ReVive Skateboards Review – Are They Good Enough To Get You Stoked?

You are probably bombarded enough with tons of reviews from tons of skateboard brands out there. So if you want something more focused and specific, this is it.

We are talking specifically about ReVive skateboards. And this ReVive Skateboards Review will bring out everything you need to prep yourself up with before counting ReVive as a starting point for your buying decision.

ReVive is comparable to any high-reputation skateboard brands you might have already known. It has a history behind it and a massive base of favor over a long time.

Ready to have a ReVive walkthrough? Let’s skate on!

The Should-know About ReVive Skateboards

It’s A Youtube-born Brand

A Youtube-born BrandIt’s fair to say that ReVive is a web-borne brand. Remember getting inspired by skating videos on YouTube? Braille Skateboarding, Andrew Schrock, Arron Kyro, those are the big names.

ReVive was founded by Andrew Schrock back in 2009 when his skateboarding videos on YouTube started to attract thousands of viewers. The feedback was very positive; Andrew’s supporters loved his series and asked for the products. “Why not?” he responded, then created his own brand of skateboard and skateboarding accessories.

It Used To Be Revenge Skateboard

The original name of the brand was actually not ReVive but Revenge (from the “We Want Revenge” YouTube series). The business went well yet came up with legal issues about the brand name with a long truck company.

So instead of paying quite a huge amount of money to keep the brand name, Andrew decided to change it to ReVive as it is today. And as Andrew explained, ReVive is actually a better name as it gives out more of an energetic, positive, and “have fun” vibe.

It’s A Team Of Big Skating Enthusiasts

Team Of Big Skating EnthusiastsThe ReVive team is no joke. Some of them are not really pros, but they have big names, they have their own audiences (especially on YouTube). Their versions of ReVive skateboards have been sold like hotcakes.

Andrew Schrock himself is a YouTube big star; then, we have Arron Kyro, John Hill, and Thomas Alvarez also on board. Started as a local brand, ReVive has now been a worldwide deal. It owed a big part of its success to the team’s positive and wide online exposure.

ReVive Skateboards Review – Most Worth-buying ReVive Skateboards To Consider

ReVive skateboards actually receive more compliments than complaints. Overall this brand has durable deck wood quality, vibrant graphics, and eligible accessories. Our ReVive Skateboards Review will just now dig deeper into 4 of the most favored.

ReVive Lava Skateboard – The Trendy ReVive

ReVive Lava SkateboardThe Lava is one of the ReVive skateboards that comes with most versions and upgrade options. It has hand skate, youth deck, youth complete board, or deck only. The deck size ranges from 7.5 to 8.50, giving you so many options for your personal skating preferences.

The concave on this ReVive is quite mellow, giving a stable grip on the deck and medium speed for tricks. The graphics painted on the deck can stay for a long time; it looks hot and very light-catching. The ReVive Lava is then a trendy choice of skateboard for all levels of skaters.


  • Vibrant graphics
  • Long-lasting painting quality
  • Many sizes and upgrade options


  • Many sizes are already sold out

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ReVive Prism Skateboard – The Colorful ReVive

ReVive Prism SkateboardThe ReVive Prism has long been known in the market. Quite the same as the Revive Lava, this one also has all size options. Yet the versions are limited, these days you can only find the deck, no youth or complete youth version.

Prism is also one of the best sellers of the ReVive. Its claimed quality in producing decks with 100% Canadian maple wood is always its best edge over any other skateboard competitors.

The 7-layer wood deck makes it durable not only for the weather but also for most clashes while skating. Yet don’t take its quality for granted, there should be no excuse for abusing a skateboard. Yes, it can be frustrating while you practice, but love is always the best way to maintain your skateboard, regardless of its brand.

Compared to the Lava, Prism comes out with more of a colorful, fun, and hip-hop-y vibe to it. Some may fancy it because of the colors.

The concave is also medium; you can basically do everything with it. The gripping feel is good, so is the landing.


  • Colorful graphics
  • High-quality wood
  • Medium concave for versatile usage


  • Fewer versions to choose, mainly decks

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ReVive Dinner Time Skateboard – The “kawaii” ReVive

ReVive Dinner Time SkateboardThe adorable illustration on the decks will make you want to “eat your dinner” on this board every day. It makes everything taste much better.

Also, the ReVive Dinner Time is normally voted as one of the skateboards with the best shape. If you want some cute twist to your skateboard, this is definitely the choice.

The product specs are quite the same as any ReVive. Shall we brief it? Wood product – super, graphics – good, concave – standard, size options – a lot. In all ReVive skateboards, the Dinner Time is the one that still remains with most size options on the market. But the 8.00 is most worth buying; it does almost all skating tasks with ease.

ReVive Dinner Time also comes with a sticker set that is exclusive for this version. Like to decorate your board with a ton-sur-ton sticker set? This version is the one!


