Quest Longboard: What the Best and Worst Brands?

quest longboard

The name ‘Quest’ suits perfectly with their products and performance. Riders can get a longboard well-combined with amazing features and style. Quest is a brand which truly fulfills the desire of all levels of riders.  From beginners to experienced skaters all can experience amazing longboarding with this brand. Providing a long-lasting service, these longboards are eco-friendly and help in minimizing the usage of the vehicles.

Top 10 Best Quest Longboards

Individuals make their decision regarding Quest based on several factors. These include the affordability, stylish design, and durability of the boards. Despite Quest having a limited variety of longboards, the ones they do offer are of exceptional quality and rank among the best. By meeting the preferences of most riders, Quest manages to enhance their sales and marketing efforts annually. The primary drivers behind their sustained popularity are their superior construction and long-lasting reliability.

At the very beginning, Quest was just designing basic longboards, but at present, they are marketing new and more high-quality longboards. As per Quest longboards delivers a smooth and stable ride, so beginners mostly prefer considering Quest as their first choice. Day-by-day Quest is making a good place in the market of longboarding.

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Reviews (17/20)

Quest longboards are well-known for their inexpensive price, stylish look, and extraordinary performance. Most of its products have earned an average of 4.5-star rating out of 5 on Amazon. Only a few of the longboards have got tremendous feedback from the user. Quest Formula One Downhill Longboard Skateboard is one of them which achieved an average of 4.6 stars and many compliments.

Riding Style (17/20)

All the longboards from Quest make your boarding more thrilling. The design, structure, and performance will help you to adopt different riding styles. Whether freeriding, cruising or downhill, everything can be accomplished when you have a Quest longboard.

Design / Color (12/15)

quest super

Quest prefers to keep their designs modest but gives an overall attractive look. Quest Super Cruiser Artisan Bamboo Longboard is such an example. It has a simple but elegant design that truly receives others attention. Their designs and colors are user-friendly.

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Deck (14/15)

Nearly every Quest longboard is built with a multi-ply hardwood maple deck. The 7-ply finishing of Quest 2012 Classic Longboard Skateboard makes the deck stronger and long lasting. The Artisan Bamboo Deck comes with beautiful design and multi-ply hardwood. The decks are flexible enough to hold your speed even on a rough surface.

Wheels (10/10)

Quest Super Cruiser Artisan Bamboo Longboard Skateboard

The Quest Super Cruiser Artisan Bamboo Longboard Skateboard features resilient 70 x 51mm polyurethane wheels that remain unharmed even under intense sunlight exposure. With a wheel hardness rating of 80A, it ensures both your safety and a smooth ride on uneven terrain. The built-in wheel wells effectively prevent “wheel bite.” The board is equipped with distinctive open wheels designed for downhill riding. These wheels offer a strong grip, providing you with an advantageous riding experience.

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Truck (7/10)

Nearly all of the Quest Longboard comes with rugged and lightweight 7” aluminum trucks. However, a few have 6” trucks but the trucks are stable enough. The trucks are large enough avoiding the wheel bite. It remains strong and durable for a long duration.

Busing (5/5)

There’s nothing special to say about the bushings as it is common in all but you’ll get a sharp and smooth carve with a little break-in time as far as the bushings go. However, most users like to replace the bushing to get a perfect combination.

Bearing (4/5)

The stock bearings of Quest longboard are always great and provide adequate performance. The precision ABEC 5 bearings bring the smoothness in the path. It includes a hollow 4mm riser. For this reason, almost all products of Quest such as Quest Fishtail Cruiser Board Skateboard have a smooth riding.

Quest Rorshack 34" Complete Longboard Skateboard, Multi, (QT-NRS34C)
  • COLD CLIMATE HARDWOOD 34-Inch Maple longboard
  • RUGGED 6-inch aluminum trucks
  • DURABLE 65mm PU wheels
  • FAST ABEC 7 bearings
  • QUEST Longboard with Quality Components


Quest longboards are quite popular in the market and they offer tough competition with various other brands. They are not only durable but also very economical that’s why people love to buy these longboards. Why not buy a low price longboard which is durable and easy to ride whether you are a beginner or an expert than buy the most expensive one? You can get the same style, experience, and comfort by riding these excellent quality longboards. Whether you are riding it in the city, downhill, school, cruising or carving, you would love to ride these Quest longboards. These longboards are not only stunning but also very cheesy and trendy which any youngster would love to ride.

Best and Worst Longboard Brands 2020

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