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The name of Penny Skateboard brand does not date back for long. Nonetheless, they have conquered the skate world in a short span of time. Today, Penny is among the top skateboard brands that are included in the list of favorites of most skaters, including some celebrities. They have been endorsed by the YouTube celebs Casey Neistat and Ben Brown as well. Hence, they now attained a household position on YouTube as well.

If you want something that not only carries you from one point to another, but also ensures a smooth ride on the go, and is portable, then Penny skateboards are probably for you. Outnumbering all the other longboards, Penny skateboards seamlessly top the list due to their spellbinding quality.

Top Best Penny Skateboard Brand

Penny Skateboard Brands


Reviews (17/20)

The Penny skateboard brand indeed thrives on maintaining a distinct position in the world of skateboard brands. Classiness, fun, and uniqueness, Penny skateboards provide them all to you. If you want to get a thrilling skateboard that revives your riding experience, then Penny certainly caters your needs. These boards are an accurate depiction of the blend of speed and stability along with an attractive design. Indeed, if you want something that rejuvenates your riding experience, whether you are traveling to school, or cruising to the sea, Penny skateboards will be the best companion for you.

Riding (17/20)

Riding a Penny skateboard is like an addiction – once you step up to skate, you cannot stop. Elegance, with speed and comfortability, this is what the Penny skateboard brand is all about! The Penny skateboards are built up with high-performance rugged trucks with A grade aluminium powder with 3 inch Penny trucks. The assembly is backed by 87A bushings, which are rigid enough to let you travel in a straight line; indeed, a desirable feature for cruising. Upon steering, you will experience swift, gentle turns as you shift your weight.

The various components of the board are assembled synchronously to reduce oversteer. However, you may sometimes experience a flipping of the board to on a hard ride. But the overall turning ability of the Penny skateboards is merely remarkable to provide you a swift skating. With compactness, smooth wheels, and a useful kicktail, you will leave pointless prints over the sidewalks as you cruise, whereas, the incredible control with the kicktail lets you move as you wish.

Whether you are a new learner or a pro-skater, Penny boards remain the ultimate choice for you.


Design (14/15)

Talking about the designs, the Penny skateboards appear seamlessly well than most other brands. With a plethora of colorful designs, you can enjoy getting a customized board from your Penny skateboard brand. The board is adorned with superb quality components, such as the wheels, truck, hanger bolts, deck, and grip tape, that are all customizable to bring in different styles and prints. The Penny skateboards are particularly notable owing to their extremely customizable feature.

Deck (14/15)

The decks of the Penny Original skateboards measure about 22 inches or 55.8 cm long. While, regarding width, the widest point is about 6 inches broad. The overall design of the board is compact enough to be fitted into a regular backpack. Hence, you can carry it over at any place and at any time. The dinky size of this board may be a bit perplexing for the longboarders at first. However, as you cruise, you get used to, rather fell in love with the comfortable ride of Penny.

The kicktail of the board is perfect to let you rest your foot for enhanced control while cruising. The deck of the board has no apparent grip tape, which further enhances the grip for stability at higher speeds, or while performing stunts. Nonetheless, if you need support, you can add a grip tap over it.

The plastic deck of the board has catchy diamond shaped pattern on the surface. Though it traps dirt, it quickly falls out as you ride. Though the board comprises plastic, it does not lag behind than the wooden decks regarding durability. In fact, plastic has proved more durable to damages, the worst being mere scratches. It is also flexible, which makes it loosened while you jump on.

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Wheels (8/10)

Penny skateboard brand not only features a fantastic design but instead it also possesses quality components too. These boards own 59mm urethane cored wheels, rated 78A, which are softer than the 87A Penny wheels. You will not notice any differences while riding on these boards. In fact, you can seamlessly travel over wet and textured surfaces. The wheels are backed by the Abec-7 bearings that aid them to perform smoothly well on different accelerations.

You will have a rejuvenating, and worth cherishing experience as you move along the asphalt or boardwalk in summer, getting a crisp ride. Indeed, Penny boards make your riding a fun.


Trucks (9/10)

When Penny has taken care of everything to sustain exceptional quality, how can it omit the trucks! Indeed, it has picked all the components meticulously to craft the most incredible skateboards. The stylish decks of the boards are back by quality A grade cast trucks, coated with aluminium powder. The 3-inch Penny trucks suffice to hold the wheels for robust support.

Bushing (4/5)

Digging out more about the Penny skateboard brand, we find them careful about the bushings too. See how meticulously they have assembled everything to provide you a seamless riding experience. The deck of the board is supported by robust bushings that let you travel along in a straight line – something you all long for a while cruising. And, when you wish to steer, just shift your weight slightly, and see how gently yet swiftly your board steers.

Bearing (4/5)

Bearings are the most important component of a skateboard, besides the deck, since they are solely responsible for furnishing you with a swift ride, bearing all the jerks. The Penny skateboard brand, while taking care of everything to provide you an unforgettable cruising experience, has included the Abec-7 bearings on the board. These bearings wholly hold the wheels, adding up to the instantaneous and nimble accelerations and turns. Whether you’re skating on smooth surfaces or on rough terrains, all you experience is a joyful skating.


Whether you are an apprentice, a passionate beginner, a pro-skater or a typical cruiser, Penny skateboard brand takes care to supply everything that you need to have a rejoicing skate ride. With futuristic plastic deck skateboards and high-quality components, Penny ensures that you have a smooth ride as you travel along the rough terrains, or on wet surfaces. If you are looking for a durable, catchy, portable, and cool skateboard, Penny is the right option for you.

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