Top 9 Best Nickel Boards And Penny Boards For 2022

Since skateboarding became popular, there have been all kinds of boards introduced to provide riders with different kinds of riding experience.

Among the big, the bold, the stylish, there are penny boards and penny nickel boards. You can imagine them as a miniature skateboard.

However, do not let their size fool you. They are durable enough to accommodate an average adult.

If you take time looking into how to ride it, you will see that these miniature skateboards can bring about a unique riding experience.

Please bear in mind that penny boards are especially for commuting and cruising . In fact, what they provide is somewhere in between smoothness and portability.

Skatro Mini Cruiser

Skatro Mini CruiserFor those who are searching for penny boards that offer smooth rides, the Skatro Mini Cruiser fits the bill perfectly.

At first sight, it seems this cruiser is quite similar to the 22 inch penny board. However, the material is what makes a Skatro Mini Cruiser stand out.

The board is made of machine-calculated plastic to ensure that riders have a consistent and flexible experience.

Skatro owns this method and it is like a secret formula for their boards so you can find a similar product nowhere else..

Plus, this cruiser’s bearings are not carbon steel like other penny boards. They are bearing steel, which is stronger than the usual material.

With this improvement, there will be less breakdown when using this board. In addition, the bearing steel also adds smoothness to the overall experience of the riders.

This feature is definitely a benefit since the board is developed to handle pressure.

This model is designed to become bent a bit under riders’ weight so if you feel this, do not be alarmed. It is supposed to feel that way. The durability and smoothness will make up for that moment.

Riders have the chance to acquire the boards in a wide range of colors, which is an asset when it comes to attracting teens.

The Skatro Mini Cruiser comes at a lower price range than other penny boards on the market. However, it does not mean you have to sacrifice the quality for the reasonable price.

This board is accompanied by a T-tool, which will definitely come in handy. And, it is still solid and durable enough to serve an average-weight adult.


  • This one is a budget-friendly penny board.
  • The Skatro flex technology used exclusively on their products ensure the flexibility and quality of the boards.
  • Sturdy and strong.
  • Highly versatile as you can use them on many types of surfaces.
  • These boards come with a T-tool for easier dissembling the board whenever you need.


  • The wheels can be a little bit slippery when used for the first time.

Rimable Complete

Rimable CompleteWith the 200-pound weight limit, the Rimable Complete is one of the rare penny boards that can accommodate heavier loads than an average adult.

To do this, its deck is supported by aluminum trucks, which means it can deal with the kind of weight that other boards cannot.

This Rimable Complete is a reminiscence of the 70s when the penny boards were at the glory time. It makes use of the same plastic giving penny boards their durability back then.

To suit the preference of teenagers nowadays, the board sports the kind of trendy graphic designs.

You might not notice this but the designs cover the whole wheels, giving the board a seamless look of the contemporary style.

This one is another budget-friendly model like the Skatro Mini Cruiser but it does not sacrifice its durability or quality to cut cost as some may think.

The boards have been receiving praises from riders for their consistent performance. You may feel like the board is slightly too small for an adult but a test ride will prove the opposite with its superior features will blow you out of this world.

The three-inch trucks are the most reliable guarantee for its durability that you can hardly find anywhere else.

This added support are sure reliable and quite light in the meantime.

The Rimable Complete tips the scales at a bit more than 4 pounds, enough to be classified as a portable penny board.


  • Budget-friendly penny board.
  • A good-quality board for beginners.
  • The components are made out of high-quality materials.
  • Suitable for colleges and schools.
  • There is a wide range of color options to choose from.
  • The parts are made from high-quality materials.
  • The entire decks are made from fresh materials.


  • A bit less durable than other boards on this list.
  • Some may find the boards too small.

Penny Nickel Pantones Cruiser

Penny Nickel Pantones CruiserPenny Nickel Pantones Cruiser follows a minimalism design, which will please any rider that loves a modern touch to an old-age type of penny board.

This penny nickel board is a mid-sized board covered in firm black with a stunning look. The length is 27 inches. Thanks to the Abec7 bearings, this board can handle up to 200 pounds and the ride it offers is as smooth as any other models on this list.

A large number of riders prefer the 27-inch models as they have all the stability, and speed. It is like having the best of both worlds.

If you are one of those who find it hard to balance on a smaller model or in need of a penny board that can handle the adult weight with ease, this Penny Nickel might be the answer to your quest.

This one weighs 5 and a half, a bit heavier than the above boards but it can fit in a backpack to accompany you wherever you go.


  • The minimalism design gives a more modern look to the board.
  • High weight limit so it is suitable for adults.
  • Extra length for better balance.
  • Great stability.
  • Good speed
  • High-quality bearings.
  • Good grip.
  • Beginner-friendly.
  • Highly durable.
  • Offer smooth rides.


