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Most Expensive LongboardsLongboarding has become one of the most popular and loving sports among the teenagers. Even adults can’t get their mind off it, probably because of the thrill and excitement it brings to you. But talking about this crazy fun sport, it’s not easy to ride a longboard. You need a lot of practice and flexibility to do it. In the starting you might get injuries and bruises, you will fall down many times and that’s how you will master this sport.

Ever heard that saying? “Practice makes a man perfect”, yes practice is all that it needs. You need to learn all the basic knowledge on how to wield a board so that when you step on ones you will know exactly what you should be doing. So, it’s always advised to get someone who has already mastered this sport so that he/she can guide you. You need to practice your strength and stability. Balance here is the star of the show.

In today’s date, Longboards are available in many shapes and sizes loaded with a variety of features. Their attractive designs will surely woo your heart away. The more features they have the more expensive they will be, but the best thing about them is – they are safe and guaranteed. Longboarding is not just a sport; it is even good to be considered as an exercise. As you twist and turn your body while doing it, your whole body is used which in turn makes your body more flexible.

People these days are so lazy that they need to get into a car even for a short distance; they always stick to laptops, TV and smartphones. In this case Longboards are a blessing, because riding them is not less than an adventure. They are really good for transportation purposes. Whether you want to go to the office or to school, it does not take much time if you are a master of longboarding.

It will curb your habit of sticking to that laptop and Smartphone screens all day long. Don’t you want to know about those most expensive and attractive Longboards in the market? Here is the list of most expensive and most desirable boards. Just choose your favourite one and get your feet on it.



JUCKER HAWAII Longboard Makaha comes with a promise of smooth performance. The pure wooden structure with stripe design of bamboo deck is enriched with the highest quality and durability. Moreover, the wide trucks and soft 78A outer highlighted and inner printed wheels give the ultimate speed, support and attraction to the skateboard. The perfect compressed bamboo board has enough flexibility to make the skateboard lively and user-friendly for more tricks and adventures on the board.

The JUCKER HAWAII Longboard Makaha gives you the smooth rides with ultimate attractive designs and finished curves to boost the lethal speed.


  • Length: 1067 mm / 42 Inch, Wide: 229 mm / 9 Inch
  • Truck /Wheelbase: 705 mm
  • Material: 5 Layers of cold pressed, Canadian Maple and 2 outside Layers of Bamboo
  • Truck Mount: Top Mount, New school
  • Clear Grip

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2. Green Double Drop Longboard

Green Double Drop Longboard Review

This longboard has been designed and developed by the snow life company. It is an online retailer company in North and South America. It’s been 10 years since they started making Longboards. This one has been given a design of a racing pinstripe, so when you will ride this longboard you will feel as if you are riding a racing pinstripe. It is of attractive black colour highlighted with green colour on the sides. It is made up of 9- ply Custom Canadian Maple in Double Drop shape which makes it perfect for performing all those professional stunts.


  • Measurements: 9.75″ x39.75″
  • Wheelbase: 30″
  • The wheels measure 76mm in diameter, and they have a 53mm contact patch.

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3. Sector 9 Brandy Downhill Division 40 inch

Sector 9 Brandy Downhill Division 40 Review

This one is completely made for those downhill Longboarders. It comes with a symmetrical drop-through design provided with gas pedaling. A gas pedal is used to get an extra grip for your rear foot when it’s wrapped over the rail, making it easy for you to grip tape to give your toes more of a contact patch.

They also provide smooth slides and high speed stability. It has been designed keeping in mind today’s and future’s generation. It comes in green colour with an attractive design on it. It is made up of 8 piles of Tri-axial fibreglass and three piles of 0.125″ maple. It has CNC wheel wells.


  • Deck Measurements: 10.2″ x 40″
  • Black proride 180mm 59 degree longboard trucks
  • Solid blue Pro thane 70mm 80a wheels
  • Black Jessup grip tape, SL Abec 5 bearings
  • Dimensions: 40.0″L x 10.2″W x 30.5″ WB
  • Components: 10.2″ Gullwing Charger II trucks
  • 0.25″ Recycled Plastic Risers

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4. Man o’ War Longboard

Man o' War Longboard Review

The Man o’ War longboard by the jelly skateboards is the world’s first recyclable and bullet resistant skateboard. It has a virtually indestructible 100% recyclable polycarbonate deck. It comes with GoPro risers and a secret Stash Drawer. It is made up of bullet proof glass composite, it works as a shock absorber.

