5 Best Off-road Electric Skateboards for Excursions in 2022

Electric skateboards have opened the new era for this sport. The off-road version allows skaters to cruise all over the city and a larger area without worrying about poor terrains. The market continues to release update models. New functions get enhanced so that users can have better experience.

However, everything has two sides. Abundant choices for off-road electric skateboard and borderless utilities attached confuse purchasers. So, we are here to help.

We have shortened down the offers into 5 top products that ensure standards about off-road traveling. In addition, they contain a unique design for the best excursion. Are you getting ready to explore the list?

5 Top-Rated Off Road Electric Skateboards: Full Reviews

Tomoloo Music-Rhythmed Hover Board

Tomoloo Music-Rhythmed Hover Board

The first impression at Tomoloo hoverboard must be the look. It does not look like a wild beast for off-road riding. It appears conventional and unique. This hoverboard allows users to ride on the hill regarding about the angle of 30°.

Not only youngsters but children would fall in love with this design from Tomoloo. It has a light system at the front in the shape of dragon’s head. With rear lights and front lights, skaters can quickly call for attention if they want to turn or simply, ride in dark weather.

This board also allows turning around with the smaller diameter. Both children and adults feel safe while riding this one. To cope with off roads, they have made bigger rubber wheels. Hence, this one looks modern and sturdy.


  • Conventional look
  • Larger wheels to run over rough terrains
  • Allowance for up to 30° hill
  • Convenient tesla battery which allows any time changing
  • Allowance for turn-around with the diameter less than 2 meter
  • Lights at the front and rear deck


  • Quite heavyweight
  • Always connection to the phone even though users do not require

Teamgee H5 37 inch Electric Skateboard

Tomoloo Music-Rhythmed Hover Board

This design from Teamgee makers will captivate disadvantages of most electric skateboards. The decks are made from maple combined with fiberglass. It’s the reason why we praise this board for high flexibility and durability. It’s such a real beast for off-road excursions.

Moreover, it can carry up to 280 lbs while regular e-boards peak under 260lbs. Now, big guys find it easier to purchase strong skateboards. Manufacturers have made it the slimmest with only 0.5 inches of thickness. Therefore, it can absorb forces better during the ride. It seems we have found a lightweight skateboard.

On remote, we can view the speed of running by the new convenient LCD screen.


  • The thinnest E-skateboard
  • Portable and hidden battery for a better look
  • Flexible deck thanks for the use of maple and fiberglass
  • The innovative wireless LCD screen on remote
  • Safer cruising off-road with wheel bites
  • Affordable skateboard


  • No deactivation mode
  • Minimum allowance to 90-degree turn at standard intersections

Evolve Skateboards – Electric Bamboo GTR Street and All

Evolve Skateboards

Could you believe this?

If you ride Evolve Bamboo GTX on street , the battery can run for 31 miles. With a speed of 26 MPH, it’s such an excellent choice for adventures. In return, you have to recharge the battery in 4-5 hours on average. It’s much longer than usual e-board, but we think it’s worth your time.

The only thing that might cause some users to consider Evolve Bamboo twice is still the battery. It’s said to be changed annually, but manufacturers have the new batteries for sale only. That means the guarantee does not include the replacement. You have to pay for it.

This board is usable for various terrains such as a medium hill, tarmac, concrete or bitumen.
Why many skateboarders fear to stop during high speed, with Evolve bamboo’s remote, they have made the stop more comfortable.

With for modes (GT, FAST, ECO, SLOW), this skateboard allows you to experience different levels of off-road cruising. More than that, it’s also a design for flexible reaction. Who knows what are waiting for us on the road?
This is also one of the innovative skateboards with LCD screen with remote.


  • All-terrain skateboard
  • Durable battery
  • Convenient LCD digital screen
  • Comfortable rubber covers for wheels
  • Powerful and flexible skateboard


  • Long time or charging
  • Small wheels
  • Occasionally disconnection of remote and board
  • Necessary annual change for battery (with paid)

Evolve Skateboards – Electric Carbon GTR Street and All

Evolve Skateboards – Carbon GT Series Electric Skateboard

As another design by Evolve, this Evolve Carbon GT contains signature appearance as well as high-speed motor and durable battery. While other e-board designs stop at three modes, Evolve has made its Bambo skateboard and this Carbon GT version with four verified modes for better riding.

However, it allows a wider approach to off-road. We can ride on uneven and dirt surfaces, even extremely poor terrains.

Unlike its brother, Evolve Bamboo, this design has got bigger rubber wheels with a narrower deck. All of them combined is to bring you more leisure riding off the road.


  • All-terrain skateboard
  • Performance of the smoothest acceleration and right brake
  • Innovative LCD digital screen
  • Powerful battery
  • Multiple speed mode to more natural riding (4 modes while others only have 2 or 3)


  • Flimsy wiring sometimes
  • The occasional disconnection between board and remote

Maxfind Max2 Electric Skateboard

Maxfind Max2 Electric Skateboard

Even though you are beginners at e-board, this one appears a good pick anyway.

Maxfind Max2 has broader deck at the middle so that users can stay balanced better. It’s still possible to ride uphill with this one.

With only 2 hours charging, Maxfind can take us anywhere in 16 miles diameter. This Maxfind is also a giant regarding its max load. Common e-boards will be sold well with the max weight under 250 lbs. However, Maxfind has maximized its load until 265 lbs.

