RipTide Skateboard Brand Review – Is It The Best On The Market?

RipTide Skateboard is a skater-owned microbrewery-style company. In the first period, the manufacturer commits to producing hand-crafted urethane compounds in California, USA.

Seven years later, their new accessories are improved including wheels, bearing lubrication, shapes, durometers, and more bushing formulas. The result is that their customers a better feeling and performance of longboard and skateboard.

Moreover, people can set their mind at rest with each product of RipTide on the market. All of them are 100% inspected at all levels of the process, packaged with the specific label. Notably, they have enough appropriate information and washers or hardware.

Here is an informative riptide electric skateboard review for you before going to a store for purchasing or buying online.

How Many Models Does Riptide Skateboard Have?

How Many Models Does Riptide Skateboard Have?

Riptide skateboard comes with 2 models: the R1 and the R1 Elite. How they work is not different. You grab and roll the wireless hand controller into your thumb forward to accelerate and brake by rolling it downward. Depending on you are a beginner or expert, flip a switch to toggle the modes. The button allows you to use the reverse function.

And now, we will consider the differences between these 2 models: the R1 and the R1 Elite.


RipTide R1 Elite

What makes RipTide R1 Elite stands out others that is the actual skateboarders build it. And this model has many other features. Let’s discover:

RipTide R1 Elite


Compared to the prototype, the base hardware of RipTide has not changed. Specifically, the kicktail deck, maneuverability, and agility are the same. However, the deck is not designed concave, so it’s not too comfortable but still very serviceable. You can’t expect too much with an inexpensive board. This hardware lacks the stock bushings, but it’s possible to replace one as long as it suits your riding style. When it comes to RipTide R1 Elite wheels, they run admirably, in spite of the small, cute, and dorky look.


Remote of RipTide R1 Elite is generic nano that you can find out everywhere. Although nothing is special, your job gets done for sure. On this board, it can respond immediately without any trouble, but it takes most of the time. When you release the throttle to stop acceleration, the RipTide R1 Elite will keep accelerating a little in advance.


If you take off on flat ground, all modes will run normally, but its curve is different in a while. Generally, you need more time to reach the top or shorter speed and it will make you unbalance a little. However, in case you take off on a hill about 5% grade, it may happen “cogging motor syndrome.” You can deal with this problem by kick-pushing to start up a 5%-grade hill.

Top speed

According to the speedometer, RipTide R1 Elite reaches 19MPH (full battery) and 17MPH (not full). These numbers show that they are close to the advertised top speed (20MPH).


Braking is only useful if you aren’t on a heavier side. In case you use this board on a downhill section, it can be accelerated even when you get your brakes completely. It’s better to have a good foot braking skill when you use RipTide R1 Elite to make sure your safety. In the beginning period, you should get used to it by braking softer.

Who should use the RipTide R1 Elite?

Generally, this product tends to the casual riders more. The reason is that the overall of the Riptide Elite is just ok from acceleration, braking, to remote responsiveness. I highly recommend this product for those who want to travel in a short distance with minimal hills. It doesn’t suit someone who is looking for a powerful shortboard.


RipTide R1 Electric Skateboard

The RipTide R1 skateboard is famous for a major power in a compact deck. In spite of a mere 31” in length, this model can provide 1800w of power. Are you a lover of the tech-infused skateboarding? This part of the RipTide R1 review is for you.

RipTide R1 Electric Skateboard

Electrifying Ride

Apart from a beautiful look, this has a kick tail, handles, tail lights or headlights and an airline friendly battery. All of them can keep your riding way longer.

Compared to another one, the Riptide R1 Electric skateboard comes with an extremely easy operation. What you have to do is only take the wireless hand controller to roll your thumb forward. To place the brakes on, you need to roll it downward. When toggling between the beginner and advanced modes, flip a switch and tap a button to engage the reverse function.

The Serious Drivetrain

The 1800W dual belt drive train screams off the line up to an impressive top speed of 20MPH. Even it powers up hills better than the other same-sized boards.

Great Portability

The combination of 13 lbs, 31” deck, an airline-friendly 99Wh battery, and dual handles creates a compact design. Thus, you can easily take it with you everywhere, suiting the lovers of travel. The range of 8 miles plus an optional fast charger can keep your board ride more 90 minutes. Thus, it’s fine to use the RipTide R1 electric skateboard for your short trip.

Moreover, its components are appropriate to maintain the portability including 245mm wide trucks, and the big diameter, soft urethane wheels.

Who should use the RipTide R1?

It has an affordable price and a small size so you can invest one for riding around your campus. Thanks to a compact design, it’s easy to bring on a train or store in a trunk of a car. If you are looking for something that can perfectly solve on poor city pavement, the big, soft wheels are great.

Finally, R1 is also an ideal vehicle to use at night due to the set of tail lights and headlights. They help other drivers, bicyclists, and pedestrians see you in the conditions of the busy intersection and bad light.

The Best Seller of RipTide Skateboard

To give you a specific choice, I will review an outstanding RipTide skateboard of this brand:

The Best Seller of RipTide Skateboard

Buy it on Amazon.com

Despite a small and compact design, its major power can surprise you. Even for some people, this is the fastest skateboard available on the current market. That is a serious 1800W dual belt drivetrain with 7-mile range.

