Reds Bearings Review – Must have items for roller skaters

Let’s be real: if you are reading this Reds Bearings Review, chances are you are an experienced rider who knows how big of the role the bearings play in creating the smooth moving of your wheels. Not only do they help you ride at higher speed and precision, these fantastic bearings keep you steady no matter what your weight is.

Being one of the most popular and reasonably priced bearings on the market, The Bones Bearings Company offers tons of good Reds Bearings options for all kinds of skateboard players. Scroll down for the in-depth tour of these products.

About Bones Reds Bearings brand

Back in the early 1980s, it wasn’t easy to find top quality bearings. Japanese bearings were not very fast and people wanted the German bearings to be even faster to help them go higher on vert ramps or roll farther with each push. George Powell set out to find the best, fastest, and most affordable bearings in the world and in the end, he collaborated with the Swiss to manufacture and optimize a skating bearing. That’s how we have the Bones Bearings – the number one choice for many skaters worldwide.

As for the Bones Reds bearings, the founder succeeded in making the bearings with low friction, top quality materials, and having the design similar to the Bones Swiss for less than half the price, using a high-quality Chinese bearing manufacturer that is willing to follow the design specifications. These bearings are the combination of speed, strength, and durability at a price all skaters can afford.

Bones Reds Bearings Review – Must-have items for roller skaters

Bones Super Reds Bearings

Bones Super Reds Skateboard Bearings
This is an upgraded version of Reds Bearings with superior grade steel races and upgraded material for the ball bearings inside at a surprisingly low price. It has a single, non-contact, removable rubber shield and less friction to ease your bearing cleaning.

Even though The Super Reds Bearings share the same design as Reds, they have a better surface finish and are as fast as Reds but quieter, smoother and will last longer. With a black shield and laser engraving, it differs itself from the original Reds with better precision, speed, and acceleration. After spending time to break in, it will spin amazingly afterwards and give you an efficient ride that you’ll have for both up or downhill. Overall, the speed is absolutely commendable.

Another highly recommended feature is in its number of bearings. Its 8 pieces bearing set is a good choice with a bigger design to deliver more impact to roll longer over time than the normal 6 or 7 ball designs. Also, the high-speed nylon ball retainer does greater strength and speed. The nylon crown retainer reduces the fluctuation in running torque while maintaining the ball’s symmetrical radial spacing. The speed cream facing lubricant offers the best performance and durability possible by keeping the bearing regularly maintained.

In conclusion, these Reds are no brainer for those who want bearings that are durable and easy to clean with great design at a good price range.

  • Smooth and quiet ride with better surface finish
  • Durable product from a famous manufacturer
  • Doesn’t come with spacers

Bones Ceramic Super Reds

Bones Ceramic Super Reds Bearings
Famous for the affordable price tag and incredible longevity, the Bones Ceramic Super Reds is a great choice for you if you’re in search of something extra special that’s light in the pocket. These balls are lighter, stronger, and harder than the others while being waterproof. With its ceramic features, it will be more durable compared to the premium steel balls. The ceramic balls and solid construction make these bearings hardwearing and long-lasting while maintaining the minimum weight.

The red ceramic bearings boast of protective single contact rubber shields to protect the steel balls and inner mechanism from outside elements (such as moisture, dirt and dust). Then, you will spend less time cleaning. Besides, it produces less friction and noise as well.

This bearings set has been pre-lubricated by the makers with a special kind of speed cream that lasts longer and works much better than regular bearing oil. Even with this lubrication, the bearings still spin faster compared to other Super Reds.

Finally, it comes with a warranty for adding more confidence when using these bearings.

  • Reputable brand
  • Durable ceramic balls
  • Premium surface finish
  • Pre-lubricated speed cream speed and smoothness
  • Skate-rated
  • Good price tag
  • Convenient rubber shield
  • Some steel bearings can outperform this one

Bones Race Reds Bearings

Bones Race Reds Bearings
The Bones Race Reds Bearings are designed to give you a great experience when riding. You don’t have to use speed rings or spacers when using these bearings, meaning that you can enjoy the Race Reds in different environments. The non-contact, frictionless shield makes it easy to clean the bearings. The convenient inside groove makes it easy to remove and insert the inner race with a Bones Bearing tool.

The extended race improves the alignment of bearings and clears out the need for speed washers when the axle nut is tightened.

These red longboard bearings come with the Speed Cream lubricant developed specifically for bearings making them spin forever right out of the box. With the use of high standards and high-quality materials and featuring a non-contact, removable rubber shield, the Race Red Bearings enables easy cleaning while providing the minimum friction.

If you are the type of person that likes to do high speeds or slide around, these bearings can be your ideal choice due to their high level of stability. You will enjoy a fast ride without worrying about falling accidentally.

  • Extended race
  • Integrated bearing spacer
  • Removable Nylon ball retainers
  • High stability and smoothness
  • Professional design
  • Not suitable for inline skates

Bones Big Balls Reds Bearings

Bones Big Balls Reds Bearings
The Bones Big Balls Reds Bearings are the newest member of the Reds bearings line as a more affordable version of the Bones Swiss 6 Ball bearings. They share the same engineering as Bones Super Swiss 6 but produced in China following the Bones Skate-rated specifications. These bearings offer 17% bigger wheels, meaning faster and longer rolling because of less heat on your balls. This also means that they are longer-lasting, giving you a great value skate bearing. The Big Balls bearings offer an excellent choice for skaters to help them optimize their equipment and match the terrain they ride.

