Answering The Big Question: Can You Roller Skate On Grass?

Can you roller skate on grass? Well, we believe you – the beginner roller skater has asked yourself and even the Internet this question several times.

It’s understandable after all. Would you think roller skating on grass would be safer, since it might slow down the speed of the rollerblades and thus you wouldn’t be badly wounded?

Well, yes and no. The answer might be misleading but hang in here, we’ll soon explain to you why.

A Brief History Of Roller Skating

A Brief History Of Roller SkatingDated back to 1743 with few recorded documents, roller skate was then seen to have featured on the ballet stage and bicycle racing around Europe. Yet it was not until the twentieth century that roller skating really became a blast.

Roller skates were initially used by the American government to move infantry across Europe to save resources during World War II. But as of today, roller skating is most known as a sport/recreational activity for every age and gender.

Actually, roller skating then began to catch on since the landing of discotheque music, or what people often call “roller disco”. That means a dance party under the theme of disco music and with people wearing roller skates.

Since then, they were often associated together in people’s consciousness.

Throughout the course of the eighteenth to twentieth century, the roller skates have been revised and improved in every criterion: momentum quality, designs, varieties and durability.

Today, we are most familiar with roller skates in the form of quad roller skates and inline skates.

Can You Roller Skate On Grass?

Can You Roller Skate On GrassNow, moving on to the big question: Can you roller skate on grass?

You know, if you finally pluck up all the courage to begin roller skating, you also have to resign yourself to the fact that there will be a lot of “ouch” and “oops” and “nooo”. It’s simply obvious and unavoidable.

Yes, we have seen people roller skating on grass because they are somewhat scared of falls or think it’ll be better if they start from there. But on another spectrum, others use the grass to stop the blades. We’ll dive deeper into that later.

But our point is, you just cannot roller skate on grass, as a beginner. You’ll never learn.

The final answer is, “No, it doesn’t work that way”. For one reason, the grass would get stuck onto the blades when you skate and thus decrease your momentum. Then you’ll come to a stop.

But explained by science, it’s the friction and physics stuff working against the blades. Thus you just can’t skate on grass, or carpets, ditto wooden floorings.

We suggest you find yourself a nice stretch pavement or a spacious car park to start off. You will fall over and over again, but after a while they will lessen. Also, costume yourself up with protective gears such as a helmet, elbow and knee pads.

And then everything’ll be just fine.

How To Do A Grass Stop

How To Do A Grass StopStopping may be a big issue for beginners in roller skating. Today we’ll demonstrate one easy way for you: using the grass.

If you are skating downhill or down a slope and have no idea how to stop, that’s not going to end well. But don’t worry, the grass will be your rescue.

To stop on grass, you should follow these steps:

  1. Keep one leg in front of the other.
  2. Lift your toes a little bit in the front skate.
  3. Try to bend your knees in front and your back behind a little.
  4. Use your arm to balance.

That’s it. Normally if you do it right, it’ll come to a stop in a few meters. But not always.

In case your front wheels get stuck and turn into a run, be careful! Especially when there may be big rocks, long roots and dry leafs hidden in the grass.

Still, it’s worth giving a shot. Why not?

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How To Choose The Right Roller Skates For Novices

Choose The Right Roller SkatesA lot of you might start roller skating with split purposes. One can be for recreation, others for fitness. But most are puzzled. Don’t worry. We will guide you to your suitable roller skates.

  • Size
    When choosing the size of your skates, using your regular shoe size as a reference. They do fit quite differently and more snuggly than the usual shoes.
    We suggest you try them on directly at the store and see how fitting you want them to be.
  • Hard boots Or Soft boots?
    A hard boot on a quad skate that can be used for a good workout or longer rides down the roads because the hard shell offers protection and stability.
    A soft boot is better for disco dancing and practicing for its lightweight body and good ventilation.
  • Quad Skates Or Inline Skates?
    Both of these roller skates have their own pros and cons. But the inline skates are more popular, in the sense that they are more streamlined, thus offering more ankle support, speed and mobility.
    We suggest you opt for the latter.

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7 Tips To Up Your Roller Skating Skills

Tips To Up Your Roller Skating Skills

  • Keep Your Shoulder Slightly In Front Of Your Hips
    This will help you maintain the balance. As you skate forward, our weight tends to be back. Thus having your shoulder a little in front of your hips is the ideally balanced position.
  • Your Arms Can Either Swing Freely Or Be Kept Still In The Air In Front Of Your Body
    It’s up to your choice, find an arm position that makes you feel comfortable.
  • It’s Important To Bend Your Knees When You Are Skating Downhill
    Most beginner skaters will skate very stiff upright, which makes them unstable and become tired after a while. Thus, bending your knees could do the trick, as it gives you more power to every push.
  • Bring Your Feet Right Back Underneath Your Body
    Every push should begin and end underneath your body from side to side. This will keep your body’s balance and rhythm for long.
  • How To Walk Down/Up The Stairs
    If your skates take you to a set of stairs, no problem. Grab tightly to the handrail, and as you make your way down, kick the skate well deep into the steps. This will keep the wheels from rolling.
  • Maintain Your Vision Ahead Of You
    When you skate down the street or in the park with many people and other obstacles, always remember to look in front of you. Don’t look down at your feet.

Focus on the change of terrain and what’s ahead would help you avoid any unnecessary accidents.

Wrapping Up

Since you’ve just wrapped your mind around the basics of skating, we suppose you are ready to start.

Whether you skate for fun or for exercise, we know you won’t be puzzled by the question “Can you roller skate on grass?” anymore. Grab your roller skates and your safety gears and out the door you go!

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