How To Lose Weight By Roller Skating Effectively In A Short Time?

When it comes to fitness and losing weight, swimming, running, walking, and cycling are most likely the things that first come to your mind. However, from now on, you should think of how to lose weight by roller skating. This is a popular sport to help you get fit and lose weight effectively.

Yes, that’s right. The sport that you often think it is just for fun can help you get fit efficiently. And here are the ways you can lose weight from roller skating.

How To Roller Skate Properly?

How To Roller Skate Properly

To make sure that you can achieve expected weight loss results, you need to follow some basic steps. First, if you are a beginner, you should know how to roller skate properly.

There are some items you need to prepare before learning roller skating. A pair of skates that fits you is very important because it helps you feel comfortable when playing. In addition, you should also prepare a helmet, knee pads, and wrist guards to protect yourself from being injured.

You should sit in a comfortable position to put on your skates. After that, put one knee down on the ground and another up so your skate is directly under your knee. When there was a fulcrum, push your hands on your knee to stand up.

Once you stand up, bend your knees and keep your feet in a V-shape to balance. If you feel like you are gonna fall, drop it lower on the ground.

The first time you play, you may feel hard to control the skates, and easy to lose your balance. No worries! This is completely normal, just keep squatting down and putting your knee on the ground until you get the hang of it.

When you are ready, keep your heels together and your toes pointed out, then begin slowly lift one foot at a time – just feel like a duck. Be sure to keep your body forward as you roll. You should move step by step slowly first and then gradually increase the speed.

Now, you are rolling! To stop, slow down and keep your body centered over your skate, gently tap your toe on the ground behind you. Well done! You should keep practicing to become more proficient.

How to Lose Weight by Roller Skating?

We all know that roller skating will help us get fit and lose weight. However, to lose weight effectively, you need a really scientific plan. How to do that? Check it now!

Set Specific Goals

Set Specific Goals

To lose 1 lb, you must shed about 3,400 calories. In addition, the calories you burn will also depend on your weight.

A person weighing 160 lbs will burn about 545 calories in 1 hour of roller skating, while a 200-pound person will burn about 680 calories in the same amount of time.

That means if you maintain your calorie intake, you would lose 1 lb after five hours of workouts. Therefore, if your goal is 20 lbs losing, you will need around 3 months with 1 hour of daily roller skating.

Perform More Movements When Skating

Perform More Movements When Skating

Every time you skate, you should combine performing many movements to help burn more calories and build up your muscles. When you twist, turn and bend as skating, this particularly helps firm up a number of areas on your body, including your glutes, thighs, abs and also your calves.

Only after the first few roller skating sessions, you will feel some areas on your body tone up clearly. By moving your legs forwards and backward as skating, your quads and thighs will all feel the burn. The area that you are likely to see tone up the most is your calves. This is completely normal as your legs move continuously when you are doing your roller skating.

Your skate speed will also contribute a lot to the calorie consumption and increase muscle for the body. When you skate fast, it means you move more and the calories that your body uses will increase. And as a result, you would lose more weight.

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Combine Skating With A Healthy Diet

Combine Skating With A Healthy Diet

Besides a proper exercise intensity, diet is also extremely important to help you achieve your desired weight. You should make a menu of a daily diet for your weight loss plan.

Obviously, you will only lose fat if you take in fewer calories than what you burn every day. Therefore, it is necessary to limit your calorie intake by adjusting your eating habits. You should try lowering the calories taken in every day by cutting down on fast food as well as avoiding sodas and alcoholic drinks.

More importantly, to help build your muscles quickly, you should add more protein to your diet. In particular, providing a small amount of carb will help speed protein to the muscles on your body.

Ideally, you should have a small snack as soon as you stop skating. If you eat the right stuff within 40 minutes after your workout, you will feel significantly less sore and feel more energetic for the next day’s workout.

Tips For A Perfect Roller Skating

To get the best out of a roller skating session, and seeing the scale co down rapidly thereafter, you should follow these little tips.

Tips For A Perfect Roller Skating

  • Get a pair of skates that suit your feet because too small skates will hurt your feet while a too big one can make you easy to fall and lose your track. In addition, it is always necessary to check your skates before bringing them to play. 
  • Always wear a helmet, knee pads, and wrist guards to avoid injury while skating. You may feel it a little bit uncomfortable but safety comes first, right? 
  • Skate in a safe and open area like parks or streets and avoid peak hours, if possible. 
  • Always keep your eyes on the track and be aware of objects and other skaters in your path.
  • Never skate when it is snowing or raining. These climates will make surfaces slippery and increase your chances of falling.
  • Wear comfortable clothes so that you can move freely. Shorts with a T-shirt would be a great choice or you can choose clothes made of breathable fabrics.
  • Skating with your friends will make your workout more interesting. Having some small competitions can help you roller skate more enthusiastically. 
  • Bring a bottle of water with you, especially in the hot weather. Your body needs regular water intake during exercise.

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Wrapping Up

Roller Skating has become a popular leisure activity with youngsters and adults. Most importantly, this is an ideal sport for having fun with your friends while getting fit. To achieve the best weight loss result, you should keep exercising daily. And don’t forget to have a healthy diet in which protein and crab are what you should not miss.

With some tips on how to lose weight by roller skating, we do hope that you will achieve your desired body weight in the shortest time.

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