Discover 5 Secrets about Playshion Brand (Should Read Before Purchasing)

Playshion longboard brand may be a quite brand-new name to hear in the worldwide longboard world. However, just after a very short time of the foundation, it quickly becomes the shining star in the skating sky covering the skaters’ belief.

Which secrets bring the success of Playshion? How about their products? Stop waiting for your ideal longboard equipment to come! All things longboarding needed are available in this article so together with us let’s discover all of them!

Playshion LongboardAnyway, as you came here, we expect that every longboard lover will get their best longboarding tools from a worth-purchasing brand. No need to look further! Our detailed info of the brand is here. Let’s begin our explosion!

Playshion Brand: Miraculous Things to Understand!

Playshion or Yongkang Playshion Leisure Supplies Co., Ltd is a trustworthy provider and producer of a wide variety of high-performance skateboards, longboards, kids and adult scooters, kid’s accessories and toys, and scooter luggage.
The professional company started their trade activities in 2013 with the head center located in Zhejiang, China. In a short process, Playshion quickly covered 3 main markets including North America, Western Europe, and South America.

Certifications and Achievements

Playshion strived to keep their top position in the entire toy industry. Their annual production capacity is approximately more than 500,000 pcs which is really impressive if i might say. Their competitive advantage is 50 varieties of their products meeting all users’ requirements.

Playshion BrandTheir kid toys are verified by the International Toy Organization with an ICTI certificate along with a GVS anti-terrorism certificate. They highly specialize in researching, developing and constructing trendy sports & toy stuff.

Their total products are constructed from high-quality materials with ASTM, SGS, CE, and other great certificates. Their goods are yearly exported to over 30 countries and regions all around the world.

Moreover, Playshion brand is also a long-term cooperator working with Disney, Wal-Mart, Amazon, and several well-known customers. Therefore, no need to worry a little bit about the trusting issue and the overall quality of this brand.

They slogan called “Customer Satisfaction is Our Everlasting Pursuit” is quite unique. It is their promise to always offer their first-class services, top products, mature technologies, charming product appearances, reasonable prices, etc.

What makes the special differences between Playshion and other longboard brands?

This brand may not like any other conventional selections for all classic longboarders. However, it is certainly an increasingly growing trademark to hear and know about.

They create their greatest boards which are extremely conscious of their whole longboarders’ needs, providing great value. We also see nice-looking products in their collections. This isn’t like a brand for being left out of your search.

High-qualified Instruments

High-qualified instrumentsAll of Playshion came with ABEC-9 Bearings. Unlike the traditional bearings made from carbon steel, their bearings are of “bearing steel”. This material is quieter and harder when riding on.

The nylon ball cages also help reduce the friction while you rotate the bearings. Moreover, the big and soft wheels are also what all riders like most. The adequate width delivers the longboarders with easier control.

Playshion longboards are also lightweight enough for the users to handle along.

More Stability

Playshion road variants also offer more of the customers’ great stability, especially the new longboarders and beginners. The trucks provide the riders the ability to adjust it simply (tighten or loosen them). The tighter ones are perfect for high-speed stability.

Who can Ride Playshion Longboards?

Who can ride Playshion longboards?Like the toys exported, Playshion longboards have also become the top-selling sports equipment in the market. The better speed is effectively provided with larger wheel size and improved hardware.

The Playshion Longboards are designed with their extraordinary abilities for people of all longboarding levels and ages. Some decent-sized equipment is meant not only for kids but also an amazing cruiser for adults.

Playshion variants will fit even the new skaters or younger kids with extra stability delivered. Moreover, its exceptional speed also allows the users to experience riding with their movements.

Showing your advanced skills in slalom or downhill racing won’t be a hard-reaching problem to these tools. They will never disappoint you. Be confident to perform your skillful tricks with your friends. No obstacle can prevent us with these longboards!

Best Buying of Playshion Brand

Looking for a longboard working as an exciting tool to fulfill your passion? Countless manufacturers and brands exist in the market to choose from. When coming to Playshion longboard, we know that people also wonder the same thing.

Choosing the convenient and suitable longboard may be confusing but don’t worry we are here to help you solve your problem. Read our detailed analytical reviews below to have a good insight on the matter. This can ultimately aid you in purchasing the best Playshion one well.

Playshion 39 Inch Drop through Freestyle Longboard Skateboard Cruiser

Playshion 39 Inch Drop through Freestyle Longboard Skateboard Cruiser
This 39 inch long Drop-through longboard is a multi-function fun product, ideal for all sorts of riding styles. From freestyle to sliding to cruising, this longboard will serve you best in every way expected. Made up of 8 ply of maple, it’s a durable and sturdy product with perfect flex in it.

