Best Paris Trucks Products for Your Longboard

Do you know trucks are one of the vital parts of the longboard that drastically affect how that longboard rides?

On top of having a perfect deck, you will need great trucks to make a perfect board for your riding style, right?

There is a fact that:

It is a bit difficult to select the right trucks amongst various different products on the current market.

Don’t worry!

There are still some highly trusted brands to consider when purchasing trucks. And we come back to show you an outstanding name out there.

That is Paris Trucks with reliable products. Read up on to discover more!

General Information About Paris Trucks

General Information About Paris TrucksParis is one of the most famous longboard truck brands in the world. This brand’s trucks are the top-selling items on the current market.

What makes Paris notable?

They are amazing, super responsive, sleek and lightweight, offering a smooth ride and allowing users to maneuver the board easily.

Moreover, they come in almost every color with unique designs, so you can find a set that fits your favorite deck.

What’s more, Paris Trucks are designed with three things in mind including beauty, great support for turning, and durability.

Along with a reliable guarantee, you can be assured that they will be on your board for a long time. All those make Paris Trucks reliable products that rarely disappoint anyone.

Now it is the most attractive part:

We would show you this brand’s top typical longboard trucks with their excellent features:

Top 5 Paris trucks products

Name Features Our Rating
Paris 180mm V2 Longboard Trucks Well handling
Smooth and effortless carving
4.7/5 star
Paris V2 180mm 50° Trucks Great durability and sturdy, sleek design
Gold standard of truck products, perfect for cruising and high-speed downhill longboarding
4.6/5 star
Paris V2 Amanda Powell Pro Model Stable and solid feeling with eye-catching design
Ideal for high board control at high speeds
4.5/5 star
Paris SAVANT 180mm 50° Trucks Stronger than cast trucks
Better for downhill and freeride
4.4/5 star
Paris Street 108mm Raw Skateboard Trucks Easy-to-mount design
Decrease unwanted wheel bites
4.2/5 star

Paris 180mm V2 Longboard Trucks

Paris 180mm V2 Longboard TrucksWhat is the specialty?

This is an emblem of perfect design that has currently stepped into the market. They are supposed to be the around “go anywhere, do anything” product that is ideal for any terrain.

Particularly, Thanks to the great capability of handling, these trucks with their 180mm hanger are the suitable size for almost all decks and compliment most riding styles as well.

Moreover, they have the unrestrictive 90a Urethane Bushing formula for damping vibrations along with bushing seat for carving smoothly and effortlessly.

Their specification stats are neck-to-neck with the famous Gullwing Sidewinder trucks, which are suitable for those who have a keen eye out.

There are a few complaints about their fairly light coat of paint scraping off or uneasy quality control. However, if users learn the suitable way to maintain them, those are only minor concerns.

Paris V2 180mm trucks still look as great as they ride and are amongst the most refined products on the longboard truck market, so let’s choose them!


  • Be tougher along with long-lasting pivot cups
  • Have improvised and cleared kingpins to support better carve
  • Be sturdy, sufficiently strong and durable
  • Have powder coating finish
  • Be ideal for skateboarding on all types of terrain
  • Have Paris urethane bushings for the ultimate response and rebound
  • Have extremely responsive bushings
  • Be available in multiple colors
  • Come with a good guarantee for life
  • Be great products for the price


  • Have the very light paint coat which scrapes off in case of the slightest scratch
  • Have a minor concern about quality control

Paris V2 180mm 50° Trucks

Paris V2 180mm 50 TrucksWhat is the specialty?

Our other pick is the Paris V2 180mm 50° Trucks, which are regarded as the gold standard of longboarding trucks.

What makes so?

Fascinatingly, the sturdy design gives an amazing look and feel. They are also carved with experience plus passion and suitable for any deck size.

With the aluminum gravity molded baseplate and 180mm-wide hanger hardened through the secondary sheet treatment to improve durability and strength, they will easily outperform other products on the market.

Also, they are ideal for both high-speed downhill longboarding and cruising through the areas.

Their 90A hardness bushing seat works perfectly for those who enjoy a surfy feeling setup with little road vibrations as well.

Despite some comments of squeaky feeling when carving, with those good features, there is no doubt that they are the top-selling longboard trucks of Paris trucks. Buy them soon


  • Provide better support
  • Have reverse geometry for easy installation
  • Have various color options
  • Offer solid feel despite being a lightweight product
  • Have a good price
  • Have well-built construction and improved quality
  • Be durable
  • Have perfectly designed bushings
  • Skate on all terrains


  • Feel squeaky when carving

Paris V2 Amanda Powell Pro Model

Paris V2 Amanda Powell Pro ModelWhat is the specialty?

These 10-inch products will be perfect for high board control at such high speeds.

Whether going down a street slope or mountain, you will have full control over your longboard thanks to these Paris units.

At first glance, their design is eye-catching. The purple background performs contrasting plant leaves and thus gives your longboard such an artistic element.

This Pro model features new branded grade 8 kingpin to increase its strength. There is also more kingpin clearance in their bushing seat, allowing riders to carve more smoothly and freely.

