How Much Do You Know About Longboard Wheels?

Longboard wheels can appear like an overwhelming mystery when taking into consideration at the quantity of wheels available. In what capacity can anybody perhaps pick a wheel without having some uncertainty that it was not the right one? So lets see what longboard wheels have got.


  • LengthThe stature of a wheel is the separation between where the wheel touches the ground and the highest point of the urethane. The bigger the wheel, the less demanding it will move over splits and harsh asphalt. In any case, the littler the wheel, the speedier it will quicken going downhill. Regularly a rider’s close to home inclination will focus the harmony between the two.
  • Width
    The width of a wheel is the separation from the external to internal edge of the urethane, nonetheless, regularly width is measured by the contact patch of the wheel which is the width of the wheel physically in contact with the ground, barring the any additional urethane that may be adjusted or angled to make the edge of the wheel.


The lips of a wheel allude to the very edges of the wheel and change fit as a fiddle and thickness

  • Round Lips: Have an adjusted appearance and permit the wheel to break footing for slides less demanding.
  • Square Lips: Have a sheer drop of toward the end of the wheel, providing for it a squared appearance. This takes into account a maximal contact patch, and more hold.
  • Inclined Lips: Have a point toward the end of the wheel, providing for it a sharp, triangle appearance.


EQ-Hollow-Core-longboard-profileThe center is a round hard plastic ring that seats the direction and gives the rubbery polyurethane a spot to append. For the normal rider, the size and state of the center will have little effect, yet it ought to be noted that a bigger center will take into consideration less misshapening of the encompassing urethane, regularly upgrading the slidability of the wheel.

The three center situations are: focus set, counterbalance, and side set.

  • Centerset: Centerset centers are frequently found in wheels made solely for sliding. This is on account of you can flip them around and delay their life. In any case, in opposition to this thought, centerset wheels have the best hold. To conquer this for a sliding wheel, the durometer is regularly high and the contact patch is little.
  • Balanced: As inferred, the balance center is put helter-skelter, closer to the internal side of the wheel. Most wheels you will run over in the longboarding scene have counterbalanced centers on the grounds that they offer a decent adjust of hold and slip to fit practically any ride. In the event that certain attributes of a wheel are wanted, the shape, thickness, and durometer of the urethane is changed to fit your requirements.


The durometer of a wheel is not by any means piece of a wheel’s life systems, yet more like its physiology. Durometer alludes to the estimation of the hardness of the rubbery polyurethane and is spoken to by a number and a letter, which will dependably be a polyurethane.

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