Best Roller Skate For Kids – Great Gifts For Your Sporty Children!

Outdoor sports are extremely important in defining a child’s character in his/her early life stage. And the one “sport” that requires no muscle at all yet still brings flexibility is roller skating. It comes down to you, our dear parents, to find the best roller skate for kids.

Roller skating is not only adaptable, but also beneficial. This activity improves balance, strength, endurance and mostly, gets your kids outside, staying active and healthy.

Find roller skating interesting enough? Well then, stay tuned to find out the list of best roller skates for kids in 2020!

Detail Review Of Best Roller Skate For Kids

Roller Derby Girl’s Trac Star

Roller Derby Girl Trac StarTrust me, your daughter will fall in love with these rollers instantly when she sees them. The bright pink color will definitely make her stand out and visible from anywhere. Get your girl a helmet along with protective gears and she will turn out beautifully active!

Do not worry whether your kids can fit these rollers or not. Their sizes are adjustable up to 4 sizes, especially girl’s size to create the best comfort. Simply push the button and pull out the top cap to adjust to the proper size.

If your baby girl is a beginner in roller skating, these rollers will not freak her out. The chassis composes of lightweight cushions and trucks for your kids to gain better control in cruising and turning over the rollers.

One more tip is to tighten the wheels so that they don’t spin, making it easier for beginners to train. Once your girl has been familiar with the wheels, you can loosen them little by little, and she will be more comfortable in advancing.

And if she has been roller skating for a while, these rolling shoes can be a great company for her to improve her skill to the next level. These rollers can be used both inside and outside.

Roller Derby offers two sizes in general, medium size for shoe sizes 12-2 and large size for shoe sizes 3-6. Make sure to purchase the right size for your kid.

Overall, Roller Derby Girl’s Trac Star is a pair of rollers that will enchant every little girl with its stunning appearance and high quality.


  • Two colors available: pink and mint
  • Suitable for beginners and intermediates
  • High-quality rollers
  • Adjustable sizes


  • The size can be confusing
  • The wheels require extra maintenance

Roller Derby Boy’s Trac Star

Roller Derby BoyDo you want your baby boy to be the coolest boy in town? Well, surprise them with a pair of Roller Derby Boy’s Trac Star with that bold masculine black and red color on the rollers.

These rollers offer extreme comfort in boot and liner to make your child’s skating experience safe and sound. To create a great fit while skating, the thick, padded tongue is included along with the buckles putting the skating feet in place.

Whether your boy has been skating for a long time or has just recently involved in the sport , these rollers can be his best friend and guardian while skating . The Roller Derby Boy’s Trac Star is designed for all levels of experience, and they can be adjusted to match your kid’s preference.

It’s best to skate inside the house or flat area first if your boy is in his training, and once he is confident enough to let loose the wheels, go outside and have a great time skating with your son!

Again, make sure you study your son’s feet size well to purchase the perfect-sized rollers!

Roller Derby Boy’s Trac Star can be an excellent way to increase your son’s strength and balance without having to spend a fortune.


  • High quality rolling skates
  • Strong black and red colors for boys
  • Adjustable sizes
  • For beginners and intermediates


  • Sizing issue

Fun Roll Boy’s Jr

Fun Roll Boy JrA perfect present for the comic fans is right here. These rollers are here to intrigue your kids with the features of bright animations and fun colors. Feel excited enough?

These rollers are designed explicitly for beginners. Check out the design, we have big-sized wheels in the back and small-sized wheels in the front.

This asymmetry creates a low gravity center for more balance, suitable for your kid who has not familiarized with high wheels yet. Skating will be stable and comfy thanks to attachment of liner and locking closure.

Offered in 5 adjustable sizes, these rollers will ease your worry of not finding the right size for your child’s feet size. Simply find a knob at the back of the rollers, twist it to slowly expand the skate up to 5 shoe sizes!

Bear in mind that this pair of rolling skates is made purposefully for young beginners. In case your son is older than 10, you might want to consider buying another pair.

Feel free to play indoor and outdoor, any place where your child can be confident to roll unlimitedly as the wheels are made with urethane, capable of handling in and out environment pressure.


  • Fun color
  • High-quality, durable material
  • No tying needs
  • Suitable for beginners
  • Safe to use indoor and outdoor


  • Sizing issues
  • The wheels can be inactive sometimes

Chicago Kids Purple

Chicago Kids PurpleWonder what skater should you get for your baby girl to make them obsessed with skating? These cheek, fashionable purple rollers are the answers!

The Chicago Girls’ purple rollers are specially made for the beginners, with a boot that can be adjusted to fit the current level of the user. Once your girl hones her skating skill, more options in varying the components of the rollers are available.

These rollers are constructed with a two-piece boot, padded collar, inner nylon mesh to make the skating experience comfy and relax. They also include two micro ratchet buckles to stabilize their feet in the rollers.

Built-in toe brakes are also included to make sure every braking is safe and reliable.

Every youngster can trust the size of these rolling skates. Being manufactured by Chicago Skates, one of the most well known brands for roller skating equipment, you can rely on the quality of these rollers. Keep your daughter rolling with these Chicago Kids Purple rollers!

Pay attention to the size before you purchase these rollers as you cannot return them once bought them.

No matter where your daughter put these rollers on, indoor or outdoor, she can enjoy the fun to the fullest!


