How to Pop Shove It on a Skateboard

When it comes to skateboarding, there are numerous ways to add an extra flair to the usual enjoyment. Engaging in tricks and executing high-energy maneuvers while on the skateboard can elevate the experience. Among the captivating array of skateboard maneuvers, the pop shove it stands out as one of the most exhilarating tricks that every skateboarder aspires to master. This maneuver combines an Ollie with a shove it, with riders exerting full force with their feet to spin the board 180 degrees in mid-air before smoothly touching down on the ground. Below, you’ll find a detailed, step-by-step guide on how to execute this impressive trick.


Pop Shove It skateboard with 7 Steps:

Step 1

Pop Shove It skateboard Step 1

For mastering this trick, it’s crucial to grasp the correct foot placement. Position your front foot just below the front bolts, slightly angled outward. Ensure the heel of your front foot extends slightly beyond the edge of the board. As for the back foot, it should rest on the rear edge of the board – this is where the shove it motion initiates.

Mastering the correct foot placement is crucial for executing this trick accurately. Practice this positioning regularly while in a stationary stance. Once you begin to feel more at ease, start making small movements. Avoid leaping into the popping motion to prevent potential bone fractures or serious injuries. Take the time to familiarize yourself with this foot placement before moving on to the next step.

Step 2

Pop Shove It Step 2

Once you have command over your standing position, it’s time to learn how to bend correctly without straining your back. Bending provides increased energy and momentum for proper jumping. You have to turn a little and gather the strength to jump high enough to let the board spin at 180 degrees before you land back over it. The science of bending is that the more you will bend the higher you will jump.

Beginners are strongly recommended to bend a little and gradually learn their way to an advanced level. Aside from turning your knees, also put your arms to some work. When you bow, your arms go below the knees. Lift them with full energy when you jump to let your body go high enough.

Step 3

Pop Shove It Step 3

The next move involves your back foot as now you will scoop the tail to pop up the board. Make sure you put enough pressure on the rear using your back foot that it must touch the surface and create a popping sound. It will make the front of the board lift up in the air, and you will also move forward in the direction of spinning to make the board spin at a 180-degree angle. While scooping the tail, you back foot does most of the work while front foot only hovers a bit to maintain sufficient balance.Make sure you hit the tail with your back foot using greater energy because the harder you will crash, the more up board will rise. But here you also need to understand that too much hard hit can lead to flip over so all you need is practice to perform this task rightly. Think of back edge of the board as something on the floor that you are trying to scrape off with your foot.

Coming to the front foot, it’s a little different in shove it than an Ollie. Here you will lift up the front foot entirely with the only tip touching the board to maintain balance while in an Ollie, you slide the front foot all the way up to the front edge. With more practice, you can even hover the front foot completely.

Step 4

Pop Shove It Step 4
Now, get in the air! In this step, you will finally rise in the air with a pressurized jump to let the board hover along your body. Your both feet will get up in the air right above the hovering board. Make sure you don’t land back on the board until it reaches its possible height. Use your arms to maintain balance by keeping them straight at shoulder height.

Step 5

Pop Shove It Step 5
Next step is to land on the board after it spins at 180 degrees. When you fall, bend your knees a little to absorb the shock otherwise it might give severe strain to your back and knees. Your feet have to land on trucks. The front foot should be a little away from front curve while back foot has to be on the top of rear trucks.

Step 6

Pop Shove It Step 6
To continue riding right after landing back on the surface along with your board, get your feet back in the right position and keep your board at a balance using your arms and right body posture.

Step 7

Step 7

To continue riding right after landing back on the surface along with your board, get your feet back in the right position and keep your board at a balance using your arms and proper body posture.


Spice up your skateboarding game and try the incredible pop shove it trick today. All you need to do is to follow every step with great care and proper practice. Don’t jump into performing the trick and first learn the basics. From feet placement to bending to hovering, there is a right way of doing it all. Also, learn to maintain balance while in the air and on the board.

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