Can You Roller Skate In The Rain? Tips To Practice Under Bad Weather

It is urgent to skate but the rain suddenly comes, can you roller skate in the rain? Well, in the wet season, doing outdoor activities like roller skating usually makes you become stuck in a shower. In these cases, take your skates off without delay or keep skating despite the rain, which is better?

It seems a tough question, right? Skating is such a risky sport, and to be skilful enough, skaters need to experience accidents, injuries and potential dangers from the traffic. So, under the rain, how could they skate? Let’s see the answer right now!

Can You Roller Skate In The Rain?

Actually, to this question, the best answer is if there is no special reason, you should avoid skating in the rain! Under wet weather, your skates will easily slip as all the ground will turn to be full of water. As a result, the possibility of falling off may escalate!

Moreover, roller skating under the rain can lead to some other dangers that you never want them to take place. Let’s see what they are!

Damage To Your Skates

Damage To Your SkatesYour skates, especially your bearings, will be first damaged by the dirt and grime from the wet road. If you rollerblade in the rain frequently, it will surely cost you much for maintenance and replacement! Therefore, if you need to skate in this weather, take this point into consideration!

Slippery Surfaces

After the heavy rain, roads will become dirty and wet. Unless you are circumspect, you will certainly fall! Moreover, the rain will also limit your visibility. Thus, it is extremely risky to skate especially when you are in traffic!

Difficulty In Turning And Stopping

Difficulty In Turning And StoppingTurning when skating in the rain will invite falls if you are careless. Similarly, it takes a longer time to slow down and stop when you rollerblade on the wet road. Totally focus on your turn and stop or you will slip over!

Injure Yourself And Others

If you slip, it is more than certain that you will fall and hurt yourself! It’s even worse if you hit someone else and take them down with you, too! In case it is a minor accident, the outcome might not be too severe.

But imagine you lose your control and slide away, the traffic may get stuck and the situation will be extremely terrible! Therefore, if you ever think of roller skating while it’s pouring, make sure you are confident (and skilled) enough.

Tips To Roller Skate Under Bad Weather Safely

Anyway, in some emergencies, you have no choice but to skate under the rain. It may be very dangerous, but if you are circumspect enough, you will overcome all the risks! You suspect it? Well, the significant tips for safe roller skating below will give you the best answer! Let’s figure them out now!

Carefully Observe These Dangerous Surfaces

Carefully Observe These Dangerous SurfacesSmall imperfections in the streets or pavement will be fulfilled by water after rains, which will smooth the surfaces effectively! Thanks to it, your wheels when rolling on the ground will create less friction and as a result, make them slide sideways.

Therefore, to prevent your skates from slipping, avoid road painted lines such as white lines! Oily patches in the parking lot or metal grates and plates are also dangerous surfaces that you need to stay away. Otherwise, your feet will be likely to slide away!

The other surfaces which are super risky for you to skate also include cobblestones and marbled ground. When skating in these grounds, always roll at slow speed and stretch your feet a little to absorb bumps. Never turn and stop too fast! Keep the slow speed and you will control the situation!

In the autumn, falling leaves create the natural masterpiece! But for skating under rain, you may get into trouble with it! You will never know under these leaver there is any potential danger such as potholes or sharps. Therefore, take notice of it!

Clean Your Bearings Immediately After Skating In Bad Weather

Clean Your Bearings Immediately After Skating In Bad WeatherAfter skating under the rain, your skates will be collected with water and dirt, which will damage your metal bearings! For this reason, it is necessary to clean them immediately to prevent your skates from rust within hours! Here are steps for quick washing skates guide:

  • Unscrew the parts of your skates
  • Wash your skates by alcohol to remove water and dirt
  • Re-lube immediately. As alcohol will not only remove water but also the lube, it’s important to lube the bearings again to make sure it still works well.
  • Air-dry your skates in a room temperature

Remember to remove your bearings from the frames or else your axles, bolts and nuts will freeze and rust together! You can also use oil to immerse the bearings to avoid them being exposed to the air. With these methods, your skates will be maintained enough to use for a long time!

Prepare Your Skates Before Going Out In The Rain

Prepare Your Skates Before Going Out In The RainThis is mostly about the wheels. Before skating, check the bearings carefully to make sure your wheel will spin smoothly. Noticeably, hard wheels (up to grade 85A) are not highly recommended to skate in wet as wheels are always made from polyurethane rubber which can harden in the cold.

So, for the best skating in rain, the advice is you should get wheels around 70A. Perhaps it will be not good for speed, but for rollerblading under, it is the best choice! There are some brands specializing in specific wheels for rain that you can refer to such as Labeda, MPC.

Other Tips

Other tipsFurthermore, there are some other tips to skate safely that you may need to know.

  • Skating in the straight line: Try to keep your feet as closely as possible to avoid sliding away! Remember to push less, keep the speed low and take more time to brake, your skating in rain will be never as easy as before!
  • Skating around bends: Don’t turn sharpy as you do in the dry, it will cause a big problem! When a bend comes, slow down your speed and let your knees bend flexibly. Always keep your feet close and stable to balance your body, then you will never slip away!
  • Lower body posture: Keep looking further ahead and realize obstacles fastly before they arrive. Never let it surprise you, or you will lose your control and be likely to fall off! Give yourself a longer time to stop and turn and always keep your body at low posture, then in any urgent case, you will have time to be ready!


NotesAlthough the tips below are useful to help you prevent from dangers when skate under rain, there are still notes that you have to keep in mind

  • If you don’t have any majeure reason, don’t skate under rain because it’s very risky
  • Cleaning the skates immediately can prevent them from rusting and ruining, but if you rollerblade multiple times, your skates will need maintenance and replacement anyway. So if you want to save money, consider this factor!
  • Fully geared with significant protective accessories when skating for knees, wrist pads, elbow and helmet to avoid hurting yourself in case you fall off!
  • Water will reduce your ability to push. So, try to push down instead of push out to avoid slipping when skating on the wet surfaces

Even the most skilful skaters are likely to fall in the harsh conditions, so take it easy and carefully consider whether it is necessary to skate under rain! If an accident takes place, not only may it hurt yourself but also others will be injured.

Seems pretty scary, right? We are sure you will never want it to happen! So, unless you are skilful and well-prepared to skate under rain, it is not worth a try!


Life is a challenging adventure! And if you are well-prepared, nothing could stop you from enjoying what you’re gonna do! Hopefully, with these tips above, you will find it possible to skate under this harsh condition, and perhaps, you can also master this challenging skill!

It does not matter whether you can roller skate under the rain or not! It’s also nice to choose to protect yourself and others instead of experiencing a new feeling! Whatever your answer is, after this article, we expect you have found your best answer to the question How can you roller skate in the rain?

Thank you!

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