MorfBoard Skateboard Review – A Great Choice for Your Kids

Skateboarding has been one of the most popular sports in recent years. If you have seen people playing skateboarding, there is a good chance you would be impressed by the flexibility as well as the cleverness of players. Those features have made many people fall in love with this sport, especially young people.

Ok, now let’s get to the point. If you have researched skateboarding, perhaps you would know that a good skateboard plays a vital role in the game. The higher quality the skateboard is, the easier for players to move. From my experience, MorfBoard is one of the best brands on the market. Let’s keep reading to find out more about it.

Morfboard Review – Basic Information about This Brand

What Is MorfBoard?

What Is MorfBoard?Let’s start by learning what this brand is. For those who have first heard of it, it is one of the most popular brands of skateboards on the market. Some brands are recognized for the quality of the products they offer. There are also brands that are famous for the durability. Likewise, MorfBoard mostly attracts buyers with its magnificent designs. So impressive and outstanding!

How Was This Brand Created?

MorfBoard was founded a few years ago by young people who love sports and love playing skateboard. Their love of skateboard has grown to the point that they have come together to create something for other skateboard lovers.

The system is created with the mission to bring sports, especially new sports to more people in an affordable, fun and simple way.

The initial product was created in Southern California. Well, starting has never been easy. To successfully launch new products on the market, MorfBoard owners had to put their products through a lot of tests indoors and outdoors, from the R&D rooms to exhibitions.

These events help them understand more which the right gear is, figure out how to sell products on big stores and how to bring products to as many people as possible.

Target customers

Target customersMorfBoard is a whole new level of cleverness and skilfulness. As you can see, MorfBoard colors are mostly green and black. It presents excitement, individuality, and sportsmanship. Which is why their targeted customers is mostly kids and children.

What Makes MorfBoard Different From Other Brand?

There are thousands of skateboard brands on the market. If you search on Amazon, MorfBoard is not the only brand people usually consider. However, so far, this brand has maintained its position on the skateboard market regarding these criteria:


DesignPerhaps design is the first thing people pay attention to MorfBoard. Their focused color is green as their products are mostly for kids and children. And they usually pair green with black to make it fashionable and exciting as well.

Concerning skateboard design, simplicity is the priority. Instead of focusing on details, which may make it complicated and boring, MorfBoard simplifies their designs to create smoothness as well as flexibility.


Safety is also another priority of MorfBoard founders. The high-quality the board is, the safer it is for users. Cheap skateboards may look the same as expensive skateboards, but they are susceptible to breaking and damaging while using. That is why their products have to go through a lot of quality testing to make sure it is suitable for users, especially kids and children.

Another factor that adds up to the high quality is its accessories. MorfBoard accessories are what keep you safe if there is any accidence while playing. This is one of the reasons why many people consider MorfBoard for their kids.

ABEC Testing

ABEC TestingTo say MorfBoard products are of high quality is not enough. Usually, skateboard bearing has to pass ABEC testing to make sure it can support the weight of users. Some skateboard producers do not use this rating system to test their products.

The higher the rating is, the more precise and durable the bearing system would be. This ranking system includes grades 1, 3, 5, 7 and 9. Specifically, these scores would not stand for load handling abilities, material hardness, ball precisions, or raceway polishing. These scores show how a bearing system is better than others, say, 7 bearing is better than 3 bearing.

MorfBoard products usually fall into the 5 to 7 categories. As they try to make the price as affordable as possible, 7 scores of ABEC testing is the best result they can get. Overall, this is not a bad number for such a brand.

Are There Any Bad Points of Morfboard?

Limited target customers

Limited target customersIt would be dishonest to say that MorfBoard would satisfy the need of all customers. I would expect them to produce more products for adults so that parents can play with their children.

I have seen many parents love MorfBoard products and they did buy MorfBoard skateboard for their kids. But then they had to choose other brands for themselves, which takes a lot of time than just buying from one brand.

All in all, MorfBoard is still growing and building its reputation. There are pros and cons, but the producers are working on it every day to make it perfect. Let’s follow the next part of my MorfBoard Review to find out more about its products.

Limited colors

This is one of the things that I hope MorfBoard will improve in the future. Kids and children love colors, the colorful the object is, the more likely they are to play. Many other brands on the market have been using a lot of colors to attract young customers. Maybe in the future, the R&D team will come up with some more amazing designs and colors.

Main Products of Morfboard

Basically, they provides 4 main groups of products:

  • Skate
  • Scooter
  • Balance
  • Bounce

Let’s find out how these products stand out from other competitors:


ScooterScooters are one of the factors that contribute to the brand’s reputation nowadays. They have designed a scooter with an extended wheelbase and a front truck. A solid deck helps you maintain your balance and focus on the game.

