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Powell-Peralta Skateboard stands as one of the most ancient manufacturers in the realm of skateboard production. Its inception dates back to 1978. With extensive experience in this industry, there’s no doubt that they possess profound understanding of the skateboards that cater to both novice and expert riders. The Golden Dragon series boasts remarkable aesthetics coupled with top-tier functionality, compelling you to opt for this skateboard. This company has solidified its reputation as a frontrunner primarily due to its commitment to crafting high-caliber products.

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Top Best Powell-Peralta Skateboard Brand

Powell-Peralta Skateboard Brand

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Professional skateboarders are aware of the significance of a quality skateboard that has the power to handle everyday “grind.” While buying a skateboard, these professionals ensure the fact that the skateboards they purchase are not only durable but also come with a nominal price tag.

Craftsmanship is another critical factor that is given high importance while buying a skateboard. Customers do not tend to purchase expensive skateboards when they find out that the product is not worth it. So if you are looking for a quality skateboard within a nominal price range, you must know the fact that there is a middle ground between the expensive premium boards and cheap, low-quality boards that are sold at big-box retailers.

Powell Golden dragon flying complete skateboard is the right choice for the people who wish to have a quality skateboard within a reasonable price tag. Steve Caballero, the famous skateboarder, has rated these skateboards as flawless, high-quality skateboards for beginners and frugal experienced skateboarders.

In these skateboards, every piece has been forged for durability and factory tested to make sure that it performs exceptionally well. When you have a quality skateboard in your possession, then the only thing you need to worry about is how to learn to ride it.

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2. Riding (15/20)

A smooth ride is one of the essential elements that professional skateboarders look for in a high-quality skateboard. For this particular skateboard, the bearings and the deck are created exceptionally unlike other skateboards that have bad bearings and weak decks that crack a few days after you buy them. This is a high-quality skateboard that will keep you rolling without any complaints of cracks or bad bearings. The deck of this particular skateboard is 31 inches long which provides a perfect position for your feet.
Powell Golden Dragon Complete Skateboard - Flying Dragon 2 (7.625" x 31.625")
  • Width 7.625" / Length 31.625" / Wheelbase 13.75"
  • SIZED FOR SMALLER RIDERS - Powell Golden Dragon complete skateboards provide a high quality at an entry level price. They are the perfect first skateboard for beginners and a smart choice for price conscious advanced skaters.
  • BACKED BY STEVE CABALLERO - "I believe these birch skateboards are perfect for beginners. You can't beat the quality and price."
  • TRUSTED NAME IN SKATEBOARDS - All Powell-Peralta products come with a warranty against manufacturer defects
  • Powell Golden Dragon complete skateboards provide a high quality at an entry level price. They are the perfect first skateboard for beginners and a smart choice for price conscious advanced skaters. Powell Golden Dragon skateboards are created in a Chinese factory that uses our AirLam presses and glue supplier. The resulting deck is the best produced in Asia and we stand behind this skateboard with confidence.

3. Design (11/15)

This Powell-Peralta Skateboard follows a unique production process providing you a durable skateboard. This particular board is made with an AirLam process that is used to press the material together. It uses extreme levels of pressure which results in a board that can withstand riders weighing more than 200 pounds. Due to this unique process, the deck is also considered to be one of the most robust products produced within Asia. It can be confirmed by any professional that how vital a role trucks play in riding. The golden dragon consists of cast aluminum trucks that enable a right amount of durability.

Powell Golden Dragon comes with a unique look that embraces the feel of fiery dragons. Fiery dragons are a cool graphic for the skate park. With such an exception this screen printed base looks extremely impressive. Along with this, it’s a great sporting tool which allows you to perform different tricks. It’s a perfect board to perform your kickflip. The top board is covered with grip tape. The center consists of another dragon which is centered in a diamond pattern. This makes the skateboard look very cool.

4. Deck (12/15)

The skateboard is embedded with the all-new ‘Flight’ deck, which is thinner, lighter and stronger as compared to the industry standard board. It’s epoxy infused and contains a fiber reinforced structure of the ‘Flight’ deck which means that they are extremely resistant towards your standard breakages. These features help to give it a unique structure. It also helps the boards adding an ‘everlasting pop’ feature which means that doesn’t fade as the deck gradually wears down.

It makes the skateboard a grippy board; a feature that tricks enthusiasts will admire. You won’t find such a fantastic skateboard around. With such an intricate design on the base of your board at such a competitive price will look extremely attractive.

It comes with a built-in production area in our Santa Barbara, California, facility, FLIGHT™. The decks of this skateboard are stronger, thinner and lighter than a 7-ply. Such flight decks allow you to extend your limits, because they let you ollie higher, flip faster, do tricks more efficiently, and they don’t break in two like a 7-ply.

5. Wheels (7/10)

This particular skateboard has some fantastic features that are hard to neglect. It is a smooth skateboard with wheels made of high-rebound and hand-cast polyurethane. This material composition results in a board that gives an exceptional performance.

It is rated to be one exceptional skateboard that is rated highly when it comes to general maneuverability.

Although it can’t be compared to a cruiser’s level of turning and smoothness, especially considering the fact that the wheels of this skateboard are best suited for the flattest surfaces. It is supposed to be one of the best skateboards when it comes to general use. This board is an exceptional choice for beginners where not only kids but adults can also learn to ride with ease.

This particular skateboard has wheels of higher hardness which means that they have a high durometer allowing you to try different tricks on this board. With a 54mm diameter, the wheels are also great for beginners providing a nice balanced feel to get you Rollin’.

6. Trucks (7/10)

Powell-Peralta Skateboard Brand provides bearings that are exceptional. Even the wheels roll smoothly providing you the experience of an amazing ride. Aluminium truck and smooth Big PU wheels with PU Suspension Ring and smooth bearing keep you rolling for one amazing ride. All these factors contribute towards a stable and effortless skating experience. The material deck provides strength for a 200+ pounds rider to allow you an exceptional ride on your Powell-Peralta Skateboard.
Powell Golden Dragon Complete Skateboard - Flying Dragon (7.625" x 31.625")
  • Affordable complete skatebooard for both beginners and advanced riders
  • High-rebound, hand-cast polyurethane wheels provide great roll and grip
  • Grippy top board; measures 7.625 inches wide; Length: 31.625 inches
  • Colorful screen-printed bottom
  • Made in China and built to demanding specifications

7. Bushing (4/5)

A huge variety of bushes have been included in different types of skateboards. In order to get a smooth and sharp carve a lot of the bushes manufactured by this particular brand are hard or medium soft bushing. It is extremely easy to replace the bushes in this skateboard.

8. Bearing (5/5)

Powell-Peralta Skateboard incorporates some amazing trucks with its skateboards. These trucks turn smoothly without binding and the bearings are nice and smooth. The softer the Wheels/ Bearings more the ease/smoothness of ride. While harder wheels are better for doing tricks as they roll faster.

The wheels incorporated in these skateboard ships are 99a Durometer (the “hardness” rating) which are on the harder/trick-friendly side of the spectrum providing you the chance to impress others with your tricks.


Why wait any longer? Seize your incredible Powell-Peralta skateboard now and start your exhilarating ride. With extensive expertise in this field, you can anticipate remarkable offerings from Powell-Peralta. This is a key factor contributing to Powell-Peralta’s prominent position as a leader in the skateboard market.

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