Being treated with heat in the production process, they will have long-lasting performance in case of extreme wear and tear on your trucks and board.

For those reasons, don’t miss these products that delight most fans of Paris Trucks. You will be amazed at what they bring you.


  • Be stable and durable
  • Own quite handsome designs with the herbalized graphic
  • Be less likely to bend
  • Have great axles- made of pure Aluminum of 356.12 and have a shiny and clean finish, without impurities and cuts.
  • Have the higher quality pivot cup for smoother turns and long life
  • Can endure any kind of rides and handling
  • Let users carve smoothly and freely
  • Be great for sliding, freeriding as well as freestyle
  • Give solid feel


  • Some comments about not receiving the right style or appearance of the board

Paris SAVANT 180mm 50° Trucks

Paris SAVANT 180mm 50 TrucksWhat is the specialty?

Now, take a look at the Savant from Paris Trucks! They come with the familiar feeling to cast versions. Besides, they are the absolute perfect trucks for freeride skating and fast downhill.

They are 180mm along with built-in 1mm speed rings, or 182mm when using built-in bearings.

Also, their 6061 aluminum hangers with the T6 heat treatment, giving them much more strength than the cast trucks.

Their 90A self-lubricated bushings are made in the USA and feel surprisingly good. The 96A slop stopper will help to eliminate unexpected slop around the kingpin as well as dampen your ride a bit more.

They may not be as lively but a whole lot more stable than the cast trucks. Their perfectly straight axles also allow them to grip more, which is better for downhill and freeride than the cast ones.

Paris does a fantastic job with these Savants, the sharp looking and well-performing products. If you don’t mind their irreplaceable axles and a bit heavyweight, don’t hesitate to buy them anymore.


  • Be stable and durable
  • Be perfect for downhill and freeride
  • Have the thinner race-inspired pivot
  • Have self-lubricated bushings
  • Have great slop for eliminating unwanted slop around the kingpin
  • Have the machined sleeved washer and cupped washer, which is perfect for most riders
  • Mostly fix the issue of the much open bushing seat and the moving of bushings while turning
  • Be great for your dancing and freestyle needs


  • Be a bit more restrictive and heavier than the cast trucks
  • Grade 12 axles cannot be replaced

Paris Street 108mm Raw Skateboard Trucks

Paris Street 108mm Raw Skateboard TrucksWhat is the specialty?

Skating in a more consistent as well as stable manner is what these products from Paris Trucks promise to deliver.

They own a simple and easy-to-mount design which can be used even by skaters with limited skills. With different sizes, they also fit on many longboards and skateboards available today.

They have been built to endure thanks to the virgin aluminum material. They also feature grade 8 steel axles and pressed-in kingpins serving to improve durability and additional strength.

One thing you will appreciate about them is that they have been specially designed to prevent unwanted wheel bites that may make users uncomfortable.

Although they don’t offer various colors, they allow you to travel with better maneuverability and turnability. Get a better ride now!


  • Be strong and durable
  • Have simple, stylish, and easy-to-mount design
  • Offer the stable feeling on various terrains
  • Be ideal for beginners, intermediate and even advanced skateboarders
  • Provide ultimate response
  • Have good guaranteed durability
  • Have sturdy construction
  • Be a universal mounting product


  • Be not available in various colors

Above are top longboard trucks for Paris Trucks along with their key characteristics..

Now, let’s move to the essential buying guide when you decide to purchase a skateboard truck.

Skateboard Truck Buying Guide

There are a few points that you need to notice when buying the longboard trucks so that you can get the most suitable one..


SizeIt is necessary to match your truck to the deck size, and the truck size can vary based on the deck size as well.

Likewise, your trucks width will also affect your performance because different truck widths suit different riding styles.

For all those reasons:

The first important factor you need to check is the width and height of that truck and your longboard deck.

The size of trucks can be measured by axle width or hanger width. The width of these both parts will determine the distance between the wheels.

Generally speaking, choose an axle that is more or less 1/4″ your board width to receive the most stability.

Let’s consult the information below to know the proper size between the truck axle and deck:

  • 6-7.25inch truck axle – 6.5 to 7.25inch skateboard decks
  • 7.5inch truck axle – 7.25 to 7.5inch skateboard decks
  • 7.75-inch truck axle – 7.5 to 8 inch skateboard decks
  • 8.0inch truck axle – 8 to 8.5 inch skateboard decks
  • 8.5inch truck axle – 8.5 to 9 inch skateboard decks
  • 9.0inch truck axle – 9 to 10 inch skateboard decks
  • 10.0inch truck axle – 10 inch wide and above skateboard decks

Truck Profile

Truck profileThis is known as the distance from the bottom of the skate deck to the hanger. Commonly, there are three main levels:

  • Low-profile: This level is mainly designed for small wheels. Moreover, it is perfect for performing tricks and flips as well as offers better stability for certain moves. Here, we would recommend the 50-53mm wheel size for the low trucks.
  • Mid-profile: Mid-level products are solid options for street or park skateboarding. We would recommend the 53-56mm wheel size for mid-profile products.
  • High-profile: This level is ideal for larger wheels, best for cruising and carving streets and will work well for a cruiser or longboard.

