10 Best Roller Skates Brands – Ultimate Choices For Roller Skate Fans!

Besides doing the gym, swimming, running, and yoga, roller skating is a good way to stay in shape. Thus, it makes sense to have at least one pair of rollers, ready to get way-fun skating experience. Nonetheless, with years of formation and development, the number of roller skates has been escalated quickly each year, overwhelming buyers with so many options.

Better safe than sorry, you should go for branded rollers!

So, we are here to show you the top 10 of the best roller skates brands. Let’s check them all out!

Top 10 of best roller skates brands

Here are the top 10 roller skate brands we think are the best and are rated on a high to low scale

Riedell (9/10)

RiedellPaul Riedell and his wife started the business of Riedell Skates in 1945 with one game plan only: to develop and put on the market the best quality skates.

The brand cornered the market by making the finest hand-crafted boots, which brought them a reputation by delivering the goods of high-quality products.

Paul Riedell – the founder of the brand desires to make the skater that fits for everyone at every age and experience. The result went the extra mile because of the excellent detail of every product.

For over 70 years, Riedell still is the best brand when it comes up to roller skaters.

Riedell provides a full adjustable roller skate. The selling point is that all of the roller skate boots are made in a special way, in which with high-tech heat molding features, Riedell lets you hand-pick the lacing, toe, angle, boot lining, etc. of the boot yourself that fix your size perfectly.

With various collections of derby, rink and speed, rhythm and shuffle, jam, artistic, and outdoor, you can easily make a choice for your needs.

Some best products of Riedell:

  • Riedell Dash Roller Skate Set
    Looking for colorful roller skates that never go out of fashion? Riedell Dash Roller Skate Set is right for you.
    The suitable price, the smooth wheel structure, and the fabulous in style highlighting by the ombre color were harmoniously combined into the wonderful Dash. suitable for beginners and kids.
    Just within $70 to $99, now you can have rollers for recreation or rink.
  • Riedell Citizen Skate Sets
    This one is for the skaters who are into outdoor skating. Some available pairs are from $100 to $199 and in basic black and white ̣(White: 4–11 Full sizes with medium width and Black: 4–13 Full sizes only with D Width.)

Flying Eagle (9/10)

Flying EagleHeadquartered in China, Flying Eagle now has expanded its business across the border to the U.S, Europe, Japan, Korea, and Vietnam, Flying Eagle is committed to being one of the leading skate brands and the best online product manufacturers in the world. Thus, this brand is famous for international standard roller skates.

To complete the mission as above, the company improves its products with synthetic resin and multi-compression foam, which are commonly found in middle-class and high-end products.

As a result, the shoes have a very natural combination of soft and hard sponge. With this material, the absorption of the impact of the player on the boot is much softer and smoother.

The wheels of the Flying Eagle are made of PU rubber so they can withstand great friction as well as the extremely high melting points. One outstanding feature is that it is very durable and hard to break.

All bearings are manufactured according to Abec 7 standards, and it is dust resistant, which helps the wheel roll evenly and smoother.

When using a hand to lift a pair of Flying Eagle roller skates, customers will feel the shoes are well made and when they put them on, they bring a very light feeling.

The selling point of Flying Eagle roller skates is the excellent balance of price and performance. Choosing any model of Flying Eagle can suit your budget.

Our Recommendation:

  • Flying Eagle BKB Z2: Flying Eagle began to launch a strong line of BKB Z2 products, bringing excitement and comfort to players with their shoe form and eye-catching colors. BKB Z2 will be a new and perfect choice for children

SEBA (8.5/10)

SEBAFounded in Paris, France in 2005, Sebaskates has a lot of experience to meet the demand in the market and nine years in the roller skating market, Seba skates continuously improve and produce quality products.

Since its inception, Sebaskates has focused on professional attributes. Therefore, the design of its skates always attracts professional Skaters in the world.

The classy designs, harmonious colors as well as functions have pleased a huge number of skaters.

The roller skates’ frames also known as made from titanium with CNC technology – Computer Numerical Control has produced frames with strength, durability, and beauty.

Finally, the boot shoe (inner lining) of Seba firm gave roller skaters a satisfying feeling when rolling because of the hugging design of the foot wave of the user.

Our recommendations:

  • SEBA High (Deluxe): The structure and design completely follow the tradition of the SEBA High series, with a sporty and dynamic design with the remaining signature of SEBA such as close, zipper, paste, etc. As a result, the shoes are suitable for all Stylists or girls participating in Inline Skate.
  • SEBA GT (Grand Tourismo): The shoes are built to be stiff, comfortable, and versatile for various activities from the fun ride, city skating, to Grand Tourism.
    Boots are also equipped with anti-slip sheets on the sides and toes.
  • SEBA GTX: Liner in Shell (design 1 boot of GTX, Igor and KSJ) helps reduce weight and make shoes more compact like Pro Model series. Thanks to the famous Frame Deluxe, the shoes allow wearing heels more stably than other models.