  • High quality material rollers
  • Specially made for beginners
  • Adjustable sizes
  • Can be used both indoor and outdoor


  • Sizing issues
  • Poor customer services

Roller Derby ION 7.2

Roller Derby IONAre you ready to upgrade your kid’s roller skating from being a hobby to a career? Well, then the ION 7.2 from Roller Derby are willing to be put in your shopping cart!

In case your kid is new to rolling skate, don’t even think of buying this pair as you will freak out your baby. Unlike these four quad rollers mentioned above, these rollers include incline wheels which require your kid to be at a particular level of intermediate, for instance.

Based on its design, their wheels are more difficult to control and to remain balanced. However, if your kid wants to take their hobby to a whole new level, then this pair is a perfect starting kit. Make sure to equip your child with a helmet, arms and legs protective gear and they are good to go!

You may think that these rollers might upset your child as they tend to create discomfort.

Contrary to what you think, they are still attached with a supportive lightweight ankle cuff and comfortable hybrid boot. Hook-and-loop Power Strap is responsible for locking the heels to maintain power, control, and stability.

The only thing we don’t like about these skates is the fact that the wheels require great maintenance to be used long-term.

Hence, these Roller Derby ION 7.2 rollers are perfect for children who have mastered the original ones and ready to take the next step.


  • High quality aluminium frame
  • Adjustable sizes
  • Great for intermediates only
  • Can be used indoor and outdoor


  • The wheels require extra maintenance

How To Select The Best Roller Skates For Kids?

Before purchasing a pair of rollers for your kids, it’s best to determine these criteria. Check out these tips below to guide you through how to select the best roller skates for your children.

Which type of skate do you want?

There are two types of skate typically made for kids, which are mentioned in the review above, are quad skates and inline skates. To determine which skates should be put into your shopping cart, you need to study your kid’s behaviour?

Is he a roller skating beginner who is excited about getting a new hobby or has he familiarized with skating for a long time and prefers to upgrade his skill?

Quad rollers with four stable flat wheels are typically made for beginners as they are easy to control and suitable for training and entertaining, whereas incline skate,as you can see, demands a higher level of skill to balance and work with.

You can also question your child’s purpose for having this roller skate.

If he just simply wants to have fun roller skating in the backyard as a hobby, a quad roller will be his next best friend. On the other hand, on the occasion when he intends to join a skating club or competition, the inline will support him very much.

What About Kids Roller Skate Sizing?

What About Kids Roller Skate SizingIt may be frustrating for you, my dear parents, to buy a pair of rollers for your kid to realize a few weeks later, his feet have outgrown and the rollers are no longer match. However, you can decide which size to purchase by, again, investigate his motor.

Does his activity require a very snug fit or a comfortable one size larger?

No matter what the answer is, under no circumstances should you buy rollers that are extra large compared to your kid’s size. Wrong sizes can result in injury and that is the last thing we want our kids to endure, am I right?

To fix this issue, nowadays roller skates have been equipped adjustable between- 3- to- 4 sizes to match your child’s growing stage. Make sure to purchase these rollers to prolong their using time.

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Frequently Asked Questions

At what age can my kid start to skate?

We receive this question a lot from parents. To our belief, kids can try out roller skating from the first moment they start to walk! Contrary to how dangerous it might seem, your kids are able to maintain their balance once in moving wheels.

You will never know your child’s ability if you don’t give him a try. Make sure to equip him with proper safety gears and let see how far he can travel on wheels!

Where should my kid skate: indoor or outdoor?

Well, the answer seems to entirely depend on your child preference, and level. The thing we can share with you is that indoor and outdoor skating, each kind needs definite wheels to function to the fullest.

Outdoor skates are assembled with softer wheels to easily absorb vibration and friction from the rough terrain. They also create a better experience in gripping to the ground and controlling the unexpected harm from debris and particles on the streets.

Indoor skates, on the other hand, own harder wheels to produce a smooth swipe on every rolling step.

For kids who desire to enjoy skating both in and out, we suggest purchasing a separate set of indoor and outdoor wheels to respectively maintain each wheel set. Just simply swap them out before changing the skating location and your kid is good to go!

What special gear does my kid need?

Safety is the paramount issue when it comes to children. It is compulsory for your kids to be equipped with basic safety gears such as helmet, elbow pads and knee pads.

One more detail you should take into account to preserve your child’s safety is the toe stop in the rollers. Its primary mission is to stabilize the user and produce braking if needed.

This is the component you should pay attention to before buying any rollers. Make sure the toe stops are attached firmly and executed precisely.

You can purchase an additional toe stop with larger surface area in the times when your kid’s having trouble stopping or braking with the old toe stop.


Skating requires no fortune at all, yet delivers such great benefit for your children. If your children tend to cling on to their iPads a whole day, grab one of these best roller skates for kids and grab them out! It’s time to swipe away cartoons and put on rollers!

We recommend the Roller Derby Girl’s Trac Star for sweet girls and the Roller Derby Boy’s Trac Star for handsome boys. These two roller skates fit any levels and purposes of skating, and promise to bring your children to an active and healthy lifestyle.

Thank you for reading our review and we would love to hear your feedback on one of these best roller skate for kids. Don’t forget to join them and enjoy a fun family sport game.

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