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There is a large variety of skateboards in the market that when it comes to buying one, people feel pretty confused. Best solution to eliminate this confusion is to look for Rimble skateboards. It’s a reliable brand providing a wide collection of durable and high quality skateboards. Whether you are looking for a smooth cruiser or impressive maneuver-friendly board, Rimble offers it all in a good quality and affordable rates. Statistics below describe the credibility of each feature included in Rimble skateboards:

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Rimble Skateboard BrandWhenever it comes to buying something for the first time, it’s always safe to go through customer reviews. Skateboard models released by Rimble brand are being appreciated in every corner of the world where skaters know the difference between good boards and poorly made boards. Being rated above 4.5 out of 5, each model by Rimble manufacturers is successfully satisfying crazy cruisers and professional skateboardracers.

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In skateboarding, there are four most common riding styles i.e. cruising, free-style, downhill and free ride. To enjoy each riding style at fullest, you need to step on a right skateboard with certain specifications. Rimble brand understands it well and provides riders with a wide collection of all styles. Whether you want a cruiser for free style riding or drop-down deck for downhill style, this brand has got it all to satisfy your riding needs. Every board is designed well enough to manage smooth and joyful rides.


Design of a skateboard plays an important role in making or breaking the overall performance. Rimble skateboards are expertly deigned according to the needs of riders and limitations of riding styles. From color to structure, every feature is considered deeply and powerful specifications are added in the design to make it look great and increase its practicability.


Rimble SkateboardWhen it comes to buying a skateboard, every rider has serious concerns regarding the deck. It’s the part of a skateboard where riders place their feet to enjoy wheel excursions. As decks are the most important feature of skateboards, Rimble brand offers one of the best decks. Their decks are sturdy and completely reliable offering great stability to riders. Rimble decks are made up of different materials, some are stiffer, some are flexible and some are stiff with a little flex. Depending on your riding style, you can go with the one that suits you best. Moreover, Rimble brand makes decks in almost all shapes including drop-down and pintail. Aside from shapes, decks are manufactured in different sizes as well so kids and adults can pick the suitable ones.


Deck is nothing more than a useless wooden board unless wheels are attached to it. Rimble brand makes wheels in a superb quality to enhance the riding of skateboards. The wheels are strong and durable enough to withstand surface harshness and provide smoother rides. Every skateboard by Rimble brand has different wheels varying in shape and size depending on the deck style and overall skateboard design. Wheels work even better when bearings and trucks are good.


Part of a skateboard used to connect wheels to deck is called truck. Every skateboard has two trucks that make it easier for riders to take quick and smoother turns. Rimble skateboards have durable trucks to withstand pro level drills. They bear all the pressure when board lands on the surface after a quick flip or jump and do not wear off so easily.


To increase the smoothness in turns, bearings are used at trucks. They are rubber made rings that introduce flexibility at turning points in trucks. Bushings of Rimble skateboards do not persist much longer and wear off soon but as they are pretty cheap, you can replace them from time to time.


Rimble skateboards usually come with standard bearings that are rated as ABEC 11. They are pretty fine for normal cruising and do not need maintenance very shortly. Bearings come with non-contact rubber shield that makes it easier for users to clean and lubricate them. Make sure you do it at alternative days if you are a regular cruiser and want to enjoy same bearings for longer duration. As far speed is concerned, bearings might wear off sooner if you are a fast rider. But worry not, they cost pretty reasonably that you won’t find replacing themdifficult at all. Rimble bearings’ life increases when they are regular cleaned and saved from corrosion.

Rimable Complete 22
Here comes this mini cruiser skateboard for new comers as well as pro teenagers who enjoy fast riding. Available in a large variety of colors and designs, this skateboard is becoming a fashion symbol for young riders. They ride it in style to college as transportation and hold it in a classy manner under their arms to build a style statement. Weighing only 198 pounds, this board is pretty easy to carry anywhere you like without feeling any burden. Whether you want to cover long distances in campus quickly or crave for skate park fun, this mini cruiser is a best option to do it all effortlessly. It’s a durable skateboard as every part of it is made from high quality material. Where trucks are solid and made up of aluminum, the deck is also thick and fresh in making. It has top notch PU wheels and smooth bearings allowing riders to roll like they have never before!