We would recommend the 56mm and above wheel size for high-level products.


HangerThe T-shaped aluminum hanger is another essential part of all trucks attached to the deck.

A great skateboard will come with a solid and strong hanger to ensure the axle is supported suitably. This will reduce the excessive or wobble shaking, especially at the high speeds or declines.

Normally, hangers of longboard trucks are wider to accommodate the differences in the deck size.

Likewise, it is usually lightweight, so it should not be more than 10 to 13 oz and should be at least ¼th of the deck size.


The steel axle (or the long pin) running through the hanger is a part that the wheels mount onto. Normally, the more stout it is, the longer your trucks should last.

Most axles of trucks are 8 mm in thickness. And this uniformity will allow the precision bearings to get their corresponding inner-race size.

For the best fit, the ends of axles should come close to the sides of the skateboard. Currently, many brands use different scales to measure the width of axles, yet normally stick to measurements in either inches or millimeters.


BaseplateThis is the flat part of trucks, which directly mounts to the skate deck and ensures even pressure coupled with a secure hold.

Depending on the deck, it comes drilled with four or six mounting holes, which should match up with the insert holes on your deck.

To attach it to the rest of your truck, a kingpin will fasten into the central pivot cup on its underside and into the surface facing the ground when completely assembled.

As a result, that allows your trucks to get a wider range of motion without much grinding on the metal.

The baseplate angle plays an important role in how well the longboard handles turns. The higher the baseplate angle, the sharper the turns.

Generally speaking:

The 50-degree angle will let you cruise and carve, and also provide stability for downhill riding.

The 44-degree one with a 180mm hanger will be optimal for experienced or competitive downhill riders.


KingpinThis is the most integral part of all skate trucks. Essentially, it will hold the entire of skate trucks parts together as well as fasten the axle to the bushings and the baseplate connector.

Luckily, kingpins can be replaced in case they break, so you don’t have to buy new longboard trucks.
You need to notice that:

This big bolt needs to be sturdy and tight so that they don’t become loose over time. Thus, customers tend to choose hollow kingpins instead of usual solid ones because they are durable, strong and also lighter.

Even solid types can break, mostly because they control the overall pressure amount placed upon the bushings.


When deciding between a hollow kingpin or solid type, let you assess whether you need a lighter type or one that can hold up longer under the tighter pressure settings.


BushingsFinally, longboard trucks also have bushings for cushioning support to other truck parts, easier turning as well as better maneuverability.

The material of bushings must be able to absorb as much shock and impact as possible and retain the integrity for a long time.

Furthermore, a truck usually offers two bushings. For performing tricks with the board, you will need the hard type.

However, if you want a more responsive skateboard on a turn, you will need the softer type.


About the Warranty Claim, Will the Company Cover the Shipping?

According to what we have inquired, the company will cover customers’ return shipping of all replacement products. However, it will be customers’ responsibility to cover the transportation of products to the company.

By the way, we believe with high-quality materials and the advanced technology used by Paris Trucks; those products will be far durable than what you expect.

Should Beginners go for All those Trucks?

They may or may not be the best fit simply because you all differ in terms of preferences.

Whereas some products are perfect for experienced skateboarders, others are ideal choices for beginners.

We suppose your skateboarding skill doesn’t matter! Certainly, you will need a perfect product ready for all kinds of situations as well as settings.

How to Resolve in Case the Trucks are Squeaking?

Normally, the squeaking sound comes from the “pivot cup”- a popular part of longboard trucks. This can be caused by friction between the hanger and the pivot bushing.

To resolve this problem, you can loosen the hanger from the baseplate and then spread some graphite, wax or soap shavings around on the inside of that pivot cup.

After that, you use the hanger pivot to spread it around evenly. Lastly, simply reassemble your truck. This way helps to fix the squeaking sound from those trucks.

Final Verdict

Those are our recommendations for the Best Paris trucks products for your longboard. To enclose the final results, we would like to recommend Paris V2 180mm 50° Trucks as the best product amongst all those longboard trucks from Paris Trucks. Why so?

With the affordable price, they are the top-selling longboard trucks along with durability and brilliant features.

Their look, to say the least, is sleek. The pleasing metal finish is decorated by a red ring around the truck complex’s main bolt.

In addition to excellent features mentioned earlier, their standard 50° baseplate will allow the nice, responsive turning. They are completely suited towards even beginners who enjoy carving as well as pumping around.

The squeaky feeling when carving can be the result of not only aforementioned reasons but also not getting used to the product or not carving in the right way.

Users had better notice this to use trucks effectively, and if that happens, you can follow the instruction above to tackle the problem.

After all, they are composed of a strikingly charming and durable aluminum metal, which establishes them as one of the best-selling products today.

Other products are also excellent with their features, but we think this is the winner in some aspects.

By the way, that is just our recommendation. It is completely up to you whether to select them or not. You can consider others suggestions in our article to find out the best answer. Thanks for consulting!

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