Madrid Skateboard: How Can It Be On The Market So Long?

Currently, everyone knows Madrid skateboard brand. Do you know why it has a strong position in a market which comes with countless new brands and products?

In the 1960s, Jerry Madrid founded the Madrid Skateboard company. And it still keeps developing and advanced to become one of best skateboard brands until nowadays for 40 years straight. It has been around 40 years since the first day of the beginning period. It can be in a long history of development for some reasons. Jerry Madrid always finds out new ways to improve his products as well as possible over the years.

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Madrid SkateboardDo you want to learn and buy a board for this brand? In place of referring to Wikipedia, it’s better to read the following information in advance so you will have a good and informative insight. It will let you know all the essential things about Madrid and these things will come in handy when the time comes. I also recommend you some typical skateboards. Now, it’s time to discover what is instore for us!

The CEO of Madrid Skateboard

The CEO of Madrid skateboard

Jerry Madrid is the CEO of Madrid skateboard. When he was a student in 1965, he ran a small surfboard company. At that time, he started shaping and fiberglassing the first surfboards for his friends and himself.

In the first period, he considered making skateboard as a hobby in place of a sustainable job. Also, Jerry also took on other jobs to earn money for regularly experiencing surf trips and sustaining his surfing habits. In the 70’s, Jerry used to work for Volkswagen as a journeyman. Thus, he collected more or less experience to improve his better technical skill. Then, he applied them to the manufacturing of his products.

Once he had serious thinking on skateboard business, their top concern was still surfing. They improved skateboarding as well as possible to support surfing in case of the bad waves. When Jerry worked at a surf store, he made the first fiberglass skateboard. He kept innovating it into a small and surf-inspired board mounted with clay or metal wheels and other components.

In 1973, the urethane wheels (standard) were known for the first time. Next, the Cadillac wheels run fast, smooth and durable on the uneven terrains compared to the metal and clay wheels.

In January 1975, Jerry worked as a firefighter in Anaheim with the purpose of supporting the manufacturing of skateboards. However, in 1976, he could run his own skateboard company officially.

History of Madrid Skateboard Brand

History of Madrid Skateboard BrandDuring its 40-year history, Madrid has experienced many times of change, improvement, and development to have the last outstanding products. Let’s discover what Jerry and his friends experience to run the famous Madrid Skateboard nowadays:

In The Late ’70s – The Innovation

In the manufacturing process, the factory made an error which resulted in the change of their design for evermore. At that time, any boards have coated a cross-grain veneer layer before being pressed. Some didn’t experience that step, leading to strange things which the blanks started to warp. Jerry wanted to know how his boards would ride, so he cut them out. Without coating that layer, he recognized that the strong and stiff level of his products is bad. However, the concave surfaces get a better feel. From this point, Jerry decided to manufacture a production mold with concave.

In 1979, Madrid officially put out their own production skateboard with concave. , the first mold was sold in Santa Cruz. Concave is applied in the 36”, 40” Madrid Longboards. The most typical product with concave is a downhill-specific board named Roger Hickey Downhill Pro. Jerry kept innovating his concave mold by integrating new features. In the early 80’s, the M-Tech products became a staple because they were designed with an extra upturned nose.

In 1983 – The Appearance of Grip Tape in The First Time

1983 marked an important time when the manufacturer created the first grip tape and added the fly-shaped cut-outs. It looks like a sign or a feature that stands out and is easy to recognize as a Madrid board.

In 1985 – Back to The Future Movie

In 1985, the Back to the Future movie was so popular and famous. Before producing, the Universal Studios of that movie contacted Jerry to order his products for $50.000. The company of Jerry cooperated with Valterra Brand and allowed them to use the Madrid stickers. Moreover, he contacted the Universal Studios’ stunt riders and paid $25.000 for services and props. Although finally, he was out of money, Madrid Skateboard has been a well-known brand.

In 1987 – The Collaboration with Vans Shoe

1987 is the first time collaboration of Vans shoe and Madrid skateboard. They designed a product that had flies covering the high top shoe’s side panel. What’s more, there was a big toe cap made from rubber.

The Collaboration with General Motors

In 1983, the Cadillac wheels’ original trademark had lapsed. Jerry started the production of skate trucks, but he had the objection from General Motors. After everything is solved, Jerry announced his trademark as well as right on skate gear production.

2016 Until Now

Now, the Madrid skateboard factory is in Huntington Beach. However, the company comes with an extra knack to easily look for talented riders.

According to Jerry, Madrid continues providing the majority of skateboards to meet the different styles and disciplines.

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Who Should You Use Madrid Skateboard Products?

Use Madrid skateboard productsIn general, Madrid skateboard products suit most players. However, this brand is aiming to support athletes and boardsports. Since the ’70s, Madrid supports all aspects of skateboarding in many sports events. However, the longboard and downhill industry is developing faster and faster. Thus, the Madrid company and factory are trying to improve their products.

What are The Differences Between Madrid Skateboard and Other Brands?

In fact, on the market, there are several skateboard brands. I just mention the most popular and famous ones which come with high-quality products apart from Madrid skateboards.



Landyacthz is the largest and most well-known brand all over the world. 2007 is their starting period. And the design of their products includes innovative decks and quality builds. They sponsor many best riders and even take podiums at a wide range of events in the world.

Whether you are a beginner or a professional player, this lineup can satisfy. For example, the cruiser pintails are designed for beginners while the professional downhill skaters will love the gnarly speed boards. This company is expanding to run extra wheel and truck companies.


