Is Rimable a Good Brand?

RIMABLE is one of the few renowned brands, which have come up with some amazing Longboard models, which has the ability to fulfill all the crazy demands of the users. So, if you have just stepped into Longboarding or are an experienced rider and are looking for a stable board, then you can truly rely on this brand as it will help you to find out the best model that can be used to try new tricks and master the riding skills.

The company does not have a wide collection of Longboards like other top brands, but all the models released by the company are being appreciated by the users from all over the world and can be trusted for a superb performance. Let’s have a look at the key specs of RIMABLE company, which will help you to know more about the brand quality and performance.

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As all the models from this brand are being appreciated by the users from all over the world, there is no chance of getting negative customer reviews for the models. The company is far ahead of other overrated brands in this category as most of the models have gained a customer rating of 4.5 or more. Overall, the company has managed to gain a customer rating of 4.3 out of 5.0, which clearly defines the customers love and trust in the brand.

Riding Style

Longboarding includes four riding styles, i.e. cruising, freestyle, freeride and downhill. For each riding style, there is a specialized board for them which serve the sole purpose to give the user the best experience with that style. The company has manufactured few models, which are specially designed for a specific riding style that is why this company is so much popular with the consumer. Moreover, the company has also got a few models in the collection that can be used for all the riding styles.

Design / Color

Rimable Color Design

The company has a small collection of Longboards as compared to other brands, but all the models are best in terms of design and colour. Riders these days look out for a board, which comprises powerful specifications and innovative design and colour combination. The company realizes this fact faster than other brands so they are manufacturing a special model which has both innovation design and superior features. The RIMABLE Drop-Through Longboard (41-inch) is a great example of how beautifully these products are designed.

Deck, Wheels

Deck and Wheels are the major components of a Longboard as the overall performance of the board is majorly dependent on it. We recommend using our high quality deck and wheel with the best parts for your board the chance of accident happening will be reduced significantly. The company uses superior quality wheels and decks, which allows the user to get the most out of this adventuring sport. The RIMABLE 41 Inch Drop Deck Complete Longboard is a typical product worth reference for you.

Deck longboard Rimable


The truck is responsible for establishing a connection between the deck and wheels. If top quality trucks are being used, then the Longboard will be able to hold on the connection between the deck and wheels for a long time, which will definitely decrease the risk of falling. The company uses aluminium trucks in most of its models, which hold on the connection for a long period and reduces the risk of falling to a great extent.

Rimable Wheels


Each component directly affects the performance of the Longboard. Most of the companies prefer to use superior quality products for major products and average quality for minor products such as bushings in order to earn more profits. However, RIMABLE doesn’t compromise with any components and uses best quality products for minor components such as bushings too.


The ABEC ratings are a helpful measurement system to evaluate how good a set of bearings are. The company uses ABEC 11 bearings for most of its models, which means high quality bearings are being used. Not only this, the company also provides high speed lubricant along with the bearings, which enhances the overall performance of the board. The RIMABLE Canadian Maple Freeride Concave Deck Longboard (Drop-Through,42Inch) with Maximum stability makes this a great choice.

Bearings longboard Rimable


With the key factors mentioned above, you must have got a clear idea about the quality products and services offered the company. The company is expected to rise in the overall rankings as the models released by the company are being liked by the users from all over the world. The customer rating is also increasing day by day, which might help the company to gain the top spot in the rankings within a few months.

If you look at the some of the best collection from this brand, then you will find different shaped Longboards with superb customer ratings. From drop through Longboards to Pintail Longboards, the company has managed to impress the customers with perfectly designed boards.

If we talk about the company’s models, then RIMABLE Bamboo Drop through Longboard might be the best model in the lower segment as it comprises of all the features a top rated Longboard must possess. Moreover, the company also offers a one year warranty with the model, which is like adding ice to the cake. So, get this superior quality model as soon as possible without emptying your pockets and get the most out of the adventurous Longboarding sport.

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