Like all the Bones Bearings products, the Reds big balls bearings are skate-rated, meaning they are designed especially for skating. It is equipped with high-speed ball retainers and a removable dust shield for easy cleaning.

As with other Bones bearings, it comes pre-lubricated with Bones Speed Cream to make them faster and last longer. The Bones Big Balls’ construction has some unique advantages for all the street, park, pool, ramp, downhill, and recreational skater who can utilize more speed.

Overall, the Big Balls Reds Bearings is another great option from the Bones Company.

  • Six bigger balls
  • Higher top-end speed
  • Greater strength
  • High durability
  • Skate-rated product
  • Some reports on quality control problems

Bones Reds Skateboard Bearings

Bones Reds Skateboard Bearings
As a safe choice for a low budget, the Red Bearings is the trusted and beloved Chinese made bearings from Bones with classic Bones Swiss bearing design specifications (cages, shields, ball bearings sizes and lubrication) for less than half the price.

The product is equipped with non-contact, removable rubber shields that allow easy cleaning and minimize friction. There is a high-speed nylon ball retainer that increases both the strength of the bearing and speed. These bearings are made for those looking to cruise the streets or hills at maximum speed.

Users often comment on how these become the best skateboard bearings that they have ever used on their longboards. This truly is the perfect balance of speed and control and would be the right pick for all riders.

  • Normal size balls and steel bearings for good speed and acceleration
  • Bones Speed Cream and spacers included
  • Removable rubber shield
  • Good quality
  • Affordable price
  • Not durable compared to ceramic bearings

How to choose the right bearings?

The load

Depending on the specific type of bearing, it is designed to support an axial or radial load. Some bearings can support both loads. Bearings must always be subjected to a given minimum load to ensure proper rolling element rotation and enhanced lubricant film formation in rolling contact areas

Rotation Speed

Some bearings can withstand high speeds. It is possible for higher speeds for the bearings equipped with a cage for cylindrical roller bearings and needle bearings, compared to those bearings without these.


The attention should be put into the bearing construction with an insert and spherical bearings to support the misalignments. Leaning the bearings forward with automatic alignment is recommended as it helps to correct defects caused by shaft bending or installation errors.

Bearing life/Sealing system

Operating conditions are very critical when selecting the ideal bearing. It is therefore important to examine the environment in which the bearing would be used.

Certain contaminations can affect your bearings. Some users can cause noise disturbance, impact and/or vibration. Therefore, your bearing must endure this effect and, on the other hand, must not be an annoyance. Also, speed or repeated uses can have an impact on bearing life.

It is important that the bearing is protected against any impurities and external agents such as dust, water, corrosive fluid or even used lubricants so that the choice of a sealing system is ensured for the correct and long-term operation of a bearing. This choice depends on the lubricant type, the atmospheric conditions, the fluid pressure, and turning speed. The fluid pressure is a deciding factor in the sealing device’s choice to provide you with a good starting position. The perfect mechanical seal is to have high pressure, in the range of 2-3 bars, for example.


Bearing material can be metal, plastic or ceramic, depending on its intended use. The most compression-resistant bearing is highly-recommended. However, the material used in the bearings will have an impact on the price of the product.


Frequently Asked Questions about Reds Bearings

Are Reds Bearings good?

The performance of Reds Bearings is near Bones Swiss at a fraction of the cost. These are a great combination of efficiency, longevity and low industry costs. They’re the highest selling skate bearing brand in the U.S.A.

Are Reds Bearings fast?

Red Bearings are extremely fast. Sometimes they are even too fast and not recommended for beginners

What ABEC are Reds Bearings?

In terms of Bones red bearing ABEC, we would like to say: “actually, they don’t have an ABEC rating”. The ABEC rating tells how good the bearings were manufactured, not the level at which the bearings can withstand when skating. The manufacturer claims that their Bones Reds bearings are made for skating purposes with a smooth and fast spin without the need for an ABEC rating. Many customers have reviewed that these bearings could be compared to ABEC 7 standard from some other reputable bearing manufacturers.

How much are Reds Bearings?

Red Bearings are the affordable options compared to Bone Swiss Bearings with the price ranging from $17.95 to $89.95 depending on the product listed on Amazon or any mainstream website.

Are Bones Super Reds better than Reds?

Super Reds deliver better quality steel races, higher grade balls and superior surface finishes. The result is the quiet, smooth and long-lasting bearings that can be as fast as normal Bones Reds bearings. Black shield and laser engraving are things to distinguish Super Reds from the original Reds.

Final Verdict

The Reds Bearings Review’s thorough tour takes a deep dive into the most popular skateboard bearings – Bones Bearings. These are the bearings used by all other skateboard brands to compare their products and become the world’s number 1 skateboard bearings. And the best thing is that they come with a price tag that will not burn a hole in the rider’s pocket!

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