Playshion once again has proved its product to be a best combination of sturdiness and appropriate flexibility. The high quality trucks and wheels also work perfectly together to offer flawless sliding and stability.

No doubt, these incredible features make Playshion longboards a strong opponent of Volador longboards. Considering the upgraded models of Playshion, it won’t be wrong to assume that there is no end to the competition between Volador and Playshion longboards.

Product Overview

  • Lightweight 7 inch aluminum trucks, 90a PU casted red bushings
  • Durable and soft 70x50mm SHR 78A Polyurethane Wheels
  • 8 ply flex hardwood maple deck with flat and symmetrical design
  • A starter longboard complete for kids and adults, 250 lbs weight limit
  • Dimensions: 39×4 Inch of Deck Size
  • Wheels: 50mm
  • Precision ABEC-7 Bearings come with oiled

Customize your riding style

Depending on your riding style, you can always adjust the trucks and kingpin of this longboard to experience maximum fun. For speedy and highly stable rides, tighter trucks serve the best whereas quicker freestyle cruising that involves quick turns require looser trucks.

Wonder-like Deck

An outstanding deck is needed for an excellent longboard. Keeping that fact in mind, Playshion has invented this reliable and sturdy deck for this longboard. With maple as the main used material, this is particularly durable to endure all conditions.

The deck is coming with a pintail shape, so the wheels are allowed to touch the board with no hindrance in all your performance. Moreover, this feature also gives your feet the ample space so that no difficulty will occur while utilizing it.

A slightly concave deck

When it comes to the performance of a longboard, quality and design of a deck cannot be compromised at all. This longboard has an ideal deck for different styles of riding including cruising, freestyle, sliding and carving.

The deck seems flat and symmetrical but it’s slightly concave from the middle. This feature allows the riders to enjoy better grip and higher stability. A slight bend in the middle portion of the deck locks the feet of the rider which makes quick turns easier and safer.

Ideal for beginners and new long-boarders
The design and components of this longboard are pretty ideal for beginners. From the making to performance, you will find this model quite safe for those who are still learning to keep their balance on the deck. The slight concave design of the deck offers higher stability and makes it easier for newcomers to get their feet locked on the board.

Moreover, wheels are also pretty soft and big which is perfectly in favor of new riders because this feature ensures higher control during rides. Bigger wheels also help the riders to deal with several types of road variants easily while keeping their balance well-maintained.


  • The components used in the making of this longboard are durable and can be used for a long time.
  • Its concave deck ensures better control and higher stability.
  • Trucks and wheels work pretty fine together to offer smoother turning and stable rides.
  • The overall design and construction of the board is ideal for beginners.
  • Bearings come with oiled and reduce the friction during rides.


  • This board is not maneuver-friendly hence, not suitable for tricks at all.
  • Bearings require frequent oiling else they don’t work fine and cause greater friction during rides.

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Playshion Complete 22inch Mini Cruiser Skateboard for Beginner with Sturdy Deck

Playshion Complete 22inch Mini Cruiser Skateboard for Beginner with Sturdy Deck
Looking for something compact but great in performance? If yes, this Playshion 22” inch mini cruiser is the best pick for you! It’s ideal for kids to get started their skateboard journey whereas adults weighing up to 220 lbs can also step on this board to enjoy speedy, smoother and fun rides.

It’s a lightweight, compact sized longboard which means you can carry it anywhere, anytime you want pretty easily. It’s ideal for cruising and freestyle riding around the city because it turns quickly and requires minimum space to ride.

Product Overview

  • Deck: 22″ Long x 6″ Wide, Fiberglass and Polypropylene (PP) Material, Anti-slip Pattern On The Top, Sturdy and Compact
  • Wheels: 59mm Diameter, 45mm Width, 78A Durometer, High Rebound Polyurethane (PU) Material, Black Marble Color, Larger, Softer
  • Trucks and Bushings: 3.25″ Aluminum Trucks, High Responsive 83A PU Bushings, Easy to steer.
  • Bearings: ABEC 9 with Nylon Ball Cages, Made of “Bearings Steel”, Come With Oiled, Giving more speed and smoothness
  • It’s a lightweight longboard weighing only 4.6 lbs
  • It’s fully preassembled and comes in ready-to-use packaging.
  • Highly recommended for 3+ aged kids as well as adults with up to 220 lbs.

Just the Complete Perfection

When it comes to picking longboards or skateboards for kids, parents always look for something safer and highly durable. Considering this undeniable factor, Playshion has offered the most suitable model of longboard for beginner kids. With this 22” inch long mini cruiser, kids can enjoy skateboarding more safely with greater control.

The compact size of the board makes it easier and simpler for the kids to control the board during speedy rides. The deck is also quite sturdy with a little flex which leaves parents with relaxed minds as it won’t bend much. There is also a great feature of anti-slip texture on the top of the deck which increases foot grip and locks the rider’s feet.

