Everything You Should Know About Motorized Longboards

Technology has become an important part of human lives. It is also the same for longboarding development. Imagine how great it is to surf the wind while riding to school on board, right? However, it takes you much time with a regular board.

Therefore, we are here to introduce you to a very special type of longboard. It is motorized longboard. After many failed attempts and a lot of dedication, this longboard started to flood the market. What most longboarders love about this fun ride is the acceleration ability which adds to the excitement of the rider.

Now, without further ado, you might be wondering:

What is Motorized Longboard?

What is Motorized Longboard?Louie Finkle of California is supposed to be the inventor of this board.

He released the first one in 1997 and got a patent in 1999. Since then, many manufacturers have been producing this board.

Motorized longboards are also called electric longboards.

They are types of skateboards that are usually a bit longer in length and equipped with an electronic system.

With this system, you don’t need to use your feet to push the board anymore.

Electric longboard is quite lightweight. And you can take it anywhere you want.

These boards are usually speedier than standard scooters. Normally, it can attain up to 16 – 25 mp in speed.

However, The speed depends on other factors such as the weight of the rider, the terrain, etc.

Don’t be surprised if some longboard sellers tell you that the speed can be up to 30 – 35 mph.

In case you want to update your normal longboard into an electric one, just use a kit.

Do you still hesitate to buy one?

We know! So, let’s move on with:

Why do People Love Motorized Longboards?

Here are some facts that might impress you about these boards:

They not Only can go Uphill but Also Tackle Steep Ones

Is your school at the top of a hill? Are you tired of going there every day?

It is no longer a problem with electric longboards.

Thanks to its motor, your board will let you glide to the top of almost any hill.

Great for Beginners

Great for BeginnersThis is true whether you believe it or not.

Instead of trying to use your feet while keeping balance,, focus solely on steering with electric longboards.

Therefore, it would be easier for beginners to jump into a longboard.

A Good Alternative to Personal Transportation.

Do you want to go fast but also enjoy the beauty of nature?

Well, then motorized longboards are perfect solutions for you.

Travel to desired places and have a blast along the way!

How cool is it, right?


BrakesOh, we love this one so much.


It is because if you want to stop, you can do that just by pressing on the brakes!

The Board is Very Flexible

Most electric longboards we have ever tried are pliable, which can carve and take turns smoothly.

If you want to make a quick turn, or pop a U-turn, just lean into the board. It will respond within seconds.

They are Environmentally Friendly

They are Environmentally FriendlyThere is a “green” community amongst skateboarders who want to lower their carbon footprint.

If you are also one of those, like us, you will definitely love electric longboards.

They come with lithium-ion batteries, so there are no emissions. And these batteries can be recharged quickly.

Earth Day is coming! Let’s buy one for you!


SafetyThis question might be popped up in your mind:

Is it safe to have this one as it is electrically charged?

Don’t worry, one thing you should do is to make sure your board is UL certified.

This means your board has been put through a series of rigorous tests to ensure its safety.

And always remember to wear pads and helmet.

With the above advantages, we are pretty sure you are so excited to have one for you, right?

Wait! Don’t buy it until you finish reading this article!

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RangeSince it uses a battery, you will want to consider how far your board can go on a single charge.

For an 800 W unit, this range can be from 9 – 12 miles.

On the other hand, the range of an 600 W unit is about 6 – 8 miles.

Some of the best boards can go much further.

In considering this term, keep in mind your using purposes. Carving? Commuting or just for fun?

You should think about buying an electric longboard that suits your needs.


WeightIf your heavy electric longboard is out of batteries, do you want to carry it back home?

You can choose lighter ones in this case.

However, these boards don’t have much features and flexibility compared to the heavy ones.

Therefore, if you go for a short distance or usually travel in public transports are convenient, choose a lightweight and undersized ones.

The Performance

How well your motorized longboard performs is really important.

There are a few questions you can take into account.

Start by analyzing the material of the board. How good is the flex? Is it the right size?

Is this board built for luxurious journeys? Or it is made for simple transportation?

How would the board perform without electrical setup?

Make sure to check trucks and wheels carefully as they affect the overall ride performance a lot.


CapacityOne thing people often overlook when choosing an electric longboard:

It is the capacity.

It is about the amount of weight the board can support.

Choose the one that can support your weight properly.


WheelsA durable board is essential. However, don’t skip the wheels as they can provide a smooth as well as stable ride.

Normally, wheels made from urethane are highly recommended in different kinds of longboards because they can last longer.

The Motor

The MotorGeared/pulley motor systems are really good at acceleration, hill climbing, and braking ability.

Hub system requires less drag and less maintenance. It has better brakes, lighter weight.

Meanwhile, Belt drive motors give you more torque, better acceleration and regenerative braking but need more maintenance.

You should also look at the number of motors.

Normally, an electric longboard have one or two motors.

Two motors mean double power, but it also means that the board will be heavier, more expensive, and louder.

Waterproof and Water-resistant

Waterproof and Water-resistantWhat happens if there is rain?

It is unpredictable, right?

