The Best Pro Scooters Brands You Never Know – How to Ride Like a Champion

There is a wealth of pro scooters brands on the market. But not all of them meet the quality to be, literally, a pro.

If you buy a poor-quality scooter, chances are you will hit the ground sooner or later due to the disqualified construction. And that is dangerous, indeed.

Here we’ve got a list of top products from brands that we actually rode and tested their toughness on the road. Of course, some failed, and a few won.

We ensure you will get the best thing no matter who you are; a beginner, performer, kids, or adults. Let’s get started.

Top 5 Best Pro Scooters Brands

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The Birth of Pro Scooters

The birth of pro scootersYou may think all scooters are the same, but they added the pro prefix for a reason.

The first primitive scooter was born 100 years ago. From then, it has developed to modern units which come more versatile and durable.

Since the first scooters, small tweaks contributing more strength to the scooters’ folding mechanism have given this adult toy an innovative structure to qualify performing tricks.

To test the endurance of the pro scooters, a state of equipment is used to simulate the real condition when these scooters come in use.

Nowadays, it’s not hard to recognize Aircraft-grades of aluminum are common in heavy-duty manufacturing scooters. The newest scooters are becoming more lightweight and durable.

In general, the way things are shaping up in the pro scooter scene is promising a vivid future for this dedicated sport.

Pro Scooter Competitions

Pro scooter competitionsWith the rapid growth of riding scooters as an extreme sport, there are competitions held to increase the awareness of this activity.

Those riding matches take place in several countries with major prizes up to $15,000+ drawing qualifiers from across the nations. Not only that, in such events, there will be world best riders invited demonstrating their skills. You will get to learn a lot and have the ultimate fun with people of the same interest.

  • Scooter Hut Pro Scooter Series: Held internationally in the United States, United Kingdom, and Australia, the Pro Scooter Series converges world-class riders competing to win big money.
  • ScooterCON: This biggest and best annual event in the whole world of scooter takes place with 200+ riders from multiple countries. Winning this competition will give you international glory and recognition.
    There will be brands and retailers bringing their exclusive goods as well as tons of valuable giveaways.
  • United Scooter Association: The vibrant community of scooter riders in the USA and Canada has its own playground in this centralized hub.
    There are events held by the Association to grow the sport’s recognition from coast to coast with prizes and purse of contributions.

Top Scooters Brands and the Best Products in 2019


Long-term scooter riders should have heard of Fuzion.

The brand is famed for producing durable, robust, and pugnacious series of kick scooter. If you look at their young team, you will get the clue how those guys are so confident.

On our side, evaluating those good things is not at all easy. Our team here, with notorious tricks, has finalized the winners out of tons of scooters of Fuzion. So, if you are looking at the brand, it’s worth some minutes to check these items here.

Fuzion Z300 Pro Scooter

Fuzion Z300 pro scooterThe bad boy comes with gloss black bars with the Fuzion logo stamped on it.

It’s super shiny when you look at the deck with the new dripping filthy logo on the bottom of it made of blue chrome.

The Z300 has exceptional durability ready for you to abuse it. But it’s yet lightweight to carry around. It’s among the best entry-level scooter serving those who seek to enter their first state of glory.

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Fuzion Z350 Pro Scooter

Fuzion Z350 pro scooterOnce you reach the “good” level, it’s time to jump to the “intermediate” phase where you need something like the Z350 to rock all terrain.

With a slightly deck concave of 3 degrees, you’re going to whip that action and prove your skill.

Coming with the Chromoly steel bar measuring in at 25” tall and 22” wide, the Z350 is comfortable for riders of any size to surf on.

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Fuzion Z375 Pro Scooter

Fuzion Z375 pro scooterIf you take your scooter riding for granted, the best scooter to throw into your collection is this Z375.

The Fuzion stunt Z375 scooter is built with a signature deck with the dimensions of 4.75 x 20.5 inches that accommodates riders with ample foot.

That space is capable of distributing weight effectively to reduce impact. This monster also rigs 120mm wheels and plush 155mm grips for the best feeling grip you’ve never seen before.

This model also got redesigned and upgraded in the material that will not chip under pressure. The unit comes ready for you to put your blood and sweat to gather that glorious moment you desire.

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Fuzion X-3 Pro

Fuzion X3 ProAmong the stunt scooters for experienced riders, Fuzion X-3 rises as a gateway for the intermediate to advance their skills.

Rigged in the intuitive design is the sturdy 4” wide concave deck made of 6061 aircraft aluminum alloy.

To handle rugged terrain and speedy surf, Fuzion equips the 100mm Cast PU wheels with Fuzion Metalized ABS Composite cores, ready for any board slides and tail whips.

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Fuzion Cityglide

Fuzion CityglideHow about children want to practice on pro scooters?

The right solution is right in this Cityglide. It features large wheels of 200mm rolling on a strong alloy core and ABEC-9 rated bearings. That means the scooter is capable of getting you a fast and smooth cruising on urban streets.

Not only kids, but adults can also hit the roads on this Cityglide just fine. After all, this model is a perfect choice to teach your kids the entry lesson to be a careful rider before becoming a performer.

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Phoenix is among the legendary brands for innovative kick scooters.

The brand provides a completed collection for scooter riders of all groups. Speaking about Phoenix, we are talking about its indestructible Reventon deck and lines of scooters for the avid.

