Oust Bearings: What Makes Them Special? (The Useful Share from Sammy Jackson Now)

As you know, bearings play a very important part in riding performance.

They comfort the wheel run smoothly, thereby having a better ride.

Especially, each wheel of your skateboard needs two bearings. It means that you have to be careful with your decisions.

However, it would be no problem after you finish reading this article. We are here to assist you.

We would introduce you to the very popular and amazing bearings: Oust Bearings.

We hope that the information you find in this article can help you narrow the list of skateboard bearing options.

Are you ready? Now, let’s start first with:

What is Skateboard Bearing?

What is Skateboard Bearing?Actually, for those who don’t know about this part:

The circular metal pieces you find in the board’s wheels are skateboard bearings. These are vital in connecting the board wheels with the axle.

What you need to know is that all the bearings come at the similar size disregarding of the size of the wheel.

In other words, they can be suitable to all wheels of the boards.

Generally, the outer ring is around 22 mm, the width is 7 mm and 8 mm is the measurement of the core.

You can find a package of bearings in the market. These are the set of 8 as each wheel need two bearings.

They are available in different colors for your preference.

Next, here’s what you also need to know:

Used Materials in Bearings

Before learning about Oust Bearings, take minutes to discover how many materials are used in a bearing and what they are.

Normally, below are the common materials:


SteelThese are amongst the most used material in demand for bearings.

Some people consider this as the best bearings because they fit the industry criterion for skateboarding.

When you see steel bearings, you will realize that almost all of them have circular shapes and flat sides.

To distribute weight and decrease the pressure between the wheels and the axle, they come with 7-8 lubricated balls.

Also, these ones are very durable and cheap.

The only one thing you need to be careful with is the instances.

It happens when the heavy friction between the axle and the wheels heat the metal. Therefore, it would make the bearing less effective.

Make sure the bearings are dried, greased, and dirt-free so that they can last longer as well as work better.


CeramicAnother choice is ceramic bearings. This material is harder compared to steel bearings so it helps you have a more even ride.

This also means that ceramic can reduce the friction so it uses less lube.

It is better, right?

Moreover, it is supposed to be less impacted by the energy of the heat. Also, when it comes to friction, ceramic does not become larger.

Having said that, you don’t need to worry that this problem can impact your skateboarding experience anymore.

Yes, as it has all these advantages, the price is higher than steel ones.

Think about it when you want to perform an excellent ride.


TitaniumLast but not least, titanium bearings are also one of your choices.

Although this is not popular compared to the above bearings, it still works well. It is smooth, light and gives you the longevity and speed.

To conclude, amongst these three, we recommend using ceramic material. Even though the price tag is higher, it is still worth a try.

Elements of A Bearing

Elements of A BearingUnderstanding this term can help you a lot in choosing the best bearings for yourself.

  • C-ring: A thin ring put on the outside of the bearings. It is in charge of locking the bearing shield.
  • Bearing shield: It prevents dirt from the steel balls.
  • Outer ring: A large ring holding all parts of the bearings.
  • Inner ring: A small ring which helps place the bearing on the axle.
  • Steel balls: This is vital parts of the bearing. It spins the bearing by fitting in the middle of the inner and outer ring.
  • Ball retainer: Holds the steel balls and allows the casing to spin around the balls.
  • Rubber seal: Put on the outside of the bearing in order to protect the inside of the bearing from dirt.

So you know quite a lot about bearings. You might be wondering a question:

How to Choose The Best Bearing (The Important Part)

ABEC Rating

ABEC RatingIn order to choose the best bearings, you need to know how fast it can be.

To determine this one, we have ABEC rating.This rating enables you to find out a speedy ones.

Bearing dimensions are for varying purposes.

When you see a bearing featuring ABEC 3, it would be slow. If the rating is higher, the speed will be faster.

That said, an ABEC 7 is for those who want a fast one.

Besides, you can make your board move speedily by using larger wheels of a board as well.

Now, let’s see how ABEC can affect the speed of the bearings.

ABEC translates to Annular Bearing Engineering Committee. This is created to indicate how fast the bearings can work.

You can trust this one as this is the industry’s criteria. With a higher rating, your bearings will be more effective and firm.

Also, it refers to the low errors.

Below are the commonly used ABEC ratings:

ABEC 1: This rating shows the lowest level of bearing. You can find that these products have the lowest price.

Most companies don’t want to sell these kinds of products as it also means the low quality.

However, don’t be too serious. It is actually just a bit slow-moving compared to the higher rating ones.

ABEC 3: The skateboards with these bearings have an reasonable price. Nonetheless, they are not really fast and smooth.

ABEC 5: Most skateboarders go for this one.

It is supposed to be the standard criteria as it gives you a good ride and pace at a suitable price.

ABEC 7: For those who want to experience a fast speed, the ABEC 7 skateboards are for them.

Although the price is quite high, it is really worth trying because it provides excellent rides.

ABEC 9: ABEC 7 is fast then ABEC 9 is extremely high speed.

This one is used for downhill skateboarding. The board is designed for professional skaters.

ABEC 11 and Up: Some companies offer you products with these ratings but you should be careful.

The rating for bearings is usually at 9.

You should also check other ratings to find out the quality one such as the ISO, the RBEC Anti-Fascist Bearing Manufacturers Association and German National Standards Organization.

Nonetheless, ABEC is still the common standard for bearings.

The Size Of Bearings

The Size Of BearingsThe typical size for bearings is 608.