Additional fat wheels are also what makes MorfBoard’s scooter special. It lets you move precisely. These adjustable wheels give you full control of the scooter. To evaluate whether if a scooter is good or bad, brakes are also an important contributor. The scooter’s brake lets you stop right whenever you want. Morf Scooter is such an innovative design that you have never seen elsewhere.


SkateOne must-have feature of skateboards is durable. Morf Skateboard, with great design and solid structure, Morf skateboard makes sure you can move easily without any resistance.

The reason why I mentioned MorfBoard is more suitable for young people as the skateboard is wide only 8 inches yet very stable and responsive.


BalanceMorf balance is one of the best ways to test your balance ability. The super strong rollers and the block allows you to move easily even to the edge without crossing it at all. This would be a perfect choice for those who are looking for active sports.

You can ride MorfBoard balance indoors, when traveling, on cement or any terrain you want to try.


BounceBounce is one of the selling points of MorfBoard. MorfBoard Bounce lets you grab air with two amazing balls. The foot straps are adjustable which let’s bounce your way even indoors and outdoors.

Top-rated Products of MorfBoard

Usually, people will buy what they are interested in. However, MorfBoard offers some combos that come with a much lower price than when you buy them separately. These are some suggestions:

MORFBOARD Skate & Scoot Combo Set, Chartreuse/Black Color

MORFBOARD Skate & Scoot Combo Set
This set is one of the top running packages of MorfBoard. Until now, they still focus on pushing this skate and scoot combo to reach out to more people. Let’s find out what makes it so special.

MorfBoard is created based on a simple lock and release technology, which means you only need to drop the Xtentions into the board, then trigger the lock, and you are good to go. The scoot Xtension has 53MM wheels which let you easily move and control speed.

Also from the package are the Bounce that comes with bouncy rubber balls. These balls are adjustable that can turn 3600 without causing any resistance. This package is for kids above 8 years old.

Regarding price, the reason why MorfBoard created this set is that it would be a whole lot cheaper for buyers to buy this combo instead of buying each one by one. If you love to have more experience, why not try?


  • ABEC-5 bearing
  • Affordable
  • Easily control


  • Only come in one color

Buy it on Amazon.com

MORFBOARD Bouncer Attachment (No Deck), Chartreuse

MORFBOARD Bouncer Attachment
This package includes bounce attachments with no deck. At this point, this is one of the best-selling products of MorfBoard. Simple, flexible and affordable are words I use to describe this bouncer. If you want to get this amazing bouncer, hurry as there may be discounts at some points.


  • Include all attachments
  • Easy to use
  • Lightweight


  • Usually out of stock

Buy it on Amazon.com

Frequently Asked Questions


Are MorfBoard’s products expensive?

Well, you get what you paid for. MorfBoard’s products are definitely something as cheap as a burger. In fact, sometimes, it is considered quite more expensive than other competitors’ products. But sometimes, they offer combo sets that would be far more affordable if you buy them separately. If you want to try MorfBoard, take these chance.

Is it really safe for kids?

This is sometimes considered a plus point of MorfBoard. As they mostly produce skateboards for young users, their set of standards have become a whole new level. There are some details on the skateboards that are specific for kids to guarantee safety. This logic has earned MorfBoard a certain number of loyal customers.

Is there any instruction of using when buying a product from MorfBoard?

Sure there is. Each product comes with specific instruction on how to set it up properly as well as things you should do to maintain the product in good conditions. Sometimes a small mistake in the first stage may lead to severe accidences which are definitely what we want to avoid.For that reason, make sure you do everything said in the instruction to avoid trivial injuries.


Will skateboard a means of entertainment for my kids?

Yes, of course. Some overprotective parents consider skateboarding is quite dangerous for their children due to some possible accidences. Luckily, MorfBoard considers safety as one of the first criteria when designing products. This brand is something you can rely on.Using skateboard is also a good way to encourage your kids to spend more time on outdoor activities. Some kids are just too shy or too busy with their school schedule, so why not try MorfBoard?

Final Thoughts

Skateboarding is always a favorite sport of many people, including children and kids. It requires a lot of skills, forcing the player to maintain great balance to stay on it. Once you know how to play, you will never want to stop.

Choosing a good skateboard will be one of the first things you should do to be a good player in this sport. There are various brands on the market, but if you are considering getting one for your kids, MorfBoard is something you should think of. It still has its pros and cons, but overall, it depends on what you want the most, right?

It is time to say goodbye now. Thanks for spending time on this topic. I hope it helps you make the right choice. Goodbye!

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