Meepo V2 Plus vs NLS E-Skateboard Review

The Short Story Of Meepo

The Short Story Of MeepoFounded by Kieran in April 2017 in China, Meepo Board is one of the most popular companies in the field of the electric skateboard. Kieran used to work as a mechanical engineer in sales for an electric skateboards company.

Then, disappointed with his manager, Kieran quitted the job to be self-employed. After showcasing his video on YouTube, Kieran suddenly became an online viral to attract skateboard fans over the world.

So, he set up his own electric skateboards named Meepo Board. From now on, the company always take efforts to approach the user’s desired quality and performance.

At an early age, Meepo was operated by Kieran and some supporters. But, by word-of-mouth selling method, Meepo’s e-skateboards were on hands of international customers.

At that time, this workforce only produced at least 5000 skateboards on-demand per month. Astonishingly, there were tons of orders online and positive reviews to the board’s quality. Now, Meepo is still leaded by Kieran.

It becomes a big professional firm with a strong team and factory operations.

Regarding products of Meepo, after the first Kieran-made electric skateboard sold in the US, Meepo launched new versions with ultimate features. Among their products, the Meepo V2 Plus and the latest Meepo NLS are the most outstanding versions.

Let’s find out what they can do and how much they satisfy users via reviews in the next parts.

Meepo V2 Plus – Most Popular Electric Skateboard

Meepo V2 Plus - Most Popular Electric SkateboardBeing the flagship product of Meepo, the V2 Plus provides excellent performance and good quality whereas the price is reasonable. Many years time ago, the industry of skateboard produced expensive but low-spec boards.

However, this Chinese brand has made a breakthrough in manufacturing high-quality e-skateboard, of course, the price is affordable. Thus, international e-skaters loves it so much.
They always ready to wait up to 2 months of order for getting it on hands.

To be more particular, the following is the summary specs of Meepo V2 Plus that makes you gobsmacked:

  • Available at Meepo official website
  • Top speed: 29 mph (~46.7 km.h)
  • Range: 11 miles (~ 17.6km)
  • Hill climb: up to 30%
  • Charging time: 2 hrs
  • Wheel: 90 mm X 56mm 82A
  • Motor: 600W Dual hubs
  • Trucks: Shredder Trucks – 200mm front / 125mm rear
  • Box packaging: a full box of Meepo V2 Plus includes a remote, skate-tool, charger, rear LED safety light and extra foam pads for a deck swap.

The Deck

It is really cheap that an ultimate high performing skateboard as the Meepo V2 Plus is priced in the market.

In term of technique, the Meepo V2 Plus is a longboard, size 38″ Long, 9″ Wide and 32.5″ Wheelbase. The deck is shaped in concave with the slightly raised sides.

When turning or carving, your feet are properly locked into the board that you can control the board easily. The riding experience is eventually amazing, especially when you carve up and down the street with this product.

Down steep hills or hard corners are no longer matter.

However, this concave shape can make you fall on the board’s flex – a zero flex. It also has a tad bumpier when you ride. Fortunately, at higher speeds, there is an extra layer of sturdiness given by the stiffness of the board.

So, you will have your great riding experience. In this price range of carving control provided by Meepo, you can not require that the board is flexible to absorb bumps.

Moreover, if you really want to take an unlimited challenge in your riding game, this Meepo V2 Plus is the must-buy e-skateboard.

The Wheels & Trucks

With 97mm 82A wheels, Meepo V2 Plus is actually a big and soft e-skateboard. The wheels are responsible for absorbing bumps and making your riding smooth.

In addition, brand new trucks customized for e-skateboards have been released. Particularly, the front truck is featured a 200mm set. The rear truck feature has a set. All of those settings are created only for hub motors.

Furthermore, the size of bushings is increased to upgrade bounce-back in case of carving or turning.

The Battery

Since October 2017, all standard batteries of Meepo are Samsung 20R with 2 hours of charging. This battery is lithium manganese nickel (INR) which are ultimately high quality with reliability and stability.

Also, this Samsung 20R battery is one of the most favorite batteries of e-skate builders and DIY.

Additionally, Meepo allows you to upgrade the battery to Tesla battery if you want to ride about 10 km farther than the standard one.

Personal suggestions for Meepo V2 Plus

In my opinion, it is difficult to get used with the Pro mode. I could not control my board when throttling forward to speed up and even applying the brakes.

Another trouble is the third highest mode named Extreme, it took me such a long time to operate this mode well. Basically, except for the limited torque, Extreme mode and Pro mode have the same top speed and braking power.

However, Pro mode is still a good point of Meepo V2 Plus.

Is this board for you?

With its features, the Meepo V2 Plus is a perfect choice for e-skaters at the level of beginning and intermediate.

There are 4 riding modes in this product from “slow” to “fat”. You should get used with it from the slow mode, then, gradually increase modes to faster and more challenging.

Remember that every mode has a limitation on the top speed, braking power, and acceleration. That’s why you can easily practice and improve your level. When going higher, you just remove limits, then unlock the full power of your board.

Take the challenge in every mode and surprise what the board can do. Meepo V2 Plus can be with you for a long time.


