Rick and Morty Skateboard Collection for This Famous Fiction Sitcom Fans (See It)

Talking about Rick and Morty, this is the series told of the misadventures of a cynical mad scientist – Rick Sanchez. It is an American science fiction sitcom for the adult.

Really, we have to thank Dan Harmon and Justin because they created an interesting sitcom. Based on that, many businessmen generate on their products, including skateboard.

For those skateboarders are a fan of this sitcom, the Rick and Morty skateboard collection will be attracting them. From the skateboards to accessories related, it is difficult to ignore.

How about you? Do you want to own the collection like so?

Which Brand is Rick and Morty Skateboard Sold by?

Which Brand is Rick and Morty SkateboardBefore starting investing, you need to determine exactly the typical brand trading Rick and Morty skateboard. In particular, which brand?

There are many skateboarding manufacturers producing the cartoon-printed skateboards. But, it seems that only Primitive Skateboarding specializes to produce the boards with Rick and Morty patterns.

In 2014, Paul Rodriguez founded the Primitive Skateboarding – an American skateboard brand. Instead of specializing in a skateboard component like other brands, Primitive provides their customers with everything skateboarding, apparel, hard goods, and accessories.

Primitive is actually an outstanding selection for those skateboarders are looking for a new board. Their decks have printed a wide of graphics, which are both amusing and detailed.

Aside from unique drawing styles, Primitive Skateboarding also has the colored and plain decks to pick. The grip has just been the right amount to hold your foot fixed on the board when skating.

Furthermore, the style from Primitive Skateboarding is simple and exclusive, so it contributes to enhancing the appearance of your board.

In general, Primitive Skateboarding is newer to the consumers, but it does not mean that it is less preferred. You can consider choosing to feel the difference.

List of The Best Selling Rick and Morty Skateboard You Should Buy

Continuously, we have you over for considering the best right Rick and Morty skateboards you can trust. Here is our list to consult:

Rick and Morty Collage Deck

Rick and Morty Collage DeckWith the colorful look, the Rick and Morty Collage Deck makes impression on the consumers at the first sight. Coming to this fantastic skateboard, you will feel a clear difference.

It is designed with the lightweight. Allows the skateboarders to carry anywhere.

For the strength and flexibility, you do not have to doubt because it provides both. If you carefully consider it, you will see the detailed art itself. Add a little textured.

Whether you buy the Rick and Morty Collage Deck for any purpose, riding, collecting, or decorating, it might meet these demands.

Apart from the wonderful color, its concave looks good. The images can read from far away.

The model is built-up 7 ply maple. Under strong force, the deck is sturdy enough without cracking.

However, people assume that its size is not too different – 8.0” and 8.125”. It seems small to ride. But, at least, it gives you one more selection than. Is it right?

Finally, the fast service, reasonable price, and great packaging also contribute to bringing a skateboard as expected. Many buyers only let hang on the wall because it is too beautiful.

Rick and Morty Mr.Meeshrooms Skateboard Deck

Rick and Morty Mr Meeshrooms Skateboard DeckNot to let the consumers down, the Primitive Skateboarding constantly releases a series of decks along with the Rick and Morty images. One of the striking products is the Mr.Meeshrooms Deck.

It is still the Rick and Morty characters, but they are fully iconic and colorful in the design.

The surface of the Mr. Meeshrooms Skateboard Deck is constructed with a metallic bottom veneer (silver and blue). It prints Mr. Meeseeks as a blue-and-orange mushroom at the center.

In term of the construction, this deck can entirely compete to other premium skateboard decks. It was designed with a medium concave. Built-in 7-ply maple. It is solid and sturdy enough to suffer the big force when riding.

The general size has a high opinion of the users – 8 inches of the width, 31.75 inches of the length, and 14 inches of the wheelbase.

In addition to that, the grip concentrated at the center (not applied to top) helps you easily hold in your own hands.

View from different angles, this is a valuable board in the price range to invest. Most people satisfy and so do we. And you?

Rick and Morty Gwendolyn Skateboard Deck

Rick and Morty Gwendolyn Skateboard DeckThe next Rick and Morty skateboard that we want to introduce – the Primitive Gwendolyn Team Deck. Many people joked that it is strong enough to blow their friends away with the trick game.

Before anything else, we talk about the width. If compared to two decks above, this model is larger than. The 8.5-inch width allows the players to perform conveniently their skills.

Also the concave built-up, it provides the excellent flick strength on the flip tricks. Allow you to perform flip tricks without meeting any difficulty.

It is worth noting that the nose and tail have the moderately pitched width. The construction is very stable out and in the stalls. In particular, it is easy to control.

After all, we believe in the cooperation between Primitive Skateboarding and the legendary animated TV show, Rick and Morty. Both released the pro-quality skateboard deck made from 7-ply maple. You can feel secure to use.

Either way – skate or hang it, you have owned the exclusive collaboration product.

