques for girls. It helps a rider to slow her speed by making a path by leaning left and right. It will be harmful if you want to stop the board completely by using this. It is a process to reduce the speed during high speed longboarding.

  • Pumping:

    Pumping is also mostly used technique among the longboarding techniques for girls. In order to maintain speed, the bending of ones knees according to the direction is the act of pumping.

We all know that longboarding is a very risky. So, you have to be conscious and know about everything before longboarding. So, longboarding techniques are so important to enjoy a better riding.

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