Retrospec Skateboard – Supreme Brand for Any Skater

There are hundreds of skateboard brands for skating fans out there. Even so, choosing a perfect skateboard is never an effortless task. Before deciding to bring an item home, you must take so many factors into consideration, especially the brand name.

Wait no more because we’re bringing you a detailed Retrospec Skateboard Review in regards to all of their features, and also tips for picking up the most suitable skateboard within your personal preferences.

Retrospec Skateboard Review

First things first, let’s go through all of the main features that determine your final decision. Let’s see what this brand has in store for you!


BrandRetrospec is a distinguished brand providing equipment for outdoor sports. Its purpose is to ignite the passion of adventure seekers and experience wonders outdoors. Most customers, including us, love this inspirational message and perceive that it needs to be outspread.

On top of that, they also possess other outstanding and unique features that make the customers want to go back for the brand again and again.

Products from Retrospec are expertly designed and fully tested, which go together with satisfactory customer service (free shipping over $35 and 50-day returns), yet they are introduced at competitive and accessible prices.

Besides, one of the main aspects that contributes to the massive number of products being sold worldwide is that they have such amazingly colorful graphics with a wide range of sizes and models of skateboards.

Their skateboards are being rated 4,3 out of 5 stars and reviewed as super affordable, gorgeously designed, and skater-friendly. Now, let’s take a closer look at their products and specifications!


BearingsFor those who don’t know what a bearing is, it’s the component that makes the wheel go round. All bearings come in a standard size to fit both skateboard and longboard wheels.

Bearings from Retrospec are ABEC-7 to 9 ratings, which means they feature steel races with really hard carbon, chrome, or titanium material (which also means tighter bearing tolerance). This allows you to move at high speeds with less pushing and a longer roll.

  • Pros: Variable and quality materials of bearings, ABEC-7 to 9 bearings are better when skating.
  • Cons: No significant cons

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TruckBy riding reverse kingpins trucks, all longboards from Retrospec grant skaters incredible benefits. As they allow you to do every carving and turning trick like a breeze.

Your glides and turns become more proactive and smoother which makes you look less clumsy (in case you’re a newbie). Who said longboards are less flexible and too hard to control? Don’t let the sizes intimidate you.

On the other hand, in regards to the characteristics of skateboards, manufacturers use traditional carbon steel kingpin trucks which perform just as fine. Furthermore, hard trucks will be able to hold up under enormous pressure and support your stability during a trick or turn.

  • Pros: Quality and very hard trucks last longer, and provide better performances.
  • Cons: As for skateboards, no reverse kingpins truck is used. If you want to customize your skateboards, you will need to pay some extra cash.


DeckNow let’s talk about the favorite part of any skater: the deck and its designs. In fact, most newbies are interested in eye-catching colors and comfy-feeling skateboards over detailed specifications.

To mention, one of the most noticeable features of Retrospec brand is that their product always impresses customers with vintage graphics, uniquely-curved designs, and a retro beachy vibe.

On top of that, the used materials for skateboards are mostly sustainable bamboo and Canadian maple. This gives way to the feeling of using super light, super sturdy, and high-class skateboards all in once.

The deck is built from 8 layers and 8 plies to secure the skaters’ balance and strength. However, according to some users, the surface can still be dented and scratched over time due to the outer force.

When discussing the designs, we have to mention the Zed Bamboo Longboard Skateboard Complete Cruiser as it has awesome palettes of retro and beachside colors. It’s effortlessly cool and owns the most classic features of Retrospec longboards. No wonder it is one of the best sellers of Zed Longboard models.

If you want to go skating pools or carving the streets, skateboards with a general deck will be an awesome choice. If you just want to cruise around and make some moves, what’s better than a cruiser board? Or, if you prefer a skateboard for transportation and downhill racing, longboards or cruisers will be the best options.

  • Pros: lovely-looking (old-school, fun and young), quality material, standard size and designs.
  • Cons: limited models and no personal customization allowed. For example, a mix and match between skateboard and pintail are impossible.


WheelsAs for the wheels, the size and material are plainly right for both skateboards and longboards which were created for different purposes.

The diameter of longboard wheels is 70x51mm and 85a in the durometer. This means these wheels are perfectly made for speed and rough surfaces. On the other hand, the numbers belonging to skateboard wheels are 52x32mm and 95a.

Obviously, it will provide skaters with faster acceleration, less speed but better on rough surfaces. This is also a distinctive specification as most manufacturers will stick with small sizes and lower durometer when it comes to skateboard wheels. And, it will limit the ability to move on different types of grounds.

  • Pros: Distinctive skateboard wheels (congrats now you can ride from skate parks straightforward to the streets without harming your wheels!)
  • Cons: No significant cons

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Is Retrospec Skateboard Great For Both Newbies And Professionals?

Is Retrospec Skateboard GreatNewbies love Retrospec skateboards because they are durable, high-quality, maneuverable, fun, and smooth. They will give beginners a great start and support them a lot on their journey of learning and building a passion for skateboarding sport.

Along with that, professionals also recommend this brand because of the firmness, smoothness, high-quality material, sturdy structure, and also the aesthetic vibes that it brings. A decent board will help them improve their techniques and enjoy the fun.

Pros and Cons


  • Quality products
  • Cool designs and awesome colors
  • Standardize components
  • Affordable price
  • Great customer service


  • A limited number of models
  • No personal customization allowed
  • Shipping may be late in some cases

Having considered both sides of the brand, we suggest you start skating and cruising around first before taking on some serious tricks.

Try out the Quip Cruiser 27-inch Complete Skateboard because this guy is definitely designed for downhill riding, and some awesome twists and turns! It got almost 5-star rating from previous buyers due to its well-made structure and vibrantly-colored design.


That’s the end of our Retrospec Skateboard Review. A more detailed and exclusive Retrospec Longboard Review is on the way to help you out!

In one word, regarding such satisfactory price and quality, Retrospec is one of the most popular brand names for outdoor equipment. Not only has the company done really well in business, but they also spread out a meaningful message of enjoying nature and doing what you love.

So the next time if you want to invest in a skateboard, remember to list out your own preferences and intentions, then consider those above features of the brand as well to find the perfect skateboard. And now we wish you a happy and exciting ride!

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