Are Plan B Skateboards Worth Your Money? – This Is A Full Answer!

Have you fallen in love with those dope-looking skating videos on the Internet, and dreamt of doing those landing tricks someday?

Are you taking up skating as a hobby over many years and a means of transport to travel around?

No matter whether you are a beginner or a professional, you have to know that a high-quality skateboard will keep you safe and over the moon with your skating passion.

However, there are a variety of skateboards from different brands out there so there is definitely a board that will fit you just right. I’m here to walk you through useful information about Plan B – the most popular skating company across the world.

Without further ado let’s dive right into it!

Skateboard for Beginners

Overview of Plan B

Overview of Plan BAround 18 years ago, Mike Ternasky and Brian Johnson established the company named Plan B in Costa Mesa, California and will soon become one of the best skateboard brands in the world. It has become a renowned skateboarding brand all over the world ever since.

At that time, it was established with the novel idea of creating a “super team” including pro riders such as Mike Carroll, Rick Howard, Rodney Mullen, Sean Sheffey, and Pat Duffy, also skateboarders, Danny Way and Colin McKay as well as the new skater Leon Smith. Back in the good old days, these skaters earned them legendary status in the skating world with their amazing and incredible skills that have inspired many young generations to pick up their board and follow in their footsteps.

This group of friends who had profound knowledge about skateboarding has stepped into a progressive era of incredible skateboard gears.

If you ask me about their history, you might be challenging me.

When their team mentioned the company history, Steve Rocco, who was a co-founder of Plan B, stated that the backstory of this company seemed complicated and quite interesting to know since there is always event com after event.

In 1994, unfortunately, the founder Ternasky passed away in an unexpected car accident. At that time, Danny Way and Colin McKay had to take over and run Plan B effectively while pursuing their professional skateboarding careers.

Since they had a vital influence on this brand’s revival in 2005, Plan B has sold both soft and hard goods such as complete skateboards, decks, wheels, jeans, hooded jumpers, and jackets.

Despite painful stories of the company’s history as well as ups and downs, Plan B is a globally renowned skateboarding business for their premium quality boards, beautiful patterns on the decks and symbolized clothes.

What if you intend to own a warm and comfortable outfit for skating? Plan B jackets will have you on cloud nine.

Moreover, there is a range of options for you, such as jeans, shorts, t-shirts, sweatshirts with featured Plan B logos.

How about seeking to buy and ride right away, there is no other excellent option rather than a Plan B skateboard.

You don’t need to come together with a deck, trucks, wheels, and bearings by yourself. Instead, they can offer you a fully-assembled skateboard to get ready for doing some landing tricks.

Besides, you can add your personality to your skateboard with fun and graphic deck. The various styles from pop art, retro to cartoon patterns won’t let you down.

Are you curious about further striking features of Plan B Skateboards? Don’t hesitate to discover them below.

Outstanding Features of Plan B Skateboard Decks

Size Matters

Size mattersWhether you are a newbie or a pro in skateboarding, if you want to customize your skateboard, choosing a high-quality deck is prudent. And their size is a crucial part that you should keep in mind when customizing your dream board.

Regularly, most decks out there in the market are made of seven layers of maple wood but you can also look for various particular deck technologies so that they will suit your taste more.

After all, Plan B still follows the standard technology of 6 or 7-ply construction, which is for extra strength and optimized flexing to bring the best experience to their consumer.

They can offer you multiple types of skateboards, including BLK ICE, Pro, Team, and Mini whose sizes are ranging from 7.3 (for kids) to 8.75 (for adults).

If you are searching for a full-sized deck, you can pick and choose the Felipe Flashback deck as a top street skateboard with a size of 7.6.

In the meantime, you might be interested in the Team OG Deck for skating on local parks or stable surfaces with the size up to 8.75.

In general, the most popular measures of the decks from Plan B can be around 8 inch to 8.25 these days, which is usually for skating pools, ramps, and parks.

Are you wondering how you can find the right option? I would say that it’s up to your skating styles. You can watch some viral skateboard videos to choose what techniques you would like to follow.

Are you still looking for the perfect style that goes well with you? No worries. Just give it a try, and you will find out your answer soon.

Aesthetic Patterns

Aesthetic patternsMany skateboards from Plan B come with the high durability, pop colors, and attractive designs on their decks thanks to their unique deck technologies.

Believe me. These outstanding graphics will steal your heart in a few seconds.

Besides, their boards come with the Plan B logo accompanied by various artworks and color schemes such as the Riot Cole 8.25 or with individual graphics such as the Anatomy Cole 8.

Now just follow me and I will show you the art of skateboard graphics designs and I assure you that it will amaze you!


BLK ICEOne of the most famous lines of their business is the BLK ICE having the coating for the bottom of the skateboards. This feature helps skaters handle uneven curbs and rails with ease.

To durability, Plan B makes use of wax on their decks to protect their graphics and increase the speed and smoothness of skating.