  • Amazing carving ability with the concave shape
  • No doubt about the price. It is so affordable
  • Made in China but made by an innovative and creative company
  • Meepo retails hub wheels for replacement.
  • Battery options: standard with Samsung brand or upgrade with Tesla brand
  • 6 months of warranty
  • Good customer service


  • Meepo should improve Pro mode because the board can be shocked sometimes when throttling
  • No waterproof function, slippery in wet surface

My Verdict:

I am really happy to get an excellent e-skateboard like Meepo V2 Plus. The best thing is the inexpensive price. So adorable to buy it! Meepo has succeeded in making a move in the industry, and become the pioneer of this wave.

E-skate is no longer a luxury thing that empties your wallet. For the beginner or intermediate skaters, Meepo V2 Plus is an ideal board that will impress your crush in style.

Meepo Nls – The Next Level Skateboard

Meepo Nls - The Next Level SkateboardRecently, Meepo launched their Next Level Skateboard – NLS aiming to carve the streets in the city. This version promises to give you a perfect riding experience. Also, the brand offers many options for you to customize your own board. Before reviewing what this board can do, check out its shortlisted specs as below:

  • Available at Meepo official website
  • Top speed: 26 mph (~42 km.h)
  • Range: 14 – 17 miles (22.5 – 27 km) – depending on types of battery
  • Hill climb: up to 30%
  • Charging time: 2.5 hrs
  • Wheel: 100 mm X 58 mm 78A
  • Trucks: Shredder Trucks
  • Box packaging: Completely assembled NLS, Remote, Skateboard stand rack, Board charger, USB cable with adaptors for iPhone, Type-C and micro USB, Skate tool, Spare nuts & bolts.

The Deck

In this version, Meepo has redesigned and made the deck from a composite of bamboo and premium fiberglass. This change will minimize the shock when you ride. So, the riding experience is improved to be more natural.

Moreover, the sturdiness is maintained so that you can carve at high speeds.

The Wheels & Trucks

This version of Meepo has equipped a huge 100mm wheels and a durometer of 78A. This feature has many advantages:

The wheel at 100m size is amazing. Gliding over stones, cracks, sticks, and bumps with ease are not the matter.

Due to the 78A softness of the wheel, it absorbs all vibrations you may get from skating. Finally, your riding time is extended more than any other e-skateboards.

Furthermore, Meepo installed Shredder II Trucks in this NLS. Currently, the brand has required the most stable trucks on every e-skateboard. Also, the larger and taller bushings in comparison with their previous versions are also equipped.

So, this upgrade reduces jerky absorption but increase the precision of turning control.

The Battery

The battery system is changed for you to swap over the battery quickly and easily.

Bolts are improved with a custom design that is simple to undo. Extra strength is remained to keep the casing out of loosening.

Additionally, it only takes about 2 minutes to change its battery from a flat to a spare one. Unlike the Meepo V2 Plus, this version needs 2.5 hours to be fully charged. There are more battery options for many purposes.

For example, you can pay an extra cost to take 1 Sanyo battery for riding longer between charges. Another choice is to take 2 standard batteries.


This is really a cool part of Meepo NLS. Similar to the Meepo V2 Plus, the ESC is featured a smart turn-on. When it detects movement in the motor, it will switch on. For example, when you roll the NLS back and forth under your foot, it will turn on.

The Motors

The motors installed in the Meepo NLS sports dual in-wheel direct drive motors. Along with the 100m wheels, they offer the board the torque needed to get up to 30% grade of hill climbing.

Although this version of Meepo Board is still not waterproof, the motors are at lower maintenance because it is located inside the wheel.

The Remote

Especially, the NLS is the first one that equipped a brand new Meepo remote – the NR remote. This remote battery is upgraded to stay power up to 10 weeks per one charge.

Also, I am glad that the manufacturer installs a practical flashlight in this remote. You don’t need to worry when riding in the dark or even any time in a day. The flashlight can work continuously within 2 hours before the next charge of the whole remote.

In fact, all Meepo NLS were sold with the standard remote. The brand will send the NR remote as soon as possible to NLS customers (expected in March 2019), of course, it will be free shipping.

Is this electric skateboard for you?

With its features, the Meepo NLS is worth buying. It is ultimately powerful. The price is more expensive than Meepo V2 Plus but still reasonable for a perfect longboard.

Therefore, if you want to cover a distance to reach your destination but still look cool in your style, this NLS is yours. Even if you just ride your board from door to door, from home to school, work or other places, NLS is a better choice, too.

However, the Meepo NLS is not a normal board for basic transportation. It is able to carve sweetly and insanely. You not only feel a smooth and silky riding experience but also precisely control the board at high speeds regardless of riding or carving.


  • High specs (with new specs) for highly riding performance
  • The price is affordable
  • Minimize the amount of shock with the 100mm wheels and its motors.
  • Attached the innovative NR remote
  • Many batteries options
  • Nice packaging
  • 6 months of warranty
  • Good customer service


  • No waterproof feature

My Verdict:

This latest version board of Meepo did a good job. It will give you the greatest time when riding on your commutes or on weekends. Besides, the NLS will be durable and stay longer during use.

I have to say that the Meepo NLS is one the best electric skateboard I have tried in 2018 due to its amazing performance and affordable price.


The brand is becoming more and more popular with high quality and reliable electric skateboards. The creative and innovative of Meepo staff led by Kieran will build other surprised electric skateboards in the future.

Depending on your purpose and budget, the Meepo V2 Plus or the NLS are all excellent longboard to spend money and time for experience.

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