5 Best Roller Skates For Heavy Skaters – You Will Regret Missing Them!

If you’re a bit on the plus-size and looking for an exciting activity to lose weight, instead of those boring and draining workouts, try roller skating! This list of our best roller skates for heavy skaters will diminish your insecurities about your weight and encourage you to take part in fun activities.

Is Weight A Problem When It Comes To Roller Skating?

Is Weight A ProblemThis is a common question among people who are going to start their very first skating lesson. You’re scared that the scenario of you trying to balance yourself on those shoes would be hilarious to the viewers. Or, maybe you don’t want to land face down to the ground and give yourself an injury.

Well, fear no more! Believe us when we say weight is not and shouldn’t be an issue when it comes to roller skating.

Finding a pair of roller skates for yourself is like looking for a regular pair of shoes. You should know what your size is and what brings you the most comfortable experience.

The roller skate market has been expanding, models now are various in sizes, forms and appearances. It’s not that hard to find a pair of skates that caters to your personal preferences.

When it comes to roller skating, It is balancing and the quality of your roller skates that count. If you’re already familiar with this kind of sport then that shouldn’t be a problem. But, if you’re only a rookie then we may have some recommendations to make sure that you can have safe practice hours.

Best Roller Skates For Heavy Skaters

Riedell Skates – R3 – Quad Roller Skate for Indoor / Outdoor

Riedell Skate – R3 – Quad Roller SkateOur first impression of these roller skates look like the perfect choice for your first practice. This pair of skates looks very cool and simple. Its pricing can also be considered to be pretty reasonable.

These Riedell Skates are highly praised by many skaters due to their safe and durable features. Your feet will feel very dry and breathable in these skates, sounds great, right?

Skaters can tie their laces with ease and the velcro strap was made to add another layer of firmness, keeping you stable when rolling. This pair has four wheels, as traditional skates do, which makes it great for first time uses.

The only thing you should keep in mind about these skates is that they are made from vinyl, which can be too stiff for some. This may cause some discomforts, especially when you’re about to start.

But we suppose this material is chosen to ensure that we can have a pair of skates that would hold your feet firmly. If possible, it’s better to try it in real life first and examine which size is good for you.

About these Riedell Skates, we don’t have many complaints about it. This product has received great reviews, many buyers are contented with the results they get from these skates. Also, with the price that is no more than 150 dollars, these skates are worth your investment if you only want to give roller skating a try.

C SEVEN Skate Gear Cute Roller Skates for Kids and Adults

C SEVEN Roller Skates For Kids And AdultsAs you’