So make sure yours comes with a waterproof or at least a water-resistant motorized longboard to protect the components inside.

However, you cannot expect a fully waterproof electric longboard because most of the manufacturers haven’t produced them.

Therefore, it would be a good decision to avoid riding directly into the water.

Post-sales Services

Last but not least, you should always consider the post-sales services of the products.

There might be a lot of problems after you buy the products.

You will need someone to contact immediately in case your e-board failed in meeting its standards.

Ease of Repair

Ease of RepairEven if the post-sales services work well, it is necessary to see how simple it is to repair the board.

We are sure you don’t want to call the services every time your longboard has problems.

If you have built a DIY electric longboard, chances are you are well equipped to solve problems on your own.

If not, make sure the motors in your board come with a lengthy warranty.

Also, consider the ease of removing and replacing the components.

Now you know things to consider before purchasing an e-board.

There are so many choices on the market. Thus, choosing one would be a hard job.

The list below might be great suggestions for you.

The Six Best Motorized Longboards

SWAGTRON SwagBoard NG-1 Electric Longboard

SWAGTRON SwagBoard NG-1 Electric LongboardWhat makes it special:

It can reach a speed up to 11 MPH and 10 miles in one single charge thanks to the strong battery.

Moreover, you will be provided a wireless remote to control the speed, braking as well as cruise.

The wheels are durable and shock-absorbing. Therefore, it will offer you a smooth ride.


  • Can control speed and braking easily.
  • Long battery life.
  • The board meets all safety requirements.


  • The controller’s LCD has a wet mark in the center.
  • There are some feedbacks of the customers that the board is not durable for a lifetime.

Swagtron SwagBoard Voyager Electric Longboard

Swagtron SwagBoard Voyager Electric LongboardWhy you should choose this one:

The speed can be up to 15 Mph and a range of 15 miles.

You can change directions easily thanks to the wireless remote control accompanied.

The battery life is pretty long so that you don’t need to charge it frequently between rides.


  • The battery is made from Lithium iron phosphate, so it is durable and long-lasting.
  • High speed and long range.
  • The remote control makes it easy for controlling the board


  • Some customers reviewed that the brakes are not working well.

NUFF Electric Longboard

NUFF Electric LongboardWe believe kids are keen on longboarding. How about buying one for them?

This board is perfect for kids.

It has a 2000W motor power and can achieve 24 miles per hour at its maximum speed.


  • Have a good balance between high speed.
  • Easy to control.
  • Fit well for starters.


  • At this moment, we haven’t found any cons related to this board.

Atom Electric H.6 Longboard

Atom Electric H.6 LongboardIt is equipped with a hub motor hidden inside the wheel.

Therefore, the board looks like a regular longboard but with power.

How cool would it be, right?

The battery is also based on Lithium.


  • Regenerative braking helps you to save energy consumption
  • There is a USB charging port for an electric longboard
  • The motor is hidden inside the wheel


  • The wheel with the motor inside sometimes falls off

Yuneec E-GO2 – Best Mid-tier Motorized Longboard

Yuneec E-GO2 – Best Mid-tier Motorized LongboardIts features:

This board is very unique and amazing. Here’s why:

There is only one motor on one of the four wheels. The other three are left to move freely.

This motor is powered by a patented battery system to resist the constant flexing of the board, bumps as well as scratches.

The single kicktail design makes you control your board easier while riding.

You might love this:

The E-Go electric longboard includes a regenerative brake system to help you break and reduce speed to avoid accidents.

The wireless control is excellent.

This is lightweight and offer full of features

You can switch from eco to sports modes to have faster or longer rides.

If you leave your control at home or accidentally lose it, there would be no problem with this board.

The board has an iPhone app to help control your board with your phone.

With this app, you always have a way to use your longboard.


  • The battery last for a long time on a single charge. It is up to four hours.
  • The single kicktail gives you more control while riding and steering.
  • The E-GO control is well designed and has a variety of uses.
  • Has different speed modes and regenerative braking system.
  • Can charge your controller right from the board’s battery.


  • The controller battery time is shorter than the battery time of the board

Boosted Dual+ Electric Longboard

Boosted Dual+ Electric LongboardWell, to tell the truth, this one is quite expensive. It is around $2,000.

However, if you want the best, this is it.

According to Amazon, Boosted is one of the few brands with high rankings.


  • The deck is made from 100% bamboo wood, which allows the board to be both light and flexible
  • The remote is a nice touch and come with four ride modes.
  • Beginner mode will not let you go faster than 11mph. For expert mode, you can go up to 22 mph.
  • The remote has Bluetooth capability. You can update the software that runs the remote, battery and motor through iPhone app.


  • Quite expensive.

It is Time to Make Decisions

If you are an extreme sports lover and want something different, then e-longboard is for you.

Motorized longboards allow you to have fun with speed and can become a great mode of transportation for you.

However, before you buy one, take the above factors into consideration

We also offered you some of the greatest longboards in the market. Hope it would help you find the suitable one.

If you like the article, please leave your feedback.

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