Quality Wheels Longboard Best For Slide

The performance of a Longboard is directly dependent on its wheels. Quality wheels Longboard best for slide as they provide ample grip and support which make riding easier. There are different types of wheels available, which makes it difficult for the rider to choose perfect wheels which are best for sliding. Let’s have a look at some of the points to be considered while choosing quality wheels best for sliding.

Wheel shapes

It’s very important to check the wheel shape before buying it, as the acceleration and grip depends on the shape of the wheel. Wheels with small size are better in accelerations as they have less inertia to get spinning, whereas wheels with larger size are faster because they have right rotational speed.

Apart from the size of the wheel, you also need to consider the contact patch and edges. Wheels with smaller diameter, narrow contact patch and radiuses edges will be best for sliding. So, do consider the wheel shape before choosing it for sliding.

wheels longboard best for slide


Cores are the ones on which the bearing sits in. A lot of heat is produced when the wheels starts rotating and when you slide a lot of pressure is being exerted on the core which doubles the heat level. In case of maximum heat, the wheel begins to melt which can be very dangerous. So, choose a wheel with a big core so that it’ll stay much longer which will reduce the risk of melting the wheels.


Use Modern Wheels

Longboard wheels have witnessed a massive change over the years. Earlier clay or steel wheels were used but now modern urethane wheels are used which are better at speed, grip and overall ride quality. These modern urethane wheels have the capability to quickly return to their original shape quickly after being sorted.

When you slide sideways, one area of the wheel starts to wear down at a higher speed than the rest of the wheel. When you come out of a slide, you will find it difficult to ride as the wheel will become egg shaped. So, while sliding these modern wheels will adjust their shape and once you stop sliding these will return to their original shape which makes riding easier and safer.

Use modern wheels

Use Progressive Wheels

A progressive wheel will lose its grip slowly and it’s better to use these wheels as it makes it easy to balance on the edge of a board. When you make a slide you will have a tight grip on the board which will help you to slide sideways. So, use progressive wheels instead of un-progressive wheels for better grip and balance.

If you seriously consider the points mentioned above while selecting a wheel, you will be able to select quality wheels longboard best for slide. Consider searching for high quality Long boards at manic Monday event. With quality wheels riding, it will become easier which will help you to get the most out of long boarding as you can easily perform tricks on it. So, choose your long board carefully for better sliding and riding.

Use progressive wheels

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