Sure-grip (8/10)

Sure-gripBack then, the Sure-grip shoes were first introduced in 1936 by John L. Wintz and soon became famous for its rubber wheels, which were made from a gear thread called phenolic, a common material that is used in mechanical engineering, where an anti-wear material is needed.

It took a leap forward by replacing plain wooden wheels. The wheel was so moving up in the world that it presented the company as a creative leader.

The brand is also famous for its Skate accessories such as trucks, wheels, skates tool, skates bags, toe-stops, plates, etc.

Sure-grip was born for the ladies because the style of each collection is really eye-catching.

Micro Roller Skate (7.5/10)

Micro roller skateMicro roller skates are researched and designed in Switzerland, ensuring European standards of quality.

Founded in 1996, with an office in the village of Kusnacht on Lake Zurich in Switzerland, Micro Mobility Systems AG ensures that micro® products are of the best quality and are constantly leading the way as a manufacturer.

Micro Skates combines its functional and aesthetic design. By using modern production methods, this brand never let their users down with the Swiss quality and the durability in the high-standard product.

Micro LE

  • Wheel system is made of rubber material, high safety, good anti-slip
  • The lock head is made of alloy and super-strong flexible wire, with adjustable pins, easily resized to fit on the foot
  • With this design, the shoes are suitable for both men and women, with sizes suitable for each foot size of 36-44.
  • Shoe lining is made from soft velvet cushion material to create a comfortable feeling when using.

VNLA Skates (7/10)

VNLA skatesInterestingly enough, the idea of VNLA skates shoes came up in 2005 by a college freshman who was interested in the business of roller skating and established VNLA skates. The brand was more successful than expected when it becomes the fastest-growing company in the roller skating industry, from the two products at the beginning to hundreds of products now. Today, it supplies many different kinds of roller skates and accessories.

VNLA has also entered the entertainment industry, its products have shown up on MTV’s best dance crew, “Shake it up” series of Disney, “America’s Got Talent”, Fox’s “So You Think You Can Dance” – just to name a few.

Cougar Roller (7/10)

Cougar RollerCougar brand is designed to be safe from materials to the structure of the product, protecting users from foot pain or trauma during use. Products with alumni alloy frame are super light and super strong, especially the legs and ankles are designed to be extremely safe but not too rigid to ensure maximum comfort and convenience for users

  • Body: Soft PVC leather, with hard outer protection; Durable PU wheels, good impact resistance.
  • Internal boot: Very smooth and detachable.
  • The frame (fork): Wheel frame made of aluminum alloy sure, light, durable, stainless Bearings.
  • Wheels: Durable PU wheel, good impact resistance. Wheel frame made of aluminum alloy firm, lightweight, durable, stainless.
  • Bearings: ABEC 7 Chrome bearings are fast and durable, and the brakes are also better designed than other patin shoes of the same type.

Cougar roller skates are models with a soft design, lightweight and quite suitable for children.

With the advantage of reducing costs by the scale of production, concentrated production in large quantities, and worldwide sales, Cougar skates are extremely reasonable prices and superior quality with the patin product line with other brand prices on the market.

Bont Skate (6.5/10)

Bont SkateWas first introduced in Sydney in 1975, Bont was the first brand to use different material like fiberglass, carbon fiber, and heat molding for their products and also the first skate company to use lace covers, velcro, and aluminum enhancers in the skates.

Because the premise is ice skates, Bont specialty compared to other roller skating brands is that it is waterproof and sweat-proof, which is very suitable for outdoor skating activities.

Moreover, the skates are soft, smooth, and more durable than many other skates.

Just for your note, skates by Bont comes in typically 2 sizes that are smaller than those of U.S shoes. Thus, you need to refer to the size chart carefully in advance.

FILA (6/10)

FILAThe high-performance products are the signature of the FILA Skate brand. It is for the professional and non-professional consumers searching for high-quality skates.

Especially, we recommend the FILA Houdini Pro 110 as a desirable high-performance skate due to its composite shell and cuff. Inside the skate, you will find it fit and comfortable with the additional anatomical padding and the built-in heel shock.

Triple8 (8/10)

Triple8Although it is not a manufacturer of roller skates, Triple8 is not a strange name when it comes to this sport.

Triple8 is the largest and most trusted supplier and distributor of roller-skating components and related sports such as helmets, knee pads, elbow pads, wrist guards, hip protection, multi-packs, mouthguards, kid gear, accessories, and apparel.

When it comes to the roller skates, the Triple8 offers a balance of quality and brand, making it worth investing.


There are always more options for you, but in this article, we hope our review about the top 10 of the best roller skates brands will make it easier for you to find a pair of skates that fit your needs.

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