When you choose the 608 ones, the ball bearing is the combination of closures, inner and outer rings, balls and ball retainer.

The inner diameter is 8mm, meanwhile the outer is 22mm and 7 mm is for the width.

For this type of bearing, the balls will rotate between the outer and inner ring.

You will find a metal or rubber shield. It is to seal the whole unit and helps decrease the contaminants and lubricant leakage.

For those under the size of 608, you can expect it to be suited to all wheels regardless of the diameters.

They also have other types of bearings like roller bearings, mini-bearings and y-bearings.

These products are not commonly used.

Are you ready to know the best part?

The rest of this article will help you gain more information about Oust Bearings.

Oust Bearings Review (The Main Part)

Oust Bearings ReviewOust Bearings is actually the name of a company producing skateboard bearings.

After years of researching about bearings, the company has finally created unique bearings for themselves. It is called MOC SERIES.

If you want a fast and aggressive skateboarding, then these bearings can help you do that.

As we introduce you about 608 bearings above, the company is a bit different for this one.

Generally, 608 bearings require a radial load roll-out.

However, OUST Inc. has developed a hybrid bearing that meets the industry standard in terms of Static, Dynamic and Impact loads and problems caused by torque.

Their products are the first and only ones to achieve a suitable coefficient of friction between radial road and torsional load roll-out.

They have 4 products designed for a particular skateboard: the 5 Street, MOC 5 Tech, MOC 7 Speed, and the MOC 9 Airr.

These all have the similar structure design. The differences between them are the cage, seal, ball grade and finish.

How cool is it, right?

Now, how about taking a deeper look at their products, shall we?

Oust Bearings MOC 5 Tech (under $40)

Oust Bearings MOC 5 TechFeatures:

  • It has a very unique design which can handle tighter tolerances.
  • Suitable for technical skateboarding as it offers high endurance.
  • Made of a carbon steel ball cage to maximize its strength.
  • When it is in the rough conditions, the steel ball cage will be placed on the correct places.
  • Have high speed, durability, low friction, and good performance thanks to its Rockwell material.

  • Provided with two removable rubber seal to protect the bearings.
  • With the aid of ME-TOL synthetic speed oil, it is pre-lubricated
  • When it is about to be broken, it would be slow at first, then fully broken after that.

What we like:

  • Distinctive design for higher tolerances.
  • Good for technical skateboarding.
  • Has the perfect strength thanks to the carbon steel ball cage
  • Well-known for the speed, performance, durability and low friction
  • Long-lasting bearings

What we don’t like:

  • When we first use it, it is a bit slow.

OUST MOC 5 STREET (under $40)


  • High speed and good loading capabilities.
  • Use the metal shields instead of buna steal
  • Easy to be cleaned and oiled thanks to a small oil hole in each shield.
  • Lubricate with ME-TOL Synthetic speed oil

What we like:

  • Reduce the damage of the buna seal during assembly.
  • Accommodate the new environment well
  • Fast and tough bearing

What we don’t like:

  • Short lifespan
  • It is hard to clean
  • A bit slow for the first rides.

Oust MOC 7 Speed (under $50)

Oust MOC 7 SpeedFeatures:

  • Designed for skateboarding on hard conditions.
  • Focus on speed and maneuverability
  • Can dealt with issues like carving and pumping

What we like:

  • Hold up great with long slides.
  • High speed
  • Clean, pre lubricant and offer good performance.

What we don’t like:

  • The seals are easy to bend.
  • Expensive considering what they can offer

Oust Bearing MOC 9 AIRR (under $60)

Oust Bearing MOC 9 AIRRFeatures:

  • It is claimed to have higher performance than ABEC-9 bearings, Swiss and even ceramics.
  • Fast, longevity.
  • Manufactured with high-quality balls, finer polished raceways, and seal system.
  • The Moc 9 Buna Non-Contact Seal has U-channel design in the outer race and a stop on the inner race.
  • Can stop oil leakage

What we like:

  • Fast and durability
  • Good shield design
  • It is for lateral forces, not just vertical ones

What we don’t like:

  • More expensive than those with longer track records.

All above 4 products are in Oust Bearing Line, ask the sellers about the differences of them carefully before buying one.

Here we also sum up with some unique material differences between the 4 products:

  • Steel Shields and Steel Cage are used for Oust MOC 5 Street.
  • Rubber Shields, Steel Cage create Oust MOC 5 Tech.
  • Rubber Shields, Nylon Cage, Buna Non-Contact Seal set into a U-channel made Oust MOC 7 Speed.
  • Rubber Shields, Nylon Cage, Buna Non-Contact Seal set into a U-channel are for Oust MOC 9 Airrr

Once and for All

Bearings are very important parts of skateboards. It affects the whole performance so much.

Whether you are a beginner or a professional skater, a good set of bearings can assist you to have a perfect ride.

Actually, skateboard bearings are the metal pieces that you can find in the wheels of the board.

They help connect the board wheels into the axle.

Regarding to the elements of a bearing, it contains C-ring, bearing shield, outer ring, inner ring, steel balls, ball retainer, and rubber seal

Knowing these parts will give you more information when choosing the best bearings. Besides, make sure to check the size and ABEC rating.

ABEC rating is the industry standard determining how fast the bearing can work. The higher the rating, the faster the speed.

In terms of size, it often comes up with a size of 608.

Finally, the best part is about Oust Bearings. Oust Bearings is the name of a company.

They produce bearings using a very different technique compared to other bearing manufacturers and are famous for the speed, durability, and good performance.

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