How to Pick The Right Off-road Electric Scooter for Beginners?

An off-road electric-scooter gradually becomes a new trendy item in replacement for casual means of transportation regarding distance, innovation, and excitement.

However, it may turn out to be a huge risk if you happen to bring home an unsuitable one, especially those who tend to learn about this new device for the very first time.

Our guideline below lists down five useful information about off-road electric scooter for beginners.

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How does an Electric Scooter Work?

How does an electric scooter workTo put it simply, an electric scooter is operated by connecting a battery and a motor, which makes it a small mode of transportation.

This kind of motor used is quasi forceful, yet not as much mighty as other types of motors you see in your gas-powered scooters.

You are expected to control the brakes and speed of the scooter through a switch installed along the handlebars.

Despite the slightly similar design, adult’s version varies somehow from children’s edition in terms of the model.

To be specific, scooters made for kids usually climax up to 10 or 12 miles an hour.

Meanwhile, those designed for adults frequently reach 20 miles per hour.

Now, what makes an off-road electric scooter different from other regular models?

An off-road electric scooter is also known as a terrain electric scooter, which is produced specifically for conquering harsh terrains off casual road condition.

In this case, stronger welded frame, alloy hubs, and high-pressure off-road tires are installed in order to deal with challenging terrains, such as dirt or gravel.

7 Aspects to be First Noted When Purchasing a Terrain Electric Scooter

After grabbing brief information on how this “toy” works, let’s pay closer attention to these 7 factors when bringing home your very first terrain electric scooter.


StyleYou may think your list of options now is way narrower as only the section of “off-road electric scooter” is studied.


The archive of this powerful and brilliant innovation is diverse and compelling. All you want to care about now is which suits your style best.

Made to deal with rough and uneven terrain, your off-road scooters would be installed with a bulkier as well as some great features.

Hence, let’s put it as our first consideration when picking the right one, shall we?


BatteryAn off-road electric scooter consists of two different kinds of battery: the old workhorse lead-acid and newer lithium-ion.

In terms of lithium-ion segment, we advise you to ensure your product of choice is UL 2272 certified, which is meant to enhance your peace of mind and also safety.

On the other hand, lithium-ion battery means a much faster charging time, as well as longer distance off-road between plug-ins.

In terms of workhorse lead-acid option, you are required to get it charged fully for up to half a day, or even more.

Though it seems totally fine for casual or weekend use, yet if you prefer feasible travel, a faster charged battery is always a better investment.

Finally, performance between the old and new types is also comparable.

For the time being, lithium-ion is our top recommendation for a better viable choice in the near future.


SpeedYour third factor would be speed, which is supposed to vary greatly among different off-road electric scooter picks.

If you are reading this post as a preparation for your young family members, safety comes as a priority.

We’re sure you don’t want any risks to occur between the fun, do you?

Once and again, better powerful scooters bring you faster speed. Nonetheless, bear in mind that only some certain conditions of speed can be achieved.

Apparently, the rider’s weight also contributes considerably to the limitation of the speed.


RangeWhy is it important when it comes to “range” while picking the right terrain electric scooter?

Let’s ask yourself these two questions first:

“How far do I need to ride on a single charge?”

“How long does it take me to charge up for a round-trip?”

So now, you understand why it is a serious thing to consider range, don’t you?

“Flying down” your passageway makes it a big difference from just moving back and forth from your office on a daily basis.

Because of such, make sure your off-road electric scooter brought home is able to give you the longest distance you expect.


CapacityIf you are a first-timer riding this kind of transportation, this can be a little new at first as you’re not so used to it! A scooter’s performance is likely to downgrade depending on how heavy it carries over time.

And this happens to scooter more than any other means of transportation you have worked with before.

Durable but brilliantly minimalistic, this kind of scooters always bear a young and fresh image in their design as well as function.

On a basic scale, 220lbs is a common max load, which means very few scooters rate for riders exceeds this weight.

However, it does not mean there are no models that meet your need for a higher number. So, make sure you understand the specs.

As said before, the heavier the load on your terrain electric scooter, the worse performance it will gradually deliver through time.

Tires, Suspension, and Brakes

Tires, Suspension, and BrakesComing up next is a set of tires, suspension, and brakes.

For most of the situations, those things above do not vary a lot amongst the lines.

Usually, suspension and brakes will all stay similar. Meanwhile, tires seem to be the only part that tell the models apart.

First off, we have standard tire used as a pneumatic version of varying size. And then, we have an air-filled tire that is used in some other all-terrain electric scooters.

So out of the two above, our suggestion for you is to go with the air-filled tire if possible, as obviously, your ride is much smoother than the first option.


