Prevent Longboard Accidents

Important Steps to Prevent Longboard Accidents

You must be well aware with the fact that “Speed Kills”. Longboarding is an adventurous sport and involves high speed, which can lead to nasty Longboard accidents. Apart from the downhill riding, greater speed can also be achieved in other forms of Longboarding. During downhill racing, a rider comes across with different obstacles and if he is riding at a top speed, then it will be difficult for him to apply sudden brakes, which will lead to an accident.

accidents-longboardsThe Longboard is now considered as the best means of transport and as a result, people have started using it for travelling to offices, colleges and other places. Since, a Longboard is being used for regular transport basis; people are likely to ride on open roads, where traffic lights, lamp posts and other vehicles can lead to collision threats.

A collision or a nasty fall can lead to serious injuries and might ruin your life too. So, it is important for you to know about the basic safety guide to protect yourself and take immediate actions in case you are being hit or fallen from the board. Let’s have a look at some of the important tips, which can be really handy in case you have fallen or being hit by an obstacle or vehicle:

Do Not Panic and Take a Deep Breathe

When you have been hit or fallen from the board, the first step you should do is to move away from the traffic and stay calm. Unless someone comes with the safety kit, you should try to take a deep breath and relax instead of hurrying up to rush to a hospital. If you panic in such case, then you will hurt yourself further without realizing it.

Ask the Driver to Stay

Preventing Longboard AccidentsIf you are being hit by a vehicle, then you should ask the driver to stay with you unless the police arrive for help. Scraped elbow or knees might look minor injuries at the moment, but could to a broken bone or even worse. If the river refuses to stay with you, then you should ask the passing by pedestrians to stay until the help arrives.

Get Medical Treatment Immediately

Rather than fighting with the driver and asking for the compensation for your loss, it is important that you should get the medical treatment first. You should rush to the hospital yourself or take the help of the other people passing by to make sure you receive the medical treatment on time. Sooner you receive the treatment, the earlier your injuries will heal.

Call the Police

In order to file an accident report, it is important that you call the police while you are still at the accident spot. In case you are being taken to the hospital, then you should talk to the officer present there and tell him the whole scenario.

Important Tips for Preventing Longboard Accidents

No matter how careful you are while riding, you cannot stop the accident happening. However, there are some useful ways by which you can reduce the chances of accidents. Let’s have a look the tips for enjoying a safe Longboard ride:

Wear Protective Gear

Wear Protective GearWearing protective gear might not suit your personality, but wearing it will help you to protect you from several injuries. Helmet, elbow guards and knee guards are the basic safety accessories, which will protect your elbows, knees and head from serious injury. So, rather than showing off, wear the protective gear for your own safety.

Do Not Consume Alcohol or Drugs

No matter whether you are driving a car or a Longboard, it is never safe to take a ride in case you have consumed alcohol or other drug. Consuming alcohol or drug will result in poor coordination and focus, which leads to serious Longboard accidents.

Final Word

Longboarding is fun, but is also risky at times. The best way to get the most out of this adventurous sport is to follow all the safety measures and avoid riding at high speeds. Moreover, you should also make sure your board is in the perfect condition before stepping on it. You should also avoid riding in wet conditions because it will become extremely difficult for you to maintain your balance on a slippery board.

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