  • A little heavier than other boards on this list.

Penny Nickel Complete

Penny Nickel CompletePenny boards originated from Australia and were made for cruising.

This Penny Nickel Complete will remind us of that time when penny boards were first produced. They take after the style and the classic quality of boards from the 70s.

The plastic is strong, flexible, and durable, which allows good speed and a smooth ride. These boards are portable enough to fit in your backpacks.

The size is the same as the Penny Nickel board, measured at 27 inches. That extra length is proved to provide more stable rides than the smaller 22-inch boards do.

You also have a wide range of colors and designs to choose from.

This model is suitable for beginners who need a board to start practicing.

This board stands out for being lightweight, even lighter than others on this list when you compare it with mid-sized models. A good board for those who like to travel around on it.

It has all the features of a Penny product, the smoothness, the silence, and the length facilitating stability.

A real penny board advocate will realize the waffle pattern that is quintessential to penny boards. It is not only a trademark but also supports a better grip.

The best part is, the Penny Nickel Complete board is a cheap model so you do not have to stretch your budget for it.


  • The wheels are soft and smooth.
  • High-quality bearings.
  • The materials used to make this board are of great quality.
  • The boards are highly durable.
  • The price is reasonable.
  • Waffle patterns can help keep your feet in place.
  • Portable so they can fit almost anywhere.
  • The design can be appealing to both adults and teens.


  • The price tag is higher than other options on this list.

Penny Pastel Complete

Penny Pastel CompleteThe Penny Complete line is one of the best-selling collections out there and this Pastel has all desirable features.

As the name indicates, the colors of the boards are all pastel which riders with a liking for bright hues will love.

With Penny Pastel, any ride is smooth and under control. Any rider can benefit from this board from Penny Complete, from kids to adults and absolute beginners.

This Pastel takes the size of the 22-inch classic and also has the waffle pattern for better stability.

The board features mint and lilac colors, which might not suit every taste, but a child who is new to skateboarding or an adult might love this touch. As you know, some of us like retro-styled penny boards.

Despite the fact that penny boards are designed to withstand large weight, many riders who have used this Penny Pastel recommend that only average-sized grownups should use it.

However, the colors and the decent performance make this board a great choice for teens and kids. Its weight, which is around 4 pounds, is suitable for carrying around.

This Penny Pastel can fit in backpacks, lockers, and buses. You can take it with you and make a few rides whenever you have time.


  • The wheels and trucks have good quality.
  • Durable.
  • Come in with vibrant colors.
  • Offer smooth rides


  • Come at a higher price than other models.

Penny Australia Classic

Penny Australia ClassicIf you have had experience with penny boards and want a model with intricate details, the Penny Australia Classic is what you are looking for.

It has a deck that measures 22 inches and soft wheels for smoother rides. The bearings are highly-advanced ensuring durability and remarkable performance. Many say this board ranks higher than most other models when it comes to users’ experience.

It gives you the feeling that you are using a board from the 70s but you enjoy the benefits of board manufactured in present days. Modern technology has improved the endurance as well as performance of the boards.

This Penny Australia Classic is also a lightweight option. Tipping the scales at less than four pounds, it is easy to fit it inside your backpack and bring around.

Its simplicity is not to everyone’s liking but for those who are into a more modern and sophisticated look, this classic model is right down their alley.

The color choices are diverse so you can always pick your favorite and let it make up for the lack of a more appealing design.

The classic waffle pattern is there on the deck to support durability. Its weight limit is higher than some other penny board thanks to the three-inch aluminum trucks.

If you desire a cruiser to get around town or campus, the Penny Australia Classic is what you want to check out. It has all features skaters want in a typical penny board.


  • Have a compact size
  • Have bonus maneuverability
  • Light-weight


  • The plastic should have been made from better-quality plastic.

Penny Standard

Penny StandardThis Penny Standard with the medium size of 27-inch offers a bit more stability. Many skaters agree that this is one of the tops choices for beginners.

Everything one may need in a starter’s board is present on this one, the extra inches, high-quality bearings, the waffle patterned deck, and the soft wheels. With all of these features, you are assured of a smooth ride on this Penny Standard.

This one can handle the adult weight and have great speed. It can put up with cruising downhill and the plastic is so durable that you always feel like having a solid standing ground.

There is a wide range of colors to choose from. Besides the classic palettes, there are some more modern colors like mint green for example. The weight is small so this is another great option to carry around.

No matter what you intend to do with it, skating around the neighborhood, sliding downhill, running some errands in the downtown, this Penny Standard nickel board can help you.

