Is Never Summer Longboard A Reliable Brand?

Why has Never Summer Longboard been famous for producing high-quality snowboards and longboards for a long time?

They focus on using superior-quality and durable materials, excellent workmanship, as well as excellent customer service.

If you want to learn more, keep reading my article below:

Is Never Summer A Good Longboard Brand?

Never Summer A Good Longboard BrandThe short answer is yes. As we mentioned, the manufacturer has focused on the best things to produce their products.

Since 1983, brothers Tim and Tracey Canaday with their friend Scott Rofts have designed and built the first snowboards and longboards. So, they have a lot of experience in testing and perfecting designs as well as construction methods.

Although the brothers’ first company, which was called Swift Snowboards, ended in Fort Collins unsuccessfully, they have further improvements when moving to California.

Recently, the company still deals with manufacturing both snowboards and longboards.

Here is one of the remarkable achievements:

The company produced a great lineup of longboards for the season in 2016. Their boards have updated graphics on the OG’s with all outstanding tech and quality.

Thanks to the innovative manufacturing techniques, this brand was awarded the first patent on the hybrid camber technology. What’s more, the company introduced PTex sidewalls, which is a common feature of many recent snowboard manufacturers.

Besides, they cooperate with the leading raw materials manufacturers and engineers all over the world for the most durable and high-performance snowboards.

In Denver, Colorado factory, each product has been handcrafted very carefully. Moreover, the snowboards of Never Summer Longboard are applied awarded technologies for the best models.

List of Hottest Never Summer Snơwboards

Once you have trusted Never Summer, it’s time to consider its outstanding snowboards. Below are the top three products of this brand on the market:

Never Summer Ripsaw

Never Summer RipsawAre you a strong rider both physically and technically?

If yes, this is a great support because it features high speed, carving, jumps, and spins. It gives you fast and exciting rides.

Please take a look at the details:

When it comes to carving and turning, this snowboard suits to carve and ride at a pace more than ride it slow. You will feel responsive and energetic when keeping long carves on and when hitting a hill at a high pace.

Thus, I don’t recommend for beginners and casual riders. At a slow pace, you will feel pretty heavy to turn.

Speaking of jumps, it’s so fun to jump on Never Summer Ripsaw, especially, this model is designed for large jumps because of its solid landing base and good pop. Finally, this is also a fantastic choice for switching rides

Never Summer 2020 Proto Type Two

Never Summer 2020 Proto Type TwoIf you are looking for a snowboard that can work well with freestyle riding, you are in the right place. Whether you ride in the park or over the mountain, Never Summer 2020 Proto Type Two is able to carve perfectly.

Like Never Summer Ripsaw, this is also an ideal solution for playing with ground tricks, riding switch, jumps, and spins. In the event of light turns, it will provide you with quick rides from edge to edge.

When it comes to speed, this board can achieve a higher speed than what you expect. At the same time, the model is still stable.

We don’t think that absolute beginners should use this board, but intermediate riders will have more fun moments.

The biggest minus point is its ability in powder due to a true twin shape as well as a centered stance.

Never Summer Ripsaw X wide Snowboard

Never Summer Ripsaw X wide SnowboardThanks to the combination of a Ripsaw Rocker Camber Profile and a powerful flex, this board is an ideal solution for any aggressive all-mountain pursuits.

What’s more, the super lightweight and durable core helps the whole model snappier to ride on any terrain.

What’s the best part?

Let you hit the throttle, the unique carbon and glass laminate technology will provide you with the best thrilling experiences.

Never Summer Ripsaw X wide snowboard is excellent to perform different riding skills like quick turns. It has a lot of contact points to improve the edge hold.

The low profile in 2 ends of the board increases material contact with the snow for your more powerful and stable landings. Furthermore, the low profile tail minimizes the plowing effect in the nose for superior float and better glide.

Review Never Summer Longboards

Never Summer brand is famous for both snowboards and longboards. Therefore, don’t forget to consider their top products of longboards. After learning, we discovered the 3 best boards on the market below. Please scroll down to read the details:

Never Summer Heist Longboard

Never Summer Heist LongboardWith the freestyle-ready Heist longboard, you can improve your riding skill to the next level because of the following reasons:

First of all, the deck of this longboard is made from fiberglass material, so it’s so lightweight and responsive to perform different riding skills.

While the Drop thru truck mount keeps your body low and nice for a better balance, the wide-body supports under your feet as much as possible.

Heist longboard is the world of beauty and durability. Its Carbonium base finish comes with a beautiful graphic look. Meanwhile, the combination of P-Tex nose and tail protectors provides extra durability against the occasional slam.

If you want to perform the harder tricks, let you take advantage of the tail kick and slight nose for enough elevation.

This is an ideal choice for those who are looking for fun moments, comfortable experiences. At the same time, it allows you to ride some freestyle moves as well.

Never Summer Reaper Longboard

Never Summer Reaper LongboardYou need to know that the Reaper longboard isn’t designed for beginners with bad riding skills. On the contrary, it comes with a lot of outstanding features, which is suitable to ride on the downhill.


The Never Summer patented contour technology provides a unique shape compared to other models. The Carbonium base finish can keep the graphic in good condition for a long time. Meanwhile, the heavy W concave will lock your feet in place at high speeds. The combination of P-Tex nose and tail protection gives you smooth moves even when you perform some slams.

In sum, this product allows you to ride (very) fast and keeps you stable on the board all the time.

Never Summer Avalanche Longboard

Never Summer Avalanche LongboardThe Never Summer Avalanche Longboard is designed for concrete surfaces. Moreover, you can ride this downhill and freeride board on a local hill like a pro.

What’s the best part?

The drop thru truck mount takes responsibility for keeping your center of gravity low and good. When turning at high speeds, the power pedals, and the deep foot pockets are able to keep your feet in place safely.

While the W concave offers the added stability, the P-Tex reinforced nose, Carbonium base, and tail improve the durability to your tough freestyle ride.

In spite of the complete components, it is only over 7 lbs. Thus, you can easily carry this model from place to place.

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It’s Time To Make Your Decision!

Since the early stage, the company has continuously improved the quality of their snowboards as well as possible. They applied the advanced technologies for outstanding features and provided their buyers and users with the best customer service. Though all of their models are incredible, we list the top 3 products, which can meet the demands of most people, from budget to features.

Is Never Summer Longboard a reliable brand? Which above product will you buy? After reading until the end of the article, you may get your own answers. In case you come up with another Never Summer snowboard, don’t hesitate to leave your comment in the section below. Also, please share my post if you find it informative and useful.

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