Top 5 Most Durable Skate Shoes Are Imperviable to Frequent Use

When choosing skate shoes, you should not only pay attention to the weight and grip to ensure safety, but also take into consideration their durability. To help you save time and effort, we will give you the most durable skate shoes that we found and tested. Hope that you will love them and grab the one after reading this article.

The Most Durable Skate Shoes Voted By Users

DC Graffik – The Winner

DC GraffikThe first pair we want to introduce is the DC Men’s Court Graffik Skate Shoe. Surely almost everyone is familiar with DC Shoes, a famous brand worldwide. DC Shoes is a US-based company. The company specializes in manufacturing footwear for extreme sports, including skateboarding and skiing.

DC Graffik’s look is sporty and strong. It has a thick sole to ensure smooth experience for players of high intense sports. The predominant color of DC Graffik is black with light, dynamic accents.

The product’s material is mostly leather. It has a particular structure for excellent durability while maintaining softness and comfort. There are additional air vents on top of the shoe for moisture-absorbing whenever you move.

What makes DC Graffik durable is that this product has many seams on the side. The outsole of the shoe is designed to resist shocks, to protect the heel, and to provide flexibility and durability for users. Remarkably, the sole of the shoe is made of non-stick and abrasion-resistant rubber, an essential part that contributes greatly to the shoe’s durability.


  • Excellent durability.
  • A variety of sizes.
  • Comfortable.
  • Reasonable price


  • Glue sewing peel.
  • Few designs to choose from.

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Vans SK8-Hi

Vans SK8-HiThe SK8 – Hi series that appeared over 40 years ago has now become a symbol of Vans. Until now, this shoe line is still a “monument” of the irreplaceable fashion, at least for Vans followers. With a unique design and a combination of sophisticated details, Vans SK8 – Hi is the second choice on our list.

The shoe loops, supporting the shoes, is one of the factors that contribute to SK8-Hi’s flexibility. Other factors are durable rubber base, good grip, and elasticity that allow you to skate in any terrain. The rubber outsole, in addition, provides you with a tight grip while skating.

The soft lightweight fabrics wrapped on both sides of the shoe with suede material on the heel and toe ease your cleaning process. The product color is underlying white – black, almost classic of the SK8 series. The high-heeled design brings out Vans shoes own personality as well as support the ankle pad, protecting your ankle from bumps. With such stylish shoes, you can mix and match clothes to your own liking. If street style is your cup of tea, you’ll definitely fall in love with these shoes


  • Excellent durability
  • Various colors
  • Easy to clean.


  • High price.
  • Easy to get dirty.

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Etnies Fader Shoes

Etnies Fader ShoesComing up next in the most durable skate shoes is the Etnies Fader pair.
Founded in 1986, Etnies is a US-based company that both sponsors professional skateboarders and releases skateboarding shoes. Etnies stimulated the growth of the market by creating the world’s first roller skates; besides, the company also pioneered the application of technological advances in the process of shoes manufacturing.

Etnies plans to remain a leading sports action company. They are committed to creating high-standard products with comfort, durability, and protection.

Fader is a long-running Etnies style with Etnies brand logo integrated into its heel.

The upper part of Fader is sturdy with perforations to release steam and moisture. The bezel is adjustable, while the bulky padding on the neck and tongue adds stability for ease of operation in the most challenging positions.

The rubber outsole featuring 300 NBS also has egg-crate construction in the middle of the sole adding cushion and elasticity. There is also a fishbone that makes the shoe more grip- able and flexible, in the eyes of ramps or bumpy roads.


  • Comfortable.
  • Durable shoe soles.


  • Pretty small size.
  • Quite expensive.

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Osiris skate Shoes

Osiris skate ShoesThe fourth place in the most durable skate shoes list is Osiris Skate Shoes, a product made from 100% high-quality synthetic materials. Its shoe soles are durable and environmentally friendly. Most notably, the most abrasive parts are reinforced carefully and skillfully to add durability to the shoe. Besides, the shoe neck is equipped with a lightweight pad to create comfort for users.

Rated as “amazingly durable”, the product is chosen by many professionals. Along with diverse styles, the product comes with many colors and sizes, making it ideal for those who seek a harmony of fashion, durability and coordination.

Other highlights of the Osiris Shoes are the black suede upper and optional eyelets at the top of the lace-up closure. The shoes are reinforced with thread stitching to enhance their appearance. A layer of EVA foam is placed in the middle of the sole and the heel inserts are used for impact resistance, making it safer to operate.


  • Environmental friendliness.
  • Reinforced with care and certainty.
  • Many designs.


  • Quite hard.
  • Plastic odor.

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Emerica Skate Shoes

Emerica Skate ShoesThe final product that we want to introduce to you in this article is Emerica Skate Shoes.

Emerica pro Leo Romero designed this product, and this updated version has a low profile roof.

High-density rubber heels provide excellent grip and durability. The product offers you comfort and safety even on adverse and rough surfaces. The rubber material also enhances durability, so don’t be surprised when someone wears a pair of Emerica shoes for 4-5 years.

Skate shoes are getting cheaper and cheaper, and Emerica is no exception. Emerica’s products are improving, while the prices are becoming more affordable.

If you are looking for a product with excellent durability, Emerica shoes are the products you should consider.


  • Rugged texture.
  • Comfortable to use.
  • Good price


  • May have a plastic odor.
  • Pretty hard.

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How To Choose The Most Durable Skate Shoes

Besides selecting a skate that suits your style and purpose, the durability of the shoe is also a critical issue. So, to make sure of your choice, please refer to the selection criteria below:


SoleThere are two types of shoe soles available today: “cupsole” and “vulcanized sole”.

  • For “cupsole”, the creation process is fast: rubber is poured into the mold, compressed by temperature and pressure, and then attached to the upper with thread or glue.
  • For a vulcanized sole, this process takes longer time. A rubber thread (usually black) will be placed as the bridge between the sole and upper. Both shoes will then be put into the oven, baked for a long time at a temperature lower than “cupsole” to ensure everything will stick together after cooling.

Shoe Materials

Shoe materialsSuede is always the first choice because of its excellent durability. The only minus point is that suede is made of natural material, so unwanted stretch and discoloration may occur.

PU (polyurethane) leather is also good, especially when you want your shoes to have a bit of shine and you wish for the form of the forefoots to be kept longer. However, its durability is not equal to suede.

Skate Shoes Are Getting Better Than Ever

Skate Shoes Are Getting BetterThis referred to PU (polyurethane) linings in skate shoes. Compared to other types of EVA foam (ethylene vinyl acetate) linings, which can degrade quite quickly, PU liners remain the same after a long time of use. The quality of the shoe lining dramatically affects the mobility of the user, and whether the foot is firm or not depends on the internal buffer. Most Skate Shoe lines have now switched to PU lining in the past ten years, immensely ameliorate the overall quality.

In addition to the above, there are many other factors, such as no pain, discomfort, or loss of circulation that are being introduced to many skate shoes products nowadays. So even if you are new to the sports, you can still feel the comfort.

Final Thoughts

Above is the information about the most durable skate shoes on the market today. These products have received many positive feedback from consumers, so rest assured when choosing one of those.

We hope that with our information, you will choose the pair of skate shoes that best suits you. Thanks for reading!

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