Mayhem’s Longboard Collection – A Must-See for 2023

Mayhem Longboard Brand
The Mayhem longboards have currently achieved a level of uniqueness that places them near the pinnacle of the market. Over the years, they have consistently introduced a range of high-quality longboards. In this sector, they excel by providing a variety of longboards that cater to customer needs at more affordable prices compared to other brands. Consequently, customers frequently make the switch from other brands to Mayhem products. The majority of their longboards are constructed using top-notch materials and manufacturing processes, ensuring both speed and durability.

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Best choice for Mayhem Longboard

Most of the longboards are prepared with correct shape and weight to maintain proper balance during riding. The design is 100% perfect for new riders. Both the beginner and experienced rider choice these longboards. Almost all the design is uniquely made for attracting the new customer. Due to the customer satisfaction, the Mayhem brand is taking a good position in the market. They mainly focused on the creativity of their new products. The penny style longboards are also manufactured by Mayhem.


Reviews (17/20)

Since the people want to know about new products they always visit the reviews on Amazon. At present many positive reviews has given by the user with high ratings. Maximum products gained average 4.6 stars rating out of 5 on Amazon. Some comments are really outstanding with 5 stars rating. An example of such kind of longboard is Zycle Fix Mayhem Penny Style Skateboard. Almost all people gives 5 rating on it and it receive finally average 4.7 stars rating out of 5.

Riding Style (9/20)

Almost all the longboards of this brand offering you a variety of riding styles. Among them, Freeriding, cruising or hill bombing are special. Since it has produced both penny board and longboard, different boards are suitable for different riding style.  It is appropriate for both safe and adventurous riding and has no lacking in riding style.

Design / Color (7/15)


The Mayhem manufacturing industries always give more priority for elegant look and aesthetic appeal to their product. They have well developed design section that improves their product quality. Though most of the designs are attractive, some are totally exceptional. For example Mayhem Penny Style Board 3 Tone Decks Blue White Pink 22 has a multi tone effect of color which increases the final appearance of the board with a natural look.

Deck (13/15)

As per customer required almost all the decks are manufactured with bamboo or plastic. Sometimes maple also used for making the deck. Though the decks have strong and durable enough, it provides enough flexibility to avoid any accident. The soft flex pattern ensuring proper control and tighter turns at various speed ranges.

Wheels (7/10)

The wheels vary according to weight and deck size. Madrid Shotgun Mayhem 39″ Longboard Deck has super strong wheel those can prevent the stress of smooth and rough surface.

Truck (6/10)

Mostly aluminum trucks are used in these longboards. All of the trucks are long lasting and durable, strong and large enough to prevent wheel bit. Some of the products remain stable at any situation due to high quality 7” or 6” aluminum trucks.

Busing (4/5)

Though many of the brands provide bushes that are replaced by the customer, but the longboards of Mayhem provides a variety of bushes. So no need to change bushes and help to get sharp and smooth carve. Most of the models include reliable bushes.

Bearing (4/5)

Bearings provide by the brand are superior quality and all the tiny components of bearing are made with appropriate conditions. All the bearings are rust proof and withstand the pressure of any kind of surface. The ABEC 7 bearing is perfect choice for smooth riding.


Any level riders always prefer using the longboards from Mayhem due to relatively low cost and outstanding performance. You can use these products without any fear. They serve their customer according to customer comments. If they found any negative comment from the user, they take the suggestion sincerely and trying to overcome those problems. So in a single word Mayhem is a reliable brand for you!

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