The Best Ride-on Toys for Kids – Ultimate How to Buy Guide by Kiddie Experts

It’s so relieving seeing your child laugh and play in happiness. But to keep them interested and entertained, you’ll need a kind of toy that helps build their physical fitness, personality, as well as educating them.

We have many ideas in mind. But recently, we’ve been enjoying watching our little ones driving their ride-on push cars. It popped out an idea of which is the best ride-on toys for kids.

That’s why we’ve got a list here. You will find various choices to surprise your youngsters right here. Besides, we’ll share with you our buying experience in this “kid-complex” field. Make sure you scroll to the bottom.

Top 5 Best Ride-on Toys for Kids

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The Best Ride-on Toys for Kids

The Original PlasmaCar by PlaSmart

The Original PlasmaCar by PlaSmartIf you buy this Plasma free steering car, make sure you won’t strive with your princess to sit on it.

The car looks so appealing in blue with the red seat. We liked the fact that this toy doesn’t require any battery or pedal to operate.

When placing the trike on a flat surface, it can speed up to 6 mph, enough for the little version of you test his motor skills.

To be honest, we tried to sit in this car. So, we can tell that the padded seat if very comfortable. You don’t have to worry about the toy’s safety standard as it qualifies the State’s regulations.

This PlasmaCar toy is suitable for kids from 3 years old. If you want to share the ride, feel free to have a seat as the unit can load up to 220 lbs.

Why we liked it:

  • Needless to recharge
  • No assembly required
  • Friendly to adults
  • Safe on several standards


  • Can damage wood floor

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Step2 Whisper Ride II Ride-On Push Car

Step2 Whisper Ride II Ride-On Push CarNothing is more enjoyable than getting your child to discover the neighborhood with you on a push car.

This automobile for toddler features a sleek design, smooth ride wheels padded with rubber tires, and car horn for the little rider.

You will take control of the maneuvering with the handlebar, which is also foldable.

While taking pleasure in the ride, don’t forget to bring your child’s best buddy and a bottle of water or some snacks. There is even a trunk in front to keep small stuff.

Why we liked it:

  • Easy-foldable handle
  • Convenient holder
  • Smooth riding wheels
  • Safe seat


  • Rattle on rugged terrains
  • Hassle assembly

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Little Tikes Cozy Coupe 30th Anniversary Car

Little Tikes Cozy Coupe 30th Anniversary CarThis Cozy Coupe special version promises a lot of fun and expansion of imagination on the road. We’re confident to say this is one of the best ride-on toys for 5-year-olds.

With this car toy, your kids will have their own car to race indoor or outside on the driveway in style. In the new design, the floor is removable for when parents want to do the pushing.

When the young rider wants to be on her own, remove the floor; it’ll turn to a kid-powered car.

Now here is the best part:

The 360-degree spin wheels will make it even more exciting for kids to drive around. It also includes a door that actually opens and closes, an interior lock, push handle, cup holders, a gas cap that can open just like a real car.

Why we liked it:

  • Durable tires
  • Easy to push
  • Made in the USA
  • Solid floorboard


  • Confusing putting together
  • A bit short for tall people

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Thomas & Friends Fisher-Price Wood, Racing Figure-8 Set

Power Wheels ThomasEven as adults, we can’t get our greedy eyes off this Thomas & Friends. It comes with a 15-feet track to get your kids familiar with the vehicle on the speed of 1 mph.

Once the youngster is ready to steer himself, you can let him ride freestyle off the track. This is a battery-powered car that can start and stop with one easy-push button.

It’s even more entertaining listening to Thomas music and phrases when pulling the whistle. Make sure you watch your little one when he’s onboard off the track.

If you want to extend the track, it’s possible to buy them from Fisher-Price.

Why we liked it:

  • Attractive design
  • Simple track setting up
  • Straightforward start, stop and steer
  • Long riding hours


  • Loud motor
  • No direct-access charging port

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VTech Sit-to-Stand Alphabet Train

VTech Sit-to-Stand Alphabet TrainThis is another ride-on toy that makes us want to turn babies again.

Study and play at the same time seem to be ideal. That is the concept of this alphabet train. It offers toddlers 3 play modes: Floor Play Mode, Walker Mode, and Ride-On Mode.

It’s not just a moving toy; your boys and girls can actually ride and repeat the letters. There are blocks for them to learn the handwriting of numbers and characters.

Not only that, kids will learn the simplest and first notes in their lives with 5 piano key buttons. They come with 100 preset songs to sing along and also sound effects, phrases to help build language and cognitive skills.

To get this train moving, the kids will have to use their legs. Consider the movement exercises, the toy strengthens physical and motor development.

