How to Ride a Drop Through Longboard

Longboarding has gained more popularity recently as more people are getting hooked every day to this sport. Longboarding is a fast form of skateboarding which is there for the adventure seekers. A longboard includes more speed, and thrills compare to the skateboard which is the reason why new generations choose to go with Longboard over a skateboard.

Longboards come in different types and numerous sizes to fulfill the demands of the people to make you aware of the Longboards, following we have listed down the kinds of Longboards.

What are the Different Types of Longboards?

  • Downhill Longboard
  • Drop through Longboard
  • Longboard for Carving
  • Longboard for Cruising
  • Bamboo Longboard

Today, we will discuss something about the most popular longboard, “Drop through Longboard.” If you are looking for a longboard where you can ride relaxingly, you should go with the Drop through Longboard. A Drop through Longboard comes in different sizes and varieties for different types of people and their demands.

What are the different types of Longboards?A Drop through Longboard lets you enjoy the best skateboarding as it enables you to cruise easily while maintaining the balance. You can enjoy a free ride like no other Longboards available in the market if you choose to ride on the Drop through Longboard.

Apart from many benefits, Drop through Longboard offers more stability. When it comes to the safety of a rider, Drop through Longboard is most favorite longboard amongst all the other Longboards. Most of the professional skateboard riders do recommend to go with the Drop Through Longboard as it comes with a lot of benefits and more importantly, it comes with more safety while riding on to it.

If you have decided to go with the Drop through Longboard to start a whole new journey of a new sport, first you should know the basics of riding on a drop through longboard. There are plenty of basic beginners’ tutorials available, which you should start following before you start riding a Drop Through Longboard.

Here, we have listed down some of the points which you should consider before you choose a drop through longboard for you.

Essential Steps to Consider Before You Start

Essential Steps to consider before you start

1. Know Your Demands First

A Drop through Longboard comes in different types of sizes and shapes. There is plenty of Drop through Longboards available in the market, and each format has its pros and cons. What we would recommend is, to go with the perfect size of the drop through longboard which is suitable for your demands.

2. Practice Riding a Drop Through Longboard

Since a Drop through Longboard has a variety of sizes and shapes, after choosing the perfect longboard, the next thing you need to do is follow some tutorials to get started with it. The more you practice, the more safely you can ride on a drop through longboard.

3. Learn to Ride Properly First

Riding on a Drop Through Longboard requires a lot of practices as mentioned above. There are many things which you should know before trying out various tricks on the drop through longboard. The key is to learn to ride.

4. Buy Proper Safety Gears

Longboarding is indeed an exciting sport, yet it is hazardous. While riding, you have to tackle a lot of bumps and obstacles which are lying in your way. We recommend our readers to buy safety gears along with the drop through longboard. When you use protective gears, you can save yourself from significant injuries while riding.

Ride a Drop Through Longboard

Ride a drop through longboardDrop through Longboards have a few distinct characteristics which are there to enhance their abilities over other types of Longboards in the market.

  • A Drop through Longboard deck has two cut out where you can place the trucks. This will allow you to change the direction and to experience various longboarding tricks. The trucks are bolted at the nose and tail on the drop through longboard. This arrangement effectively reduces the height of the deck which offers more stability to the riders.
  • A Drop Through Longboard is for freeriding first, and then you can go out for downhill drop boarding and sliding after gaining some experiencing free riding.
  • In the beginning, you need to fix your drop through Longboard’s bushing and other parts properly as per your requirements. Make sure every part is adequately fixed accordingly. It will ensure the safety of a rider.
  • To start riding on a drop through longboard, first, you need to put your heels and toes at the right position on the deck. It will let you ride comfortably without frustrating any part of your body. Trucks on this board are correctly arranged so it will not hurt any of your body parts while riding.
  • You need to control a drop through longboard by making proper use of your feet, heels and toes are the primary controls of the Longboarding. At the deck, the drop through longboard has a center of gravity with a hole, which ensures more stability. By tricking out with the deck through your front leg, you will be able to ride correctly on this board. This is how you should start riding on a drop through longboard.

Drop Through Longboard for Long Transportation:

Drop through Longboard for Long TransportationFor more extended transportation, a drop through longboard is more convenient as you can free ride it with more stability. Since it is more stable, it is less tiring for transportation, and you can freely ride on this longboard just by pushing it with your back foot. It is much faster than other Longboards available in the market.

Drop Through Longboard for Downhill Longboarding:

Drop through Longboard for Downhill LongboardingAfter learning some necessary free riding skills, you might go with the Downhill Longboarding which you can perform on the Drop Through Longboard. First, you need to start getting speed on small slopes. This will increase your confidence to ride even faster on long hills. Learn to brake with your back feet and how you can tackle down the situations.

Drop Through Longboard for Sliding:

Drop through Longboard for SlidingFor sliding, it gives you lower leverage on your truck, which doesn’t require any pushing on the longboard. It lets you slide just as it keeps the base stick to the ground with its center of gravity arrangement. So you will be able to push it sideways easily, and this lets you slide appropriately while riding.

Sliding on a drop through longboard requires you to be a little-experienced skateboarder.

If you do not know how to ride correctly with freestyle, you won’t be able to try out various tricks on the drop through longboard.

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