Therefore, you can use it for your short trips. In particular, you climb up the hills with this model because its regenerative braking keeps your safety completely.

Compared to a long electric board, this compact 31” length is lightweight. Therefore, you can easily bring it with you to everywhere, storing in a trunk of a car, for example. What’s more, the design of handles is built-in helping you pick up it by only one finger.

Are you looking for something which you can carry on your flight? This RIPTIDE Electric Skateboard is a perfect choice because it meets the TSA guidelines.

How it works is simple. You need to use your thumb to roll forward or backward. When it comes to remote, there are 3 modes for you to choose from. Firstly, beginner mode is designed for those who want to learn since it decreases acceleration and the top speed. Meanwhile, Eco mode is the best to improve range as it reduces acceleration or maximum speed. Finally, that is the expert mode which is for maximum acceleration or top speed.


  • Small and light but powerful design
  • Great acceleration
  • Fast for newbie
  • Easy to carry


  • The fairly flimsy controller gives a cheap feeling

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Frequently Questions about Models of RipTide

Below are some common questions about RipTide skateboard brand from customers:


What are the features of RipTide hand controller?

What are the features of RipTide hand controller?

  • There are 2 rider modes which are the beginner and advanced ones.
  • Depending on your demand, you can reverse with the smart activation and choose regenerative or active braking.
  • When you start the model, it runs soft to create the smooth acceleration off the line.
  • It comes with the low battery ramp that can decrease voltage sag and enable the low battery braking.
  • The remote of RipTide is certified FCC independently, the Bluetooth connection of 16-channel (2402-2480 MHz) with auto-binding. This skateboard has a great range of 14 meters without any interference.
  • You can charge the remote by the micro-USB cable.

What Kinds of the Riptide Batteries are?

Riptide Batteries

Currently, its battery is 6S3P including 21.6v nominal or 25.2v max, and 4.5Ah total. The lithium ion 18650 is at 8C maximum constant discharge. Meanwhile, the current BMS is 30A continuous or 60A peak; especially it has the standard safety protection and cell balance. The RipTide runs the high-discharge cells in a 3P configuration. So there is enough amperage to solve the heavy loads in essential cases.


What Kinds of the Riptide Motors are?

 Riptide Motors

The peak power is 1.800 watts of the dual belt drive motors which are brushless sensorless DC ones. You can see that it looks like a DJI drone but bigger. Despite a small package, the belt drive over hub motors come with maximum performance. Furthermore, it supports to deliver torque better which helps improve hill climbing and acceleration. Don’t worry your belts can wear down over time because it’s easy to have a replacement within 5 minutes.


Is the RipTide Skateboard Waterproof?

RipTide Skateboard Waterproof

According to the RipTide skateboard review, it isn’t waterproof, although the manufacturer has tried to add the water-resistant feature. Thus, it’s fine to ride RipTide skateboard through an occasional puddle and irrigation runoff but wet conditions, raining, for example. This way helps your model prevent rusting the bearings and damaging the electronics. Riding in terrain with reduced traction is only a way to put you in danger.

However, the smart battery design is fully sealed even it is independently partitioned to seal motor controller and battery compartment. Bonus, the sensorless motors minimize the susceptibility to water. There is no need to worry that you have to spend more time and money for regular maintenance.


Does the RipTide Skateboard Include Regenerative Braking?

RipTide Skateboard Include Regenerative Braking

The RipTide has a lot of braking technologies with the purpose of slowing down quickly and smoothly to stop completely. Furthermore, this skateboard is integrated both active braking and regenerative braking. Normally, you only see these technologies in the Mellow Drive and ZBoard.

The variable braking strength allows you to have more dynamic control to brake than the on-or-off pre-programmed braking curve. Another outstanding feature is that even for the fully depleted battery, it’s possible to brake.


What are the Features of the Battery of RipTide Skateboard?

Battery of RipTide Skateboard

In California, the RipTide battery box is designed with many rounds, CNC, and 3D printing. All of them make sure the right fitment of the grommet seals, gasket, controller, and battery. Therefore, they keep water out, heat dissipation, structural strength, and perfect placement of the charge port, power switch, and custom battery meter.

When it comes to battery certification, it is applied the UL-certified lithium-ion cells in the 6S3P arrangement. In particular, it meets the standard of safety protection and cell balancing. The Riptide runs the high-discharge cells in a 3P configuration for more amperage output capacity solving the heavy loads. In general, the battery of RipTide skateboard meets TSA as well as other guidelines for sea freight, and air travel.


Does my post lead you to a decision of buying a riptide skateboard? If you worry about the riptide skateboard price, you can consider purchasing one for sale. Furthermore, now, it’s not hard to find out a riptide skateboard discount code on the market.

To make clear, I will repeat all the essential information one more time. This is a famous brand which is 100% inspected at all levels of the process, packaged with a specific label. So, there is no need to worry about the quality of their products.

There are 2 basic models of this brand: the R1 and the R1 Elite. Both of them have specific advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, depending on your demand, you should have a proper option. Typically, you can consider my recommend – RIPTIDE Electric Skateboard, Motorized Longboard with BIG Power in a Small Package.

Also, if you have any question about RipTide Skateboard, don’t hesitate to leave a comment below. They will make my list of the common questions about RipTide Skateboard brand more variable. Also, please share with your loved ones who are in need of your help.

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