Their BLK ICE shiny coating can increase the strength of the board and keep its pops of color longer. As a result, your skateboards can have a long-lasting brand-new look. You don’t have to keep upgrading or maintaining it all the time, which can save much time and effort. With the latest graphic design technology we can promise that the look of your board will remain just as new for the next 3 years.

That explains why Plan B is always improving their skateboard technology to upgrade its product quality.

The BLK ICE decks seem to be their impressive improvement, which can benefit skaters in saving money and keeping them safe.

When you own a Plan B skateboard, you might skip carrying a bar of wax with you all the time to maintain its shiny coating.

In other words, the BLK ICE decks can take you to a higher level of skateboarding technologies.

Flashback Series

Flashback SeriesIf the BLK ICE decks impress you with the shiny protection, the Flashback series stands out with fresh retro design with tie-dye patterns in multiple colors.

Are you a fan of retro pop artworks? Don’t miss a chance to check them out.

Also, the products in the Flashback series can provide you with thinner and stronger decks for a variety of pop thanks to the Prospec deck technology from Plan B.

This technology offers light-weight and innovative combination with other parts such as bearings, wheels, and trucks. But, you still have an easy-to-move skateboard to carry along with you.

What Makes Plan B Skateboards Unique?

What makes Plan B skateboards uniqueWith its growing reputation in the world, Plan B has been developing skateboard technologies and product quality over the years.

It is a reason why they are always moving forward with multiple approaches to evolve and introduce their innovative products.

Notably, the special teams are always collecting constructive feedback to leverage their skateboards on the market.

Also, to make sure that you will receive the best skateboard, Plan B always proceeds with careful testing sessions before releasing new end products. Thus, it won’t disappoint you.

Thanks to their skateboards, you can feel satisfied with your skating passion, such as gliding and mastering professional tricks.

Furthermore, you wouldn’t have to worry about durability or carrying your wax box every day with the technology of BLK ICE and Prospec deck technologies.

Besides, when you select skateboards from Plan B, you can have a massive collection of impressive graphics and various sizes depending on your preferences.

Although they don’t have many options of complete skateboards for you, you can order unassembled parts, then customize your board on your own.

They will provide you some free tools included with the necessary separate parts for your own tinkering. It’s a chance to have a unique model that will amaze people around you with its stunning look.

A Detailed Review of Plan B Team OG BLK ICE Deck

Plan B Team OG BLK ICE deckDoes the above information spark some interest in you? If yes, don’t hesitate to check out one of their outstanding skateboards with the BLK ICE technology.

This technology is all-around for all skating lovers. It makes the deck longer and lighter and stiffer than other standard skateboards on the market.

As you might know, the deck has to handle all your weight. So, it’s essential to consider a high-quality and flexible deck.

Even, if you are using a complete board, you need to replace your deck after a period of using it. But, the durable deck can save your time and attempt to change to a new deck after a short term.

Notably, the deck Team OG BLK ICE can stay with you for a long time and help you slide the distance quickly and require less wax from time to time.

You won’t feel annoyed whenever your beloved skateboard is worn out by rail scuffs. Right now, you can say goodbye to older choppy boards.

When you look at this deck, you might fall in love with its shiny coating at first glance.

Also, with the simple, but catchy graphics, it can be an excellent choice for those who love minimal and pop art design. The harmony of different pop colors and the words “Plan B” on the deck can be an aesthetic spotlight.

Not to mention, you can see their featured logo on the other side of the deck with the slogan “Slide Faster Longer.”

What is your skating style? Street, parks, or a freestyle cruise? No matter which style you’re pursuing, you can choose the suitable size ranging from 7.75 to 8.25 as well as primary colors.

On the other hand, the Team OG BLK ICE deck seems to be relatively heavy, especially on the end of the spectrum, for some skaters.

Moreover, Plan B doesn’t have a complete skateboard with this graphics. Therefore, if you want to own a board with this deck, you should assemble this deck with other wheels, trunks, and bearings by yourself.

But don’t worry. It isn’t so hard to come together with all the necessary parts for a perfect skateboard.


  • Super eye-catching designs
  • Awesome pop
  • From one of the best skateboard brands


  • Heavier on the end of the spectrum
  • Might crack easily (from some feedback)


Generally speaking, compared to other decks from Plan B, the Team OG BLK ICE model comes with outstanding deck technology. So, it seems to be durable with the shiny coating with minimal design for both starters and pro skaters. You might not get into your nerves with replacing new decks much time. But, its heavyweight can bother you a bit.

Jump Into the Conclusion

Are you still reading? If yes, I appreciate that you have read through this detailed review of the well-known skateboard business Plan B.
Hopefully, you already have sufficient insight of this brand to support your buying decisions. Getting a new high-quality skateboard is never an easy task.

If you have any questions or opinions on this topic, be sure to leave a comment and we will answer it thoroughly.

And stay tuned because I’ll come back soon with useful information for you.

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