Besides, there are more names to call when it comes to aftermarket parts of this brand.

Phoenix Pilot Pro Scooter

Phoenix Pilot Pro ScooterAnyone who rides the Pilot Pro loves its best grade aluminum finish in vibrant color that stands out in the rare class.

The Hi-Tensile Steel T-Bar, 110mm 88A Alloy 7-Spoke Phoenix Wheels ABEC 9 Bearings and Phoenix Flex Brake offer great assistance for the performance that will amaze your audiences.

With all the advanced features made for the pro, this scooter is not for a novice to crave.

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Phoenix Force Pro Scooter

Phoenix Force Pro ScooterPhoenix has brought their glory onto this prime Force complete scooter. Of course, you can find that traditional T-bar and 22.8-inch by 22.8-inch handlebar on the headset.

In addition to that, the 88A Urethane formula from Phoenix will ensure to keep your roll in a fast and smooth motion.

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Phoenix Session Pro Scooter

Phoenix Session Pro ScooterTrick performers and intermediate/expert riders will find this model a blessing as it is designed to be light in weight with all new upgraded components.

Overall, it owns a 4.75″ W x 20.5″ L Session Deck, Steel Reinforced Recon T-Bar, and Spoke Phoenix Wheels. All serve to leap you to the next level of scooter skill.

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Lucky Scooter

Yes! Lucky Scooter may be the main rival in the competitive field of scooter manufacturers. Not only because the brand owns a series of the best products, but also it delivers exceptional quality to all items on the market, making it a trend to have a scooter from Lucky.

Lucky Covenant Complete Pro Stunt

Lucky Covenant Complete Pro StuntThis bad boy is made to strive big and excel. You will see how those who make a career with kick scooters adore the new design of this model.

It’s a beast on the street that can handle the gnarliest trick known to man. Lucky applied the highest manufacturing standards to the Bulletproof build resulting in a scooter that knocks off obstacles and challenges.

The brand guarantees every penny you paid is worth to the dime with all the advanced features only crafted for street demons.

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Lucky Pro Scooters Crew Freestyle Complete Pro Scooter

Lucky Pro Scooters Crew Freestyle Complete Pro ScooterActually, not all Lucky scooters are for the experts. This Crew Freestyle is the one intermediates should not miss.

Featuring a reinforce deck and 6061 Aluminum 110mm wheels, the unit holds the ability to withstand abuse from rugged terrains, curbs, and ramp.

One more reason for pro riders to trust this scooter is the ultimate craftsmanship followed by the strict selection for material and engineering technique.

That said, it’s no doubt why this Lucky Pro Scooter has gained trust from world champions and sidewalk-riders.

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Madd Gear

Being a premier brand in Action Sports, Madd Gear delivers only premium products. Most of them can be seen in world-class competitions used by experts from Nitro Circus and X-Game.

Madd Gear VX7 Mini Pro

Madd Gear VX7 Mini proYou’ll fall in love with the super sleek design of the Japanese chrome alloy with durable anodized cores making the unit extremely tough and safe to ride.

Although it’s a mini version that seems less reliable for tricks, you can trust the build that is crafted to bear abuse.

The VX7 Pro is a smart choice for novices who are ready to become a pro rider and want to gather some Oohs and Ahhs in the park.

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Madd Gear VX7 Pro

Madd Gear VX7 ProComing to the full VX7 Pro, it has something for Envy and Aztek to learn to produce the best entry-level pro scooter money can buy.

The application of Japanese metal gives the unit a long-lasting body frame that is yet very lightweight.

Madd Gear also comprehends the scooter’s build from the MFX integrated headset to the unique threadless fork of 6061 3D forged alloy M1 120mm IHC.

For the entry-level riders who wish to advance their riding skill, this VX7 Pro comes to be the fittest scooter.

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Established since 2000, Razor is a long-standing worldwide brand in producing scooters, skateboards, longboards, and aftermarket parts.

Riding on a Razor gear, it leaves a piece in mind in term of quality, price, warranty, and after sale service. Though this brand is in favor of kids, there are a few models with which pro riders can perform tricks.

Razor A5 LUX Scooter

Razor A5 LUX ScooterThe Razor A5 comes in a body made of 100% aircraft-grade aluminum supporting up to 220 pounds. Most importantly, the large 200mm urethane wheels guarantee the smoothest ride.

It is best to use this Razor A5 to learn the basic before reaching the next scooter riding level.

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Razor A3 Kick Scooter

Razor A3 Kick ScooterThe Razor A3 doesn’t focus on the wheel’s size, but the suspension. It means to minimize impact from ramping and jumping. With that said, Razor A3 is definitely a scooter for stunts.

Not only that, with the ABEC-5 high-speed bearing, you have a great classic scooter serving the simple tricks preparing for the next adventure.

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Are You Ready to Ride a Pro Trick Scooter?

If you have enough intensity for stunt riding, we hope the pro scooters brands above will come in handy giving a clue which one to buy.

We are aware that more pro scooters are coming to be the best shortly. So, we will keep this post updated to ensure you won’t miss any good deals when coming back.

Do us a favor! Please share this post to your passionate scooter pals and leave us any message regarding your pro scooter shopping queries. We are here to listen.

See you soon.

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