PriceSaved the best for last, price is always seemingly the top priority when buying any kind of product, which makes it the ending factor in this checklist.

As we have already listed all the essential features, the price comes ultimately depending on your specific need and hence varies much accordingly.

Without a doubt, when you opt for something with higher price, you are much likely to bring home a model equipped with more power and better performance.

Nevertheless, if you are a fresh starter and unsure of your final decision, then feel free to go for an intermediate version.

How about surprising your family with two off-road electric scooters as gifts instead of one?

Two well-rated terrain electric scooters of the same price as another high-end model is always better than one, don’t you think?

This way brings a lot more fun to beat the boring day with your siblings or even parents.

Pros and Cons of Off-Road Electric Scooters

Alright, we have already walked you through the very basic checklist, it’s time to put our target on the scale and see if one is worth buying.

Let’s see what we have first:


ProsFirst thing first, convenience!

Going against its previous transportation creation in history, scooters seem much more universal and common.

Almost anyone can simply grab one and head straight out of home, without worrying about parking space or a riding license.

Secondly, off-road electric scooter beginners don’t have to toss a painful amount of money when getting started as an entry fee.

Off-road electric scooters can be considered as some of the safest alternatives available for personal rides.

This means you need no serious tricks or rules to keep yourself balanced or stay upright.

Holding the handlebars tightly is all you need to do.

An off-road electric scooter is either good for non-paved trails or regular driveways.


ConsAnd now, we will break down a few setbacks:

In some ranges, the scooters seemingly demand more power than provided.

This brings out a fact that you would need to check for other modes of transportation once the demand for extended ride time is aroused.

A less bulky frame is designed not to bear a massively heavy weight of large individuals.

At the same time, you may easily figure out that the deck and removable seat are equipped accordingly as for terrain segment and hence only able to handle a limited number of concentrated weight.

As you are viewing this page focusing on the segment of off-road electric lines, the nit-picky stiff is specifically discussed in this segment.

One thing to be noted, despite owning a heartier build and better-reinforced elements than other equivalents, this off-road model is not made for demolishing boulders and running after bears.

The six aspects above may pull your passion back a little.

However, these are listed down just to enhance your utmost consideration and therefore help you make the best decision in the end.

Off-road electric scooters bring in great excitement.

If you are about to bring home one, putting those pros and cons on the scale is good indeed.

Top 4 Recommended Off-road Electric Scooters List to Pick From

So, we think it’s now a good time to see what options are most sought after by worldwide riders.

After spending a while scanning through numerous alternatives and lines available, we are now able to pack up to four models that you may love.

Take a closer look at the table below:

Razor E325 15 mph 45 minutes 220 lbs
Razor RX 200 12 mph 40 minutes 150 lbs
Qiewa QPOWER 30 mph 50 miles 220 pounds
UberScoot 1600w 20 mph 12 miles 265 lbs

As you can infer, the four we are recommending are Razor E325, Razor RX 200, Qiewa QPOWER and UberScoot 1600w.

If you are a big fan of speed, Qiewa QPOWER is then a highlight with 30 mph.

For range experts, once again, Qiewa QPOWER wins the spotlight with 50 miles!

3 Frequently Asked Questions

“Is electric scooter for kids only?”

If you are a novice rider, chances are this image of a little electric scooter makes you feel like this is not an adult’s kind of toy.

It can be true for old time scooters, but current electric editions are much more advanced with wonderful capabilities.

Furthermore, the terrain version is produced to handle different topography and riding conditions, which makes it less likely to be a toy for children.

However, to be specific, this kind of transportation is mostly targeted for youngsters and teenage adventure enthusiasts.

So it is a yes in this case.

“Is this off-road electric scooter suitable for lousy climate condition?”

Not only for off-road electric scooters, moving and traveling in such negative weather is totally a thumbs-down.

As a result, we don’t encourage you to employ this mode of transport in such unpleasant weather.

As you may beware, the scooters are usually developed waterproof, which at least gets you home in safety if caught in a sudden rain.

“Are the batteries safe enough for a long-lasting use?”

Since this kind of transportation is mass produced following a strict regulation of safety. So calm your mind as this investment is absolutely worth it.

By far until the moment we are updating you this news, most of the previous buyers are much satisfied with their purchased products.

This means there are no worries, at least to this point thus we encourage you to give it a try.

And that’s about it, you have just learned through three big questions that most buyers confront themselves.

Make sure your scooters of choice satisfy all the criterion we have mentioned right from the top and there would be no other anxiety concerning you.

So, are you ready to buy a brand new off-road electric scooter as a new year treat? It’s all good to reward yourself to start 2019 or either surprise your beloved ones.

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