A Guideline To Understand All The Parts Of A Skateboard

From my perspective, skateboarding represents an amazing compound of sport, art, and also automobiles. Moreover, the skateboard is so compact and handy that you can take it anywhere without a parking lot.

The majority of teenagers consider their skateboard as a fashionable accessory. And so are you; are you one of the fans of skateboarding? Yes, being a beginner, you’d better read my post to know about this board type, particularly, the different parts of a skateboard.

Reconsidering Parts Of A Skateboard

The Skateboard Deck

The Skateboard DeckMany people consider the deck a crucial part of a skateboard. Its material may vary, for example, steel, bamboo, and plastic. However, due to the flatness, lightweight, and strong resistance, experienced skateboarders often favor wooden boards more.

You can see that the board has a long oval shape on the overall appearance, and both ends are curvy. Those curved edges help skaters to stop or turn smoothly. Moreover, the board supports you in creating plenty of alluring techniques, namely, nose ollie, front side, backside, and kickflip.

The deck’ shape is responsible for keeping balance and sliding on the road. Hence, if you observe that your skateboard is bending, please change the new one immediately. Not only does the distorted deck look unfashionable, but it also causes unfortunate sport accidents.

Thanks to the large surface, you can paint the board with whatever pattern you like to express your characteristics. Famous skateboarders love to draw their signatures and icons on their boards.

The Grip Tape

The Grip TapeThe skateboard can not work without its essential additional appliance: The grip tape. Despite the insignificant size, the strap possesses a powerful force that keeps your feet stable when standing on the board as well as surfing at high speed.

The manufacturer selects a variety of materials to design a high-quality stripe. As far as I know, abrasive paper and rubber are some of the most effective options.

Do not panic! The grip does not ruin your masterpiece on the deck’s surface, as you can dye it as well. Please remember that no matter how good your grip tape is, you have to wipe it several times before using it. Otherwise, the dust layer can hinder the slip resistance of the product.

The Wheels

The WheelsThe skateboard has two pairs of wheels, and just like that, they look like a downsided version of a car. Nevertheless, they are polyurethane instead of rubber tires. The diameter range fluctuates between 50 mm and 85 mm, depending on each person’s preference.

The larger the wheels are, the faster you surf without pushing forward. The drawback is that those bulky gadgets can deter your speed when turning at the crossroad. Your chance to perform a skillful drift may also lessen.

On the other hand, mini wheels provide the opposite features with the large one. Due to the constricted diameter, it takes an incredible amount of energy to ride a long distance.

In effect, the small wheels are not suitable for adventurous skaters who are passionate about speed. In my experience, the medium one is ideally fit for freestyle street skateboarders as it has the benefits of the other extreme combines.

Similar to car tires, the skateboard’s wheels require periodic maintenance and exchanges as they abrade on the road frequently.

The Wheel Bearings

The Wheel BearingsThe ball bearings are gears that connect the wheel with the skateboard’s main body. Their functions are critical as they execute the movement of the wheels.

To be more specific, their job is spinning and forcing the wheels to run correspondingly. So, whether you can ride your skateboard smoothly or not depends on the quality of those bearings.

The producer chose steel or modern ceramic to construct bearings. There are a few brands that use hard plastic as an alternative. Although the price is affordable, I stand by my point that the pliable substance is not for long term usage.

During your ride, the gears spin robustly and handle intense friction. With this in mind, you have to conduct a proper maintenance procedure every other week. Even when you have not used the board for a very long time, those metal attachments request cleaning and fixing as usual.

Initially, you have to clear out any dust and dirt sticking inside and outside of the skateboard. Then apply mechanical lubricant to each gearwheel drop by drop. Before adding more oil, turn the gear to make sure every detail fully absorbs the grease.

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The Truck

The TruckOn the flip side of the skateboard, there are two horn-shaped trucks at each end. Although you hardly see the pivots’ contributions during the skating movement, they represent the connection between major appliances.

To be more specific, the manufacturers attach the driving bolster to the deck through a metal plate. Then, they screw the bearings and wheels onto the truck’s axle. This process must be accurate as it defines the cooperation of every mechanism.

When you control the board to turn, you are indirectly utilizing the bolster to tilt the wheels. Besides, if you stand still or land after a jump, the trucks also provide a reliable balance baseline.

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How To Assemble Parts Of A Skateboard

A professional skateboarder or anyone who wants to save their budget will look for a skateboard assembling manual. I will thoroughly illustrate how to set up a skateboard.

Firstly, you need to stick the grip tape to the deck’s front face. As mentioned, this strip has one sandy side and the other side for sticking onto the deck. You peel the sealer and press the binding substance down the facet. Do not forget to flatten the wrinkles on the tape during the process.

Secondly, you can use the screwdriver to mount the pivots to the main body. To do it correctly, you have to take and calculate the measurements in advance.

The position of each pivot must be symmetrical to constitute a balancing structure. After mounting the truck, you secure the bolts on the holes and fasten them with a wrench. Repeatedly, you execute the hole punching process following the measurement and wring every nut.

The next stage is to install the gears and wheels to the truck’s axle. Before entering the wheel, you push the bearings to the hanger forcefully until you hear a crack. The fitting is simple, however, you have to assure that every component is attached properly.


After reading my detailed introduction about parts of a skateboard, I believe you can be confident in buying and riding the latest version of commercial skateboard.

In conclusion, a skateboard is a convenient and affordable plaything that every young person should have during this autumn vacation. Have fun and keep updating on my new post.

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