Hey Girls, This Is The Best Longboard for Girls Which You Should Know!

longboard for beginners girl“What is the best longboard for girls?” More and more girls go to the Internet to seek high-quality longboards.

Fortunately, many manufacturers these days keep female riders in mind when designing their longboards which is really considerate of them thinking about the new trend. We bring 5 best longboard options under your fingertips.

Explore now! We will help you decide what kind of longboard is best for girls and yourself!

Top 10 Best Longboard for Beginners Girl Recommendation

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Here are the 5 Best Longboards for a girl beginner

Quest Super Cruiser Artisan Bamboo

longboard for beginners girlThe Quest Super Cruiser is state-of-the-art in every way. It’s full of little things which will give you an idea that the manufacturers were paid to focus on detail when they put this longboard together. For emphasis, the deck of this board is manufactured from high-quality materials — a hardwood multi-ply Maple.
The 7″ aluminum trucks are notable in its seventy millimeters PDU wheels. Both the wheels & the trucks have been developed to support plenty of weight & to absorb the abundance of force without breaking or buckling. At 44″ in length, this longboard is ideal for all users regardless of their size. To sum it all, this longboard offers performance, durability and affordability. It is a must-have for a girl who is planning to get into longboarding. (Check more: Best Longboard Brands)

Atom Pintail Longboard, 9.4 x 39.0-Inch

longboard for beginners girlOn the positive side, this board is a fantastic board for girl beginners. The design of this board is simple yet elegant. The colors on this longboard are brilliant and it has a notable yellow and orange finish.
At 39″ long & 9.6″ wide, this longboard is very sturdy. One great feature of this longboard is its 65 millimeters extremely high rebound urethane wheels. It is a softer wheel and for this reason, it’s excellent for riding on roads that aren’t even or have plenty of cracks in them. Also, the Maple laminated deck of this board provides an incredibly smooth finish and also adds durability to the board. Overall, it’s the ideal board for any beginner to advanced rider.

Atom Drop Through, 10 .6x 41.7-Inches

longboard for beginners girlIt is an affordable longboard which is perfect for an entry-level rider who has no previous encounter with longboarding. This super-low-riding board guarantees maximum stability, making it particularly great for downhill carving. A closed perimeter shape provides 9.6″ of leverage for each turn while reducing wheel bite. The 8.5″ aluminum-made trucks are adamant and durable sufficient for stable riding. It’s just fun to ride. Any girl who is looking for her first board or anybody who is searching for a board to utilize for cruising around the town should give this longboard a try.

Yocaher Professional Speed Drop Down Stained Complete

longboard for beginners girlYocaher is a brand you could trust and they’ve included some great features to this longboard which lead to high value and a fantastic ride. It is fast, provides a smooth ride, offers a decent turning radius and grants excellent stability. Adding to that, it has an excellent drop deck design. You can comfortably use this longboard for cruising, downhill and even some freeriding. To sum up, it’s best for beginner level riders.

in The Pines Rasta Longboard Complete Skateboard - Available in All Shapes (Kicktail)
29 Reviews
in The Pines Rasta Longboard Complete Skateboard - Available in All Shapes (Kicktail)
  • Deck: 40" x 9.75", 7-Ply Maple, Medium Concave, Medium Flex
  • Wheels : Q-Ball 70 x 52mm Solid Green Wheels, 78A Hardness
  • Trucks: 9.675 HD7 Heavy Duty Trucks, 180mm Hanger, Aluminum Alloy
  • Bearings: Abec 9 Chrome Bearings
  • Assembled already and ready to ride when you have it in.

Yocaher Punked Stained Pintail Complete Longboard

girls longboardingIt is one of the best longboards for the beginner because it comes with a deck of pintail teardrop design. The pintail design of this board prevents the wheels from getting in touch with the longboard in order for the board to reach maximum speed without any trouble. Its wheels can absorb all types of shocks. Hence, there’s no issue for downhill longboarding making it a really good board especially designed for this activity. Moreover, it has an efficient ABEC 7 bearings which will help you to boost faster.


Of all options, the Quest QT-NSC44C The Super Cruiser is the best longboard for girls. Both aluminum trucks and PDU wheels are excellent at supporting weight and maintaining balance. Moreover, the 44’’ deck is ideal for people of all ages and sizes.
Get the board now and we wish you happy longboarding games!

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