Why we liked it:

  • Playful and educational
  • Colorful design
  • Multiple play modes
  • Playable for years
  • Easy to put together


  • Loud speakers

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Real-world Tips for Shopping for Ride-on Toys

Believe us! The market of ride-on toys for kids is a maze. Many people failed to get the best one. To ensure you will get the right toy for your little buddy, we’ve got some tips to share here.


SizeWe all know kids grow. But at the time being, you want your child to have the right-away fun. Getting the car at the right size lets your kids get on and off with ease.

You may consider the height of your children so that their feet can touch the floor for better balance.

In case you buy a car or truck, the right height ensures the kids’ knees won’t touch the steering wheel.


BalanceA toy that can stand on its own won’t topple over when the kid is riding it.

Our experience tells us that you should pay attention to the tires, its bearings, and wheelbase.

The larger the wheelbase is, the easier the car will tumble when gravity is not in the center. On the contrary, lower wheelbase guarantees more stability.

Broken wheels are the main source of a swaying car toy. You should check the bearings regularly to make sure it’s not damaged, especially after riding on an uneven surface.


DurabilityDurable ride-on toys can last for years until your kids are too large for it. It would save a bunch if the child will share the toy with his sibling.

When more than one kid is exploiting the vehicle, you don’t want it to become wear quickly.

So, it makes sense to pay some more buck for a well-made product. We prefer safe than sorry.


SafetyNothing is 100% safe for kids. Toys pose a particular possibility of dangers and injuries. That’s why there are safety standards that apply to different products.

For ride-on car toys, it is the safest to have the base close to the ground. Independent ride cars should have a seat with excellent traction. Safety seatbelts are also a plus to keep the kid steady on the seat.

If you buy a motorized-car, make sure it has brakes; ones that are easy to use with one action.

On top of all, your supervision plays an important role. Never let the kids ride on their own unless they are old enough to handle the toys alone.

If you care and want to know more about safety standards for toys, read here:

Side Features

Side featuresRide-on toys are not all about automobile-like units. They can come with various attributes such as cup holders, push handle, backpack, tailgate, messenger bag, horn, speaker, or walkie-talkie.

Those characteristics sure add more excitement when kids ride the toy. But not all of them are necessaries. You need to make sure the features can teach your children something or the kids at least know how to play with those functions.

If you tend to have a walk with your little angle daily, a place to keep your water bottle is very useful.

We don’t always like the noise and speaking from some toys, but if the phrases make sense, it’s ok to hear sometimes.

Kids’ Age

kids of all agesOf course, kids of all ages can have their toys; but for ride-on toys, they should be old enough.

The youngest kids who can ride should be able to sit on his own. Some ride-on toys are made for read-to-walk babies with support to get them to propel the toy using legs. Those are ones older than 2 years with a will to explore on foot.

From 3 years old, kids can sit on self-push cars to learn to steer. At 5 years, you can gift them motor-powered ride-on toys to drive inside the backyard and on the grass.

Weight Capacity

Weight capacityIt’s important to notice how heavy the car can bear because your kids will use it in years coming. Make sure the toy has the capability to load a growing child. You don’t want the seat or any compartment to break in the middle of the fun. Also, broken pieces can hurt.


1. How to Maintain Ride-on Toys?

A: Of course, kids are natural destroyers. So, you need a durable enough toy first. Then, we suggest checking the toy before getting it to use and after the play section. Car toys usually have damages in the wheels and bearings. Checking those parts regularly let you know when to repair. That task also ensures safety for your kids.

2. Is it Necessary to Wear Safety Gear?

A: We recommend getting your kids to wear a helmet when they sit or stand on anything that rolls.

3. Does Riding a Ride-on Car Toy Make Kids More Confident?

A: Giving children their own toy properties teaches them to be independent from young ages. When driving their own mini-cars, kids feel proud and happy with what they have accomplished.

A playful kid is more confident than timid ones. If you can get the little buddies to play and learn at an early age, they will grow with dependability and intelligence.

Those toys are attractive to all kids, even the reluctant ones. If they refuse to play, you can encourage by showing them how other kids having fun with the toys.

4. Are Ride-on Toys Totally Safe?

A: To tell you the truth! Nothing is 100% safe. But with minimal dangerous possibilities, you can set your mind at rest watching the kids play in joy. Supervision is necessary when the babies are small, obviously. When they grow bigger, you let them ride free inside the property and share the fun with siblings or neighbors.

Wrapping Up

We hope you have all it takes to buy the best ride-on toys for kids. You can trust us because we’ve got those products out of evaluation from our little testers. They love all the toys above.

Remember! Getting this kind of toy is all about noticing the features and how safe it is for the kids.

Last but not least, avoid toys with tiny pieces because little kids are likely to eat them, causing suffocation and chocking.

Leave us questions in the comment box if you need further help. Our kiddie experts are here to answer all. Thank you for reading.

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