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Skateboarding is a fun activity for kids and adults to feel the true taste of freedom. To enjoy this sport at fullest, one must step on a right board. You might get confused when choosing a skateboard model from hundreds available in the market. To solve this problem, here is a complete review on Quest skateboards that offer smooth rides and higher maneuverability. Whether you need a board for cruising, carving or downhill style, Quest has introduced ideal models for all type of skateboarding styles. From deck quality to wheel durability, everything is managed properly to enhance your skateboarding experience. Available in different shape and sizes, Quest boards are truly providing skaters with an unforgettable experience. In this review, all features including trucks, bushings and bearings are discussed in detail for your help. Below is a rating chart of Quest skateboards:

Best 5 Quest Skateboard Brand


Inexpensive price, great performance and good quality are some key factors behind the success of Quest skateboards. Most of Quest skateboard models have earned a rating of more than 4.5 out of 5 due to smoothness in rides. Comparing to other expensive brands, Quest skateboards are offering far better quality in terms of making and rolling. Beginners and professionals, everybody is enjoying fun rides Quest skateboards have got to offer.


A skateboard is useless if it doesn’t ride smoothly. Quest skateboards come with the benefit of smoother rides. High quality wheels are used to ensure that riders enjoy perfect drive even on rough surfaces. From free riding to tricks, this brand allows riders to continue with their riding style without comprising on fun or comfort. Where good quality of deck offer higher grip to the riders, flexible trucks allow them to take quick and tricky turns without pausing anywhere. This brand makes boards in all styles including pintail, kick-tail and downhill to allow crazy riders enjoy their preferable style on a suitable deck. To cut long story short, Quest brand makes every board in a way that rider must enjoy rolling it instead of worrying about minor flaws.


Quest skateboards are available in multiple designs so now you don’t have to use a same model for all types of skateboarding styles. Traditional design is upgraded with new strategies such as gravity center and slight concave to make them more functional. Skateboard designs by Quest brand are beginner-friendly designs allowing novices to learn faster and efficiently.


Deck is the most important part of a skateboard. This is the reason; Quest manufacturers never compromise on the quality or making of decks. From material to formation, everything step is done with great care to produce flawless pieces. High quality of bamboo, maple and plastic is used in the finishing of a single deck. Varying in size, shape and design, Quest skateboard decks are not similar at all. For kids, smaller decks are made whereas for adults, longer decks are introduced. Most of the decks come in standard size because it is easy to handle for beginners as well as professionals.


Great quality of wheels is important for smoother rides. Quest brand understands it well and assembles skateboards with perfect wheels. From size to shape to material quality, everything is carefully considered while mounting wheels on different models. To avoid problems like wheel bite and slipperiness, Quest brand uses good quality of plastic and right size and shape for each model. Wheels of Quest skateboards also roll pretty impressively allowing users to enjoy smoother rides.


Trucks play an important role when it comes to take turns around the corners. Quest brand usually uses aluminum made trucks that are not only durable but also rust resistant. They don’t require frequent lubrication and work efficiently for longer duration. There are different sizes of trucks and every complete model comes with a suitable pair of trucks.


Bushings are rubbery rings that are found around the kingpins of trucks. Although Quest skateboards come in great quality, bushings don’t persist much longer. They wear off sooner and need to replace. The good part is that bushings are not costly at all. You can buy a pair of new bushings and replace the old ones to make your trucks look and work as good as new.


Bearings are little metal rings that fit inside the wheels to let them mount on the axle. Without bearings, wheels cannot mount the axle with a firm grip. Bearings of Quest skateboards are often pretty good and don’t cause much trouble for users. But, there are few models that have poor quality of bearings but worry not. They are easily replaceable and don’t even cost much. In fact, to extend the life of bearings, you can lubricate them every now and then and avoid corrosion.

Best 5 Quest Recommendations

The Quest Super Cruiser
If you’re looking for something more fun and affordable, there can be no better option than this super cruiser. Available in such an attractive price and supreme quality, this model by Quest brand is no doubt a perfect pick for cruising lovers. It comes with a durable deck made up of multi-ply hardwood maple and beautiful artisan bamboo. The deck offers great performance and balanced stature so riders must not fall or lose control. Other parts such as trucks, wheels and bearings are also in a good quality.
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Quest Formula One Downhill Skateboard
Next on the list comes this ideal model for downhill skateboarding. This quest model is specifically made for people who enjoy exploring the thrill and adventure hidden in hills. The design is perfectly in favor of downhill riding style. It comes with a bamboo finished deck that offers great grip and more control.With this skateboard, you can enjoy enhanced stability, modern style and unquestionable comfort during thrilling rides. Wheels are also in great condition to allow smoother rides on rough hilly surfaces. Just step on it and enjoy its incredible performance.
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Quest Tribes Pin Kick Tail Skateboard
This model is highly recommended for professionals seeking more fun and thrill. It comes with a 40″ long board having a pin-kick tail design that is ideal for maneuver rides. Its maple deck, aluminum trucks and PU made wheels make it a suitable piece to roll around the campus and neighborhood for just fun or transportation purpose. You can flip it over easily and won’t even find it heavy at all. It’s durable, lightweight and strong enough to bear all the pressure that comes with tricks and drills.
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Quest 2012 Classic Skateboard
This is another top selling model by Quest brand. 40 inches long, the deck of this model is made up of 7 ply of hardwood maple that seems quite durable. For the formation of trucks, aluminum is used whereas wheels are PU-made and come in 70mm size. The design is purely pin tail and ideal for regular cruising on streets and around the campus. You can use it to perform tricks also as it is strong enough to bear the pressure. Beginners with shorter heights won’t find it easy to control because of deck size.
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Quest Native Spirit Kick Tail Skateboard
This Quest skateboard is also a great option for regular skaters. Its original Aztec graphics and incredible performance are the main reasons skaters totally love it. The deck is enriched with higher stability and comes with 10″ width and 40″ length. It doesn’t only give sufficient space for feet but is also pretty durable. 7 ply of hardwood maple is used in its making. On the other hand, trucks and wheels are also well-made with aluminum and PU. From travelling to fun cruising, this skateboard is a best option to enjoy pro level skating.
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Skateboarding is a great way to explore the charm of your neighborhood or cover short distances. But, to do that smoothly with no troubles, make sure you choose a right model of skateboard. Quest brand has introduced multiple models for different styles of skateboarding. To enhance the performance, Quest manufacturers have used high quality components in the assemblage of each model. From deck to wheels to trucks, everything is made up of good quality in great design so riders must not face any problem while enjoying their time on the board!

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