Sector 9

Sector 9
In 1993, Sector 9 was formed with a small scale in San Diego, CA. At that time, they produced simple skateboards and cruisers with good quality. However, now, the production is developed better which includes the different kinds of longboards (from minis to downhill slayers).

Besides, they also manufacture other good gear such as downhill helmets and slide gloves. They have a major professional team and a downhill longboarder sub-team (more than 30 members).



In 2001, Bustin was formed and dedicated to the skating scene in New York. After a period, they recognized that they needed to improve their products better to suit the hilly terrains. During a 14-year history, Bustin always tries to create high-tech products. Even they started their own wheel business recently.


Omen is one of the new brands on the skateboard market. After joining the Motion Boardshop’s side project with carbon fiber decks, Omen develops better and better.

The success of the first carbon board is the starting development of the wooden boards. In 2014, Omen moved to the back of MotionBoardshop where it has a 9000 ft facility. Omen tried to produce the high-quality boards but keeping a reasonable range of price.

Product Name The Starting Process The Current Products
Madrid The transition from surfing to skateboarding Madrid Pro Design – skateboards
Sector 9 The original products are simple cruisers and skateboards Many kinds of longboards (from minis to downhill slayers), slide gloves and downhill helmets
Bustin A skating scene company from the beginning High-tech boards with the crisp finishes
Omen The development from carbon fiber decks High-quality boards
Landyacthz Longboards with quality build and innovative decks Cruiser pintails and gnarly speed boards, for example

Review of Madrid skateboards 2017 pro series release

Madrid skateboard brand has been famous for around 40 years with many kinds on the market. However, there are 3 new boards in 2017 you shouldn’t skip. Refer to this Madrid skateboards review:

Product name Best for 1 Best for 2
Madrid Pro Series Anvil 37.4” Zak Maytum The deep concave and rocker on the Anvil A unique micro-flush design
Madrid Pro Series Trapstar 36” Justin Rouleau A directional top-mount speed board The W-concave, 27”-28.5” wheelbases
Madrid Pro Series Wraith 35” Team Edition The nimble top-mount built The deep cut wheel wells

Madrid Pro Series Anvil 37.4″ Zak Maytum

Madrid Pro Series Anvil 37.4 Zak MaytumIf you are a lover of the steep run, Zak Maytum is perfect for blasting down. That’s because of its special design that includes the deep concave and rocker on the Anvil. In place of the drop-thru feature, this model comes with a unique micro-flush design. And it helps improve the stability as the majority of users don’t reach full top-mount.

To increase the maneuverability, the manufacturer has shortened the board around 2” as well as narrowed its wheelbase. No matter how your setup is, the CNC-cut wheels can work well since they include both big and narrow wheels. Its name is Anvil because riders are allowed to drop a hammer on it.

Madrid Pro Series Trapstar 36″ Justin Rouleau

Madrid Pro Series Trapstar 36 Justin RouleauIf you are a high-speed rider, this directional top-mount speedboard can provide maximum control. Moreover, it also comes with some other features to add better control and stability. For example, the unique drop-wedge pocket lowers the gravity center and drives steering from the front of the model.

This badass downhill skateboard is created from the combination of the W-concave, 27”-28.5” wheelbases and deep wheel wells.

Madrid Pro Series Wraith 35″ Team Edition

Madrid Pro Series Wraith 35 Team EditionMadrid Pro Series Wraith 35” Team Edition is designed by a whole professional team. Whether you want fast freeriding or racing, the nimble top-mount built of Wraith can help you handle it well. When you throw out big slides, the mellow W concave can make sure of your safety. It provides the maximum control, but you still feel comfortable to put your feet on the spacious rocker platform.

Thanks to the deep cut wheel wells, you can set up big wheels and many different wheelbase options. The manufacturer has also added an extra layer of Formica tops to increase the stability and the safety of riders.

Madrid Nessie downhill skateboard

Madrid Nessie downhill skateboardAlthough Nessie is not the newest product of this brand, it is famous and popular for a long time. Even some people consider this model as a part of the Madrid Mountain Legends Line. Unlike other models on the market, the most prominent feature of this board is “the power orbs.”

While there is an abbreviated W-concave at the front, your foot instep lines up the back of the board directly. In spite of a small size, it can keep your feet locked in safely. When you push your foot front against the wheel well flare, the insteps of your feet will be secured. That is because the 3/4” rocker provides extra comfort.

The overall size and wheelbase are other important features of this board. For the length and wheelbase, you ride very smoothly, but at high speed, some of you may feel twitchy. If you are not used to it, you should choose a smaller one that suits whipping around, or be freeriding.

The combination of CNC flush mount and the rocker creates a great low standing platform. You can control the model well at any speed. When you slide or ride on choppy pavement, the top formica layer helps you add extra stiffness and vibration dampening. Thanks to these features and the concave, you can be confident to freeride at high speed on this Madrid skateboard.

What do Customers Talk About the Madrid Skateboard?

According to many customers, Jerry Madrid skateboards both have an effective performance and great looks, suiting dynamic and youthful people. They want to be the lifelong customers of this brand.


In sum, the Madrid skateboard brand can be on the market so long for a reason. First of all, you can set your mind at rest about its quality. The CEO has tested many times to improve and produce the skateboard lines as well as possible. Next, his designs used to be present on a lot of sports events in the world. This is another piece of evidence for its quality.

Have you chosen a suitable model for your demand? Do you want to recommend any Madrid skateboard for other readers? Just leave a comment below.

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