  • It’s an easily portable skateboard that students may carry to college and hold with easy. It’s also durable as quality of materials used in its manufacture is great.
  • It’s inexpensive and rolls pretty smoothly. The size is small enough to pack when travelling.


  • The wheels are just plastic hence slip a lot and wear off sooner.
  • Bearings are also poor quality and need replacement.

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Rimable Drop-through
This longboard come skateboard is another amazing product of Rimble brand. This drop through longboard is perfect for freestyle riders who want to enjoy the tighter turning radius with better wheel performance. Its freeride deck is expertly made with 9 ply wood offering stable rides and proper stiffness. It’s pretty easy to push because deck has low height and around 9.5″ width.

Trucks, wheels and bearings are also pretty durable and work perfectly fine. Where trucks are made up of aluminum material in 7 inch size, wheels are made from PU and are robust. When it rolls, this classy board is hard to beat and runs pretty smoothly. It’s great choice to enjoy different riding styles from downhill to freeride. You can use it as means of transformation to cover small distances quickly in style.


  • The height of deck is low than standard skateboards hence it is pretty easy to push with a little force.
  • It’s an affordable skateboard and comes in a pretty good quality. Beginners can use it as their learning ride.


  • The deck is not flexible and is not ideal for sharp turns.

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Rimable Bamboo
Another great addition to the incredible collection of skateboards by Rimble is made with this Bamboo Drop through model. The deck of this model is made with a fine blend of maple and bamboo and performance is enhanced with a little concave in it. It’s a flexible and durable deck that has a refined 9 ply lamination with heat absorbent layer. Trucks are aluminum made and quite robust to bear pressure and high weight.

Wheels are also quite impressive and comes with 85A hardness to withstand the roughness of harsh surfaces. Bearings also work well but need frequent lubrication to stay in a good condition. This board allows riders to stand with great grip because deck is covered with a high quality grip tape. Overall, this skateboard is good in quality and much appreciated by riders in terms of performance.


  • This skateboard is great for beginners as it cost inexpensively but quality is not compromised at all.
  • It’s a reliable board and pretty easy to carry due to its simple design and lightweight.


  • The trucks are terrible and much stiff to allow easy turns.
  • Bearings are quite sluggish and need lubrication to work finely.

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Rimable Pintail
This is another good option for beginners as well as professionals. It’s a pintail longboard offering great maneuverability and speedy rides. From quality to performance to design, everything is pretty satisfactory. All features including deck, trucks and wheels are made with top notch materials to increase the practicability and overall riding. Wheels are pretty good and offer smoothest rides even on rough surfaces.

Its deck is in pintail shape and made up of finely finished wood layers. Pushing it is pretty easy and totally effortless. As far stability is concerned, this skateboard allows riders to enjoy balance and firmness in posture because deck is sufficiently stiff. From short excursions to long races, this pintail board is a fine option to enjoy skateboarding. It’s a strong skateboard whose deck is laminated with 9 ply maple and wheels


  • It offers speedy rides and higher stability due to robust deck and reliable trucks and bearings.
  • This board is cheaper while quality is pretty good and reliable. It’s a good option for beginners.


  • Bearings are not satisfactory and need to be changed after a while.

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Penny Nickel
This durable skateboard by Rimble brand is a good choice for beginners to enjoy freestyle cruising. It features a vibrant color scheme attracting everybody on the track. It comes in the same old stylish as classic skateboard in 70s. The size is ideal for teenagers as length is 27″ and width is 6″. Coming to deck, it’s classic waffle board with non-slippery coverage. It offers much grip and stability for the riders.

This skateboard is originally made in Australia andavailable for sale all around the world. Wheels re quite smooth and come with the hardness level of 83A. They are fine for fun cruising and strong enough to bear maneuver pressure. The overall quality and performance of the skateboard is good and worth trying. Users are happy with this model and recommend strongly.


  • It offers much stability on the road due to its size and deck quality. Rolling it pretty easier even for beginners.
  • Price is pretty low for its good quality. It can be used as transportation for short distances.


  • It’s not lightweight hence difficult to carryindoors.

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Skateboards and longboards are much in demand due to increasing popularity ofthis sport. Among many skateboard brands comes Rimble Company that manufactures one of the best skateboards in the world. From deck to wheels to trucks, this brand provides incredible models of skateboards with a number of good features. Above we have mentioned the top selling models by Rimble that you may check to find suitable one for yourself.

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