Ideal construction and composition

In composition and construction, this compact sized longboard outshines all other mini cruisers. From wheels to trucks to bearing, everything comes in fine detail and offers best performance possible. It has larger and softer wheels that roll pretty smoothly over rough surfaces as well as even grounds.

Trucks are equipped with soft bushings and can be adjusted according to riding style. Its anti-wheel bite design is also quite impressive. You can turn left and right easily without facing any friction presence or wheel biting.


  • Ideal for kids
  • All components work pretty fine to ensure greater performance
  • Offers safe, speedy rides
  • Lightweight and compact size makes it travel-friendly.
  • Offers greater control and better grip during a ride
  • Sturdy with a little flex to make rides safer and stable.
  • Anti-wheel bite design saves money by securing original wheels for a long time.


  • The metal trucks are not rust-resistant hence, require frequent lubrication.
  • Deck is specifically designed for kids which makes it least of an option for adults cruisers.

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Playshion Bamboo Longboard Skateboard Complete

Playshion Bamboo Longboard Skateboard Complete
Since the Playshion bamboo series first came out, more options are on your list to own your favorite longboard. This Playshion bamboo longboard is invented with 5 plies maple plus 2 plies bamboo to become more sturdy but still flexible.

This skateboard is totally superb for beginners as well as advanced skaters. Show off your quick turns and skillful carving confidently with this. You are wholly to have fun on it in any case!

Product Overview:

  • The deck is about 39 inches in length and 9.1 inches in width
  • Constructed with 8 plies maple wood
  • The grip tape is OS780 black (the deck top)
  • At the bottom, this is excellently featured by beautiful heat-transfer graphic
  • The wheels’ diameter is approximately 70mm, and its width is 50mm
  • 78A durometer along with high-rebound PU Material
  • 83A PU Bushings is quite highly responsive
  • Bearings are of “Bearings Steel” with ABEC-9 stuff coming with oiled and nylon ball cages.
  • Weight limit ranges up to 250 LBS
  • It is mainly recommended for children at age 9+

Flexible Bamboo Deck

You can’t know why this product can withstand the human weight of approximately 280 lbs? Firstly, the 5-ply rock maple deck with 2 plies bamboo makes it dissimilar to others common maple longboards.

The bamboo material turns the boards extremely good-looking with good flexibility. Second, built by the vertically laminated invention technology, this makes sure to fulfill the sturdy purpose for a long term.

The very uncomplicated but still gorgeous graphic design is ingeniously applied to the bottom part of the longboard. Printed by modern heat transfer technology, this commodity is made more solid and waterproof.

Nice Steering Control

For all cruising and free-riding skateboards, the good steering performance is such a key element. Therefore, this Playshion Cruiser longboard with its 7″ (about 180mm) thick aluminum trucks give high responsiveness to the ride.

The Polyurethane (PU) bushings support all the skaters to have the better steering control. Don’t worry whenever you wanna make a turn in the left or right direction! This entirely gives you assistance for the activities.

With the narrow tail on its deck design, you also forget the unexpected wheel bite issue. Let’s make the worry-proof rides with this! Don’t hope for improving skills just with fingerboards!

Smoother and Unchallenging Operation

This Playshion commodity is released with its tender and huge wheels that are made of Polyurethane or PU. The well-sized diameter, width as well as the durometer will carry the comfortable movements for all longboarder unions.

Also, the greatly rebounded, and long-lasting substances simultaneously allow the riders a fun and comfortable riding to experience. Furthermore, the PC stuff utilized for the wheel core construction supports the longer using time of these products.

The Playshion cruiser longboard also encourages greater stability while its short wheelbase shows your nimble setup and enables it to perform hard carving along with rapid turns.

On the other hand, the OS780 grip tape designed on the deck maintains this solid. It also keeps the skaters’ feet avoid the unlucky slipping. Therefore, just need to entirely focus on your whole skateboarding. This longboard offers all.


  • This gives awesome performing for its acceptable price
  • Some supplementary stability is added
  • Wheels are too soft and safe enough for even the hardwood floors.
  • This is an extremely well made and balanced design
  • This longboard is quite solid, heavy molding, and bright coloring
  • Easy to operate


  • This Playshion cruiser longboard is not thoroughly meant for the advanced-level longboarders.

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Final Verdict

There are obviously tons of reliable companies producing longboards, and plenty of them are offering the complete choices. After reading through our comprehensive review of Playshion longboard, this should definitely be kept in your mind.

We do think that this brand presents their very good-quality longboards for the demanding market. The Playshion stuff has some exciting features for our best picks for the worldwide riders. The answer to ‘Are Playshion longboards good?’ is here.

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