Referring its shape, it’s incredible. The fiberglass deck is another plus because we have a lightweight skateboard to cruising outside of the city.


  • Flexible and robust deck made from fiberglass
  • Easy climbing up to the hill
  • Long battery lifespan with 800 times of recharge (estimated)
  • Estimated 1000 battery recharging cycles
  • Easy to clean up the deck by cloth
  • Aluminum frames which help cooling down the wheels


  • Occasional wireless disconnection
  • Small wheels

How to Choose a Perfect Off-Road Skateboard for You

What should you expect from off roads?

It must be a nightmare for all of skateboarders only in case they are not well-prepared. Especially designed electric skateboard for off-road means the solutions for packs of dust, hard ways and sandy surfaces.
However, in details, you should need to know what features you need.

Some certain features in design tell you the performance of the board on off-road. Let’s see through everything with us.

Choose a Perfect Off-Road


The remote is pretty essential for electric devices, not only with skateboards. It’s believed only for convenience. With skating, the remote can do more than help. First, you must know, the remote appears incredibly while you are running on off-road. It allows you to stop instantly, to speed up or slow down.

For such a wireless product, an excellent remote is crucial. It decides how comfortable you feel. The next is also another necessary factor to concern.

The Battery

No one can tell when you would feel fed up with the excursion on off the road. Thus, choose yourself powerful battery packs.

Manufacturers publish battery capacity with the product so that buyers can consider. You should refer to the type of road you usually ride skateboarding, or you suppose.

In addition, checking the battery is not about how far you can ride. Charging time also needs considering. Usually, lithium battery- the most popular category at present takes you only a couple of hours to fill.


We usually have two choices for the engine: brushless and brushed motor. Which one is better? When you ride off the road, lightweight skateboards always do a better job. Therefore, we recommend a lighter system – brushless motor.

With the invention of the lithium battery pack, electric skateboards now are made with power, portable, and lightweight motors. It’s also the model that brings more comfortable off-road cruising.

Note: Even though all products come with precise specifications, you have to choose the suitable engine for your use. Unique features usually include a high price. You must base on the terrains where you will ride this board as well as your personal demand. All of the criteria will result in a good and affordable one for you.


Some brands are doing good job about making electric boards. We have studied their focus on off-road functions, designs and battery lifespan. Therefore, we have conclusion about trustworthy makers of e-boards.For example, we have Evolve, Mototec, Teamgee and Tomoloo.

It’s not that all of their products perform outstanding but they are well concentrating. Each brands have their own concentration. Your role is to find out which feature you need to maximize. For instance, a big brand like Evolve understand what users need. They focus their design on powerful batteries and motors.

Is it everything you need to know? We think of one more problem that everyone should pay more attention. It’s about off-road electric skateboard maintenance.

How to Take Care?

Care Electric Skateboards

No matter how good you are at purchasing, maintenance plays a vital role in skateboard’s lifespan.

Moreover, electronic skateboards request more attention because next to fundamental decks and wheels, they have a motor to reserve.

How to make it right?

Common Maintenance

Common maintenance should be done with every type of skateboard, not alone electric ones. What we must take care of are bearings and grip tapes. Bearings, although, are not necessary for regular replacement, we have to get them checked frequently.

Make sure that wheels and bearings have not been oxidized or damaged yet. Running through off the road means passing by packs of dirt and dust. Therefore, we suggest cleaning after every excursion. Do not let them be blocked until the next round.

You should have alcohol and bearing lubricant available to cope with stubborn stains. Grip tapes ask for more care. When it’s peeled off, you are not in good condition anymore. Running in the mountainous or high-traction area usually cause damage on grip tape. Some people have to get it changed quite regularly. We think it’s necessary.

Electric Maintenance

There’s the hardware where the motor is set. Thus, keep your eyes on it. Do not let the device too loose or tight. Every force can ruin the engine inside. To make sure everything in good condition, you must examine before and also after the trip.

About the battery, our aim is keeping cells capacity at best. First, you should recharge the batteries regularly, no matter how often you ride it.

Do not only recharge after the batteries come empty. You should refill energy whenever you feel the abnormal speed. What’s to caution?


Most of the motor system cannot handle water or moisture. Some are made water-proof, but you should reduce running on water.

Youngsters love rising on water because it creates a beautiful effect. However, wet and dust can become truly terrible obstacles to your beloved skateboards.


Q1: How to control the board while riding off-road?

You have a remote which permit users to adjust speed, turn and also stop. Remote is convenient, but you must use your body, too.

The rising electric bike also needs skills as usual. You must take control of your body and directions.

It should be the perfect combination of typical skateboarding skills and high-technologies.

Q2: Can people perform tricks while riding an off-road electric skateboard?

We want to say yes. However, you must comprehend you deck before starting the performance. Keep in your mind that there are motor and longboard under your feet.

Only do tricks when you ensure the board’s features.

Q3: What is the standard range of price?

Usually, electric skateboard will go around $1000- $1500. However, there is much more economical order at approximately $500.

With premium electric skateboard that let you do everything in craziness, they will charge more. Electric skateboard is a serious investment.


With our top 5 of best electric skateboards for off-road riding and discussion, we hope that you have an idea about your demand. It’s more fun and convenience with electronic boards. However, in return, you pay more and care more.

Anyway, it’s the real exciting experience with the exciting sport. It’s such a fantastic combination of entertainment and technology.

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