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Ridge Skateboards has quickly emerged as one of the top brands in the domain of skateboards. Started off in 2011, they cruised in this field, later on opting it as a full-time business. For the people wanting to get a quality product in affordable amount, Ridge Skateboard brand remains the ultimate option.

After several trial and error periods, Ridge has adequately managed to up its quality, presenting the blend of tradition and modernism in its cruisers. They mainly survive on a secretive plastic formula for creating their durable boards. Hence, what you get from Ridge is a depiction of quality, sturdiness, and creativity, providing an unforgettable skating experience to you on the go.

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Ridge Skateboard Brands


Reviews (17/20)

Ridge Skateboard brand has undoubtedly succeeded in providing the best penny skateboards with durability and robustness. They have used a secret plastic formula comprising automotive industry-strength polyurethane plastic, which adds sturdiness and flexibility to the board at the same time. You can swiftly personalize your board by choosing your favorite color from the range of 1500 shades offered by Ridge. Though the makers have primarily conserved the traditional design, they have significantly improved their quality by increasing the board size and quality of components.

Riding (17/20)

If you desire to have a memorable skating experience with the best cruisers, then Ridge Skateboard brand comes in as the best choice. Their stylish mini cruisers make traveling so relaxed and comfortable that you will not want to interrupt your ride. You can carry over this fast, discreet and convenient skateboard with you anywhere you want, regardless of whether you have a subway plane in your mind, a bus or a train.

Likewise, when you desire to reach out to a beach, cruise to your favorite skate spot, travel to the school, roam around the streets, or want to set off for any routine ride, the ridge mini cruisers will be right there on the go. You will enjoy a lot as they take you to your destination spots stylishly and expediently.

However, the wheels of the board may sometimes lift off the ground if you are on a harsh ride. Hence, you may suffer a flipping of the board. Nonetheless, the various parts of the skateboard have been designed with harmony to alleviate oversteer.


Design (14/15)

When it comes to the peculiarity and excellence of design, Ridge seems to have seamlessly outclassed all others. Maintaining the classiness of the design of the 1970s, they have adopted the baseline of product from the Makaha plastic skateboards, that too, with a marked improvisation. Their unique secretive synthetic formula confers sufficient bendability and strength to the board, making them resistant to damages.

The biggest plus with the Ridge skateboard brand is that they are the sole manufacturers of a mini cruiser that is not built in China. Ridge mini cruisers are created in the UK. Hence, if you are looking out for a non-Chinese board, Ridge is right there for you. Being highly portable, you can enjoy your favorite skate ride anytime anywhere with these boards.


Deck (14/15)

Ridge has undoubtedly taken care of comfortable carriage by offering a compact design. You can even put it in a regular sized backpack, and carry it over anywhere. If you are a pro-longboarder, its small size may initially make you wonder how to ride it. However, once you begin, you will find yourself being comfortable with it within a few hours. Its little kicktail suffices to provide enough support for you to rest your foot on so that you can have complete control on your ride with ease.

Ridge skateboard brand not only ensures comfort and compactness of size for enhanced portability, but it also keeps the quality of the deck on priority. Its unique plastic material adds exceptional flexibility to the deck, making it portable and easily shaped without damaging the design and endurance. The 3-inch aluminum trucks with smooth PU wheels support the deck of the board so that what you get from the board is a sturdy and smooth ride. The PU suspension rings and Abec bearings absorb all the jerks to provide a seamless skating experience even on rough terrains. The robustness of the board can be judged by the fact that it supports a ride weighing 200+ lbs. What else do you expect from a premium skateboard brand like Ridge!


Wheels (8/10)

You can certainly get the best ride with the Ridge Skateboard brand owing to its excellent wheels. The boards feature large, soft, 59 mm, 88A polyurethane wheels that are fitted with Abec-7 bearings. It means the smoothness of your ride is indeed guaranteed. Whenever and wherever you are, keep yourself rolling with the Ridge skateboard ride.

If you are skeptical about the quality of this affordable brand, then let us tell you that Ridge has made every effort to alleviate your doubts. The Abec-7 bearings are made of stainless steel alloy that are exceptionally fast and durable. If you are a pro-longboarder, you might be well-aware of the usefulness of these bearings.

The Abec-7 bearings, together with the smooth PU wheels, ensure to bear every jerk on the ride. So, if you are afraid to skate on rough terrains, like ditches and pools, keep your worries aside as the Ridge skateboard is right here for you.


Trucks (9/10)

Digging out a bit more into details, the Ridge trucks, once again, make us fall for the brand due to the quality. Ridge skateboards feature high end, extremely robust and resilient 3-inch aluminum trucks that support the durable deck for a smooth ride. The trucks with 90A bushings, Abec-7 bearings, and soft pivot cups, make sure that you can continue cruise with comfort for a long time.

Bushing (4/5)

The quality of a skateboard is not dependent on the wheels, deck, or the trucks. Meager components, like bushings, also play a vital role in providing a rejuvenating skating experience. Ridge seems to be conscious of it. Their decks are backed by 90A soft PU bushings that empower you to cruise smoothly over the streets, ramps, pools, skate parks, and other smooth and rough surfaces.

Bearing (4/5)

Bearings of a skateboard may belong to one of the various classes, rated according to their level of endurance in descending order: 1, 3, 5, 7, and 9. The highest ABEC bearing class furnishes you with the most precise, and efficient performance. However, they may cause a slight hindrance to fast spin. In a way, this feature is supportive, especially when you are not good at controlling your skateboards. The Ridge skateboard brand features ABEC-7 bearings that are high-speed stainless steel bearings for providing you a smooth, reliable, and quick ride.

The ABEC-7 bearings also provide excellent robustness and strength, withstanding about 200 lbs or more weight. Hence, these bearings remain the right choice for more skaters. Plus, since these skateboards are light in weight, you can easily carry them with you on the way.


The Ridge skateboard brand, although may not be on top of the list, yet it thrives as one of the best skateboard brands. Endurance, resilience, smooth ride, and what not – Ridge seems to have been endeavoring to make their mini cruisers a one-stop solution for all skaters. So, the next time you step out to get yourself a good skateboard, make sure to check out the Ridge prior making purchases.

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