This board is ideal for teens, tweens, and adults who are just getting used to penny boarding. If you are looking for a board for a child, this one might be an ideal option too.


  • Easy to maneuver.
  • Sturdy.
  • Hardly flexed.


  • You may slip if your shoes are wet.

Penny Complete Longboard

Penny Complete LongboardThis Penny Complete Longboard is the only long penny board on this list. The reason is that it is less common than shorter options.

It is made from durable plastic, just like other boards on this list. The board has a bit of flex to withstand the weight and provide a smoother experience.

You have the classic waffle patterned deck plus another layer of texture for better durability.

This model is known for its light weight compared to other models in the list. Coming in at 3.3 pounds, this board is lighter than any other option, which is perfect for traveling around with.

The wheels and trucks are made out of high-quality materials. The pintail shape following a retro style is a nice reminder of the old days.

There are five colors to choose from, black, navy, cream, blue, and mint.


  • It has a waffle top to prevent slip.
  • It features textured grips.
  • The boards are made out of plastic that sport concave and camber.
  • The boards offer smooth rides.
  • They have good speed.


  • This board comes at a higher price than other boards on this list.

Penny Nickel Graphic Complete

Penny Nickel Graphic CompleteThe last one on this list is the Penny Nickel Graphic Complete.

It has all of the highlight features you may expect from a penny board, plus some fun graphics to add a bit of style for those who desire a unique board.

The best thing is that these decks can be purchased separately. When you want to change your style, all you have to do is to switch to another deck you favor.

Other features include the 27-inch size and the styling that is quintessential to penny boards.

This nickel board can rival almost all of the boards on this list with good-quality trucks, flexible and durable plastic, and a waffle-patterned top.

What set this one apart are definitely the graphic design and the transparent wheels, which elegantly style the board.

You have the choice over tribal patterns, the universe, colors only, or abstract geometrics. Anyone can find what speaks their personality with this board.

The four-inch penny trucks make every ride quiet and smooth. This Penny Nickel can fit inside your backpack.

This board can handle an adult’s weight and have the kind of design that can be appealing to kids and teens.

The plastic is so durable that you can keep it for years and pass it down to a child or a teen that wants to give the sport a try.


  • The boards have a nice length for stability.
  • The wheels are of high quality and smooth.
  • The designs are eye catching and there are a lot of colors to choose from.
  • They can handle an adult’s weight.


  • There is still room for improvement in the suspension.

Quick Guide to Choosing the Best Penny Board

Quick Guide to Choosing the Best Penny BoardAs with other items you need to buy, the best penny board is not the most expensive one but the most suitable. So to find your dream board, knowing what you want is the key.

If speed is what you are after, smaller options will fit you. The length you need is under 22 inches.

For those who prefer a sense of balance on the board, add a few extra inches to the board. The medium-sized ones with a length of 27 inches are right down your alley.

And if what you desire is a long cruise, the penny longboard fits the bill.

Other features to consider are the components’ quality, the material of the decks, and the design.

All of the products on this list are made out of high-quality materials so all you have to do is to pick the design you love and a suitable size.

Penny vs Nickel Board: What’s the Difference?

Penny vs Nickel Board: What’s the Difference?One of the things you should know before landing a penny board is the difference between a nickel board and a penny board.

The original Penny board is designed to withstand impact. They are usually made out of polyurethane.

Their trucks are often 3.125” in width and come with 59mm Penny Wheels.

Considering a Penny Nickel board, the thing that differentiates it from a Penny Board is the length.

A Penny Nickel is a bit longer, coming at 27” instead of 22” for a penny original board.

You may think 5” make little difference but since these boards are smaller than other options, such a length is important.

A Penny Original has a smaller deck than that of a Penny Nickel so the latter features 4” trucks, which are an inch wider than those of the former. This change is to fit the decks of the Penny Nickel.

Choosing Between A Penny Original And A Penny Nickel Board

Overall, the Penny Nickel is the best choice for absolute beginners and skaters who have not gained much experience.

The long deck of the Penny Nickel usually makes riders feel more comfortable when they are learning how to cruise.

Those who love a portable board will desire the Penny Original as it is smaller and can fit inside a backpack.

This Cool Board Is Here to Stay

Penny boards are regaining their popularity among both adults and kids. With a wide range of size and design, picking out a penny board you like is easy.

They might look a bit old-fashioned but you know, old is gold these days. The smaller options are fast and flexible. However, the durable plastic makes sure that they can handle a beating.

These boards are portable enough to stay inside of your backpack. You can take a penny board whenever you want, whether to make a few rides when you run some errands or to commute every day.

Are you a fan of penny boards? Do you have any experience with these portable but durable options? Just leave your comment down below and we will answer them to give you insight on your problem!

Thank you for reading!

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