Rick and Morty CNC 9.75-inch Cruiser Deck

Rick and Morty CNC 9.75-inch Cruiser DeckIt is certain that you cannot ignore the R&M Cruiser Deck from Primitive if you are a big fan of Rick and Morty fiction sitcom. What is it good at?

The first is the nice look. Many people choose to purchase it, not to skate, to hang the wall instead. They are persuaded by the fully iconic design. If you only look via the photo, you cannot feel vibrant fully.

The next is overall construction. By conjoining Rick and Morty, this is creative. Plus, building-up the concave is mellow. Make it ideal for a steep kicktail.

It is important that the quality is awesome. It is shaped as both the Rick and Morty characters. Use the 7-ply maple wood to make, so the strength and sturdiness are excellent. No doubt!

Nevertheless, the real image seems smaller. Look at the 9.75-inch width and the 31-inch length, we also think that it would be for a cruiser. But, it is not big of a deal.

In return, it zips you around anywhere and is as smooth as expected.

Rick and Morty Pickle Rick Skateboard Deck

Rick and Morty Pickle Rick Skateboard DeckThe final board in our Rick and Morty skateboard list is the Primitive Pickle Rick Deck. The model promises to shred all.

Start with the optional size, either 8.0 inches or 8.25 inches. Both are not too deferential, but it would be best to consider seriously to get the desired size whether you use for skating or hanging wall.

The Rick and Morty Pickle Rick Deck designs moderate concave, which helps to support the maximum flip tricks. At the same time, this feature is useful for technical riding if desired to perform.

Aside from the moderate concave, the pitch at the tails has also finished with the equal construction. Provide the perfect balance when you ride.

From our point of view, this board is a good option for an all-around ride. The width options, solid construction (made from 7-ply maple), and medium concave have shown that.

Nonetheless, to work well, we recommend using the medium wheel when using with this deck. Keep in mind!

Is This Skateboard Difficult to Play?

Certainly, a large number of people assume that the Rick and Morty skateboards are difficult to ride when looking at the unique design. However, we do not entirely agree with this opinion.

Why? Because the manufacturer still follows the fundamental construction of a skateboard to design. It is creative, but not different. At first sight, you can feel that its shape is not the same as the traditional board and then you can assume its difficulty.

It seems to us that is due to the user’s psychology.

Taking a typical example from ourselves, we also formed that feeling when riding the Rick and Morty skateboards at the first. Gradually, we recognize that it is also like a normal board. It is easy to play.

By looking back our reviews above, you might see that all Primitive skateboards in the list allow you to perform the simple skateboarding skills.

Of course, we cannot compare to the professional skateboards. But, with the basic tricks such as the nollie flip, Ollie, or nollie 360 flip, you can easily complete.

To prove what we said, you can watch videos below:


Wear a Rick and Morty shirt and skate a Rick and Morty skateboard, for instance. Is it cool?

To increase the style, you can add a couple of accessories related to Rick and Morty to your collection. Let’s see!


HoodieMentioning the Rick and Morty accessories, we immediately think to the hoodies. They are both stylish and comfortable to wear.

Most are made from 50% cotton/50% polyester. The Rick and Morty characters are printed in an optional way, at two sides of the sleeve, the chest, or back. Bring the itch-free comfort all day when wearing.


T-ShirtWith any skateboarder, the T-shirt is an indispensable partner like their skateboard.

Similar to other T-shirts, Rick and Morty T-shirts are made from 100% cotton, so it is very comfortable to wear. The size and color are no limit. Blue, black, red, white, and yellow – you can optionally choose. Specialize the colorful Rick-and-Morty character patterns and we like so.


HatDo you like a colorful beanie or black strapback hat? The Primitive x Rick and Morty offers two different styles so that you can pick.

The fold-over-cuff style beanie looks the excitement while the strapback hat with a curved brim is to maintain the iconic silhouette. Both show your love for this legendary fiction sitcom.


SockIt is sure that you will become prominent when owning a pair of Primitive x Rick and Morty Socks.

They are the height socks highlighted by the Rick and Morty character heads. They have the padded feet to create comfort when wearing. All are imported, so you can have peace of mind.


StickerWe love Rick and Morty stickers because they are very exclusive. There is a Grandpa Rick riding on Morty’s shoulders for a funny look. Or the image of a head of half Morty and half Rick with blue logo looks striking.

How? What do you like?

You can find the hilarious graphic from the characters’ face. And then stick them on anywhere you like.

In Brief

Have you found the desired Rick and Morty skateboard? What accessories do you want to buy? Or simply, you get the helpful information related to the Rick and Morty skateboard, don’t you?

If you have read the whole our article, we believe that you will find what you need, from the skateboard to the accessories.

All in all, we only want you to remember:

In spite of having a unique shape, the Rick and Morty skateboards are not hard to play. You can ride and perform the tricks as any skateboard.

They even look more attractive, thanks to the outstanding pattern. When riding it in crowded, you also become more outstanding.

For all Rick and Morty fans around the world, we hope that the information above will help you get an enjoyable collection soon.

Best of luck!

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