  • Sticker set included
  • Simple and cute graphics
  • 8.00 size is still on the market


  • Not durable painting

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ReVive Red Lifeline Skateboard – The Classic ReVive

ReVive Red Lifeline SkateboardThis is the classic, the iconic, and the legendary ReVive. Want a skateboard that once people look at it, they will know it is a ReVive immediately? Clearly and unquestioningly, the ReVive Red Lifeline is the answer.

The ReVive Red Lifeline has been on the market since the very first days. It is the most old-school ReVive that has still been around until today. And if you are also a ReVive/Schrock’s supporter, the Red Lifeline version should be the starting point.

As it is a classic ReVive, the Red Lifeline comes with all options – deck only, youth deck, complete youth board, and ultimate red. The classic red board with the white ReVive Lifeline logo is still the best seller of all time. Thousands of comments about it out there, and they are all good. Amazing pop, thick, and solid, these are what the ReVive Red Lifeline is about.

Even though the graphics are quite simple, it proves to stand the test of time. Of course, it will scratch someday, but overall the graphic quality is still on point. There’s just scratch, no fade in the colors.

Many people chose ReVive, especially ReVive Red Lifeline, to be their first skateboard. The Red Lifeline is the signature, the silhouette of ReVive. So if you want to stick to something classic, here it is.


  • Oldest on the market
  • Long-lasting painting quality
  • Restocked more often than others


  • Simple design (can be a con to some people)

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The FAQ About ReVive Skateboards

What to look for in a ReVive skateboard

What to look for in a ReVive skateboard

Whether you want to pick your very first skateboard or your five millionths, there are these features to consider when choosing it.

  • Board width: The sticker on the board says different numbers – 7.75, 8.00, 8.25, etc.. They are the width of the board in inches. As a rule of thumb, thinner boards allow you to do more kick and flip tricks; bigger ones give you more balance.
  • Concave: The curve shaping the board can tell your skating preference. It can be rather steep for faster kicking or flatter so you can have more surface standing and moving with it.
  • Grip tape: Most people, beginners in particular, like it to be grippy and coarse because it prevents your feet from sliding off. Some pros like Gabe Cruz like to sand it down to make it more versatile while doing tricks. But maybe it’s still a long way to go.
  • Wheel size: The main thing while choosing wheels is the diameter. Too big wheels cause the “wheel bites” (It hits the board when you are moving, causing sudden stop and fall). So you want it to be just enough to move easily on the board.
  • Trucks: Quick tip, choose those that have the same length as the board width. But notice that some trucks are higher than others, and it really breaks down to your personal preference to choose.

Of course, that’s not all for a skateboard; we also need skate bearings, hardware, and a tool to assemble everything up. But as we are focusing on the things that really matter, those above are pretty much enough.

How to pick up a size that fits you

How to pick up a size that fits you

A fact is that board size has nothing to do with your shoe size. With that being said, different sizes have their own different skating biases.

Smaller size like 7.75 spins and kickflips faster. But be careful when you land, should be on the exact spot, or you won’t make it. Some people calling the experience with 7.75 is like a hippo riding a chopstick, but it’s a bit bragging.

Bigger size like 8.00 provides more stability in landing, which of course, compromises a little bit of speed. However, 8.00 is always the most popular size as it allows for the most versatility in both doing tricks and landing.

Stair boards can go up to 9.00 or more. If it is your first board, a very big one like this is not recommended. But prefer slow, steady, and already know how to maneuver? 9.00 works just fine.

How to set it up

How to set it up

Most local shops can take care of the setup; if you want to do it yourself, it’s not that hard. You will need a screwdriver, razor blade, and skate tool or wrench to assemble it up.

Start with sticking the grip tape on the board; make sure it covers every single bit of the board. Then use the screwdriver for scratching around the edge of the board. The razor blade will then be able to cut out the grip tape easily, as you already formed the deck’s shape and curve.

Done with the grip tape, poke holes on the board using the screwdriver. Then you can settle the trucks on it by fasting the nuts to the bolts.

For the last step, finish by putting bearings in the wheels and tighten them on the truck using a wrench or skate tool. Remember to give it a tiny bit of space so that the wheels so that your skateboard can move smoothly.

How to maintain it for longer usage

Here are some tips for skateboard maintenance:

  • Gently sand the edge to prevent chips on the nose and tail of the deck
  • Clean the bearings (Take out the bearings by a skate tool – rotate it anticlockwise) by soaking them in methylated spirits in about 30 seconds.
  • Apply lubrication on the side of the bearing that has no shield (when they are dry).
  • When putting the wheels back, put each wheel on an axle diagonally opposite from where it originally came from. This tip helps your wheels wear evenly and last for a longer time.

The Bottom Line

Now that’s all for a ReVive Skateboards Review, so what now? The answer, still, roots back to your personal preferences. In the end, there is no set answer. Which specific board and wheel size, concave type, grip tape, or even which Revive you should choose, it’s all up to you.

This review does not try to lure you into any specific ReViVe product; it is a detailed consultation for your buying decision. You have everything you need to know; you are equipped with enough info.

And that means you are now ready to choose one for yourself. Let’s skate on it!

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