It’s designed in such a way that you will have a buttery smooth and faster ride on it. Its go block risers provide an amazing view, without any kind of vibrations. It won’t bother your feet while riding because it is provided with dual finger release lock and will capture clear and perfect footage. The GoPro will lock securely into the Betty box housing. It is perfect for downhill longboarding and for simple board walking as well.


  • Dimensions: 34x9x3 inches
  • Weight: 12.8 pounds
  • Radical concave depth: 0.9 inches
  • Durable and rubber smooth 65mm polyurethane wheels.
  • Rugged 9-inch Caliber heat treated aluminium longboard Rkp trucks

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5. Hamboard logger- Handcrafted longboard skateboard

Hamboard logger- Handcrafted longboard skateboard Review

This longboard is manufactured by the Hamboards. It is a company of Southern California which produces equipment for land surfing, land paddling etc. The “Logger” model of the Hamboards is a perfect example of “beauty, with performance” at the same time. It is designed for the athletes. It is beautifully carved off American Black Walnut combined with contrasting white Asper Stringers for clean lines reminiscent of old school Malibu style log.

There is no match for its performance as it gives you smoothness with no danger of falling or stumbling down. It is perfect for Nose riding, Cruising, Carving and Land surfing. It can be used by the beginners as well as the professional riders. You will have a hustle free ride with this easy responsive design.


  • Dimensions: 4’11.25″ x11.25″ x0.7
  • Weight: 11.5 lbs.
  • Deck: American Black Walnut blended with contrasting white Asper stringer
  • Hamboards brown Wheels 66mm 78a
  • Trucks: Custom 180mm Reverse kingpin
  • Bearings: Biltin type Abec 7

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6. ICAURUS FLEX 1 complete longboard PARIS 180 and ORANGATANG KEGEL

ICAURUS FLEX 1 complete longboard PARIS 180 and ORANGATANG KEGEL Review

This comes under the category of loaded Longboards. Loaded pioneered the flexible drop thru board. The first one was the Dervish in 2007 and another one was the Tan tien in 2010. The designs have been upgraded much in the past 7 years. It is made up of bamboo and fiberglass. Its concave shape gives you an excellent vibration free ride.

It has got all the right curves at the required places to make your ride more comfortable and of high preference. And not to forget about its drop thru truck mounting which positions the deck close to the ground to provide you the stability and smoothness. Big wheels accommodate speed and control, thus making it best for the freestyle riders as they have to perform a variety of stunts which need control and smoothness.


  • Weight: 9 pounds
  • Flex 1: 170+250+lbs
  • Paris 180 mm trucks
  • Orangatang Kegel Wheels
  • Loaded Bearings and hardware

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So, these were some most expensive Longboards but they were worth every penny you spend. They have amazing properties, from gas pedalling to Gopro risers, they have it all. They are ideal for the beginners as well as the professionals and freelancers. They have all those specifications that one needs for a skilful riding experience.

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They come in attractive colours and designs that will make you think of longboarding for once. It has many health benefits too, as its one kind of full body exercise. It improves your heart rate, keeps you fit and makes your body more flexible .In the coming generation we are going to witness longboarding as teenager’s favourite leisure activity. But you have to take care of certain things.

You should always wear safety equipment like – helmets, knee pads etc, so that you don’t land up into any serious injuries while riding. It needs a lot of practice to become a skilful longboarder, so it’s better not to try your hands on riding a longboard without training and you must be very careful while doing downhill riding, as in downhill riding you go down a hill on board and the speed can be uncontrollable but still quite exciting. You should never try this on a running road in between the traffic it can cause you to have an accident.

So just get yourself a longboard, undergo a few months of training and there you go. It’s an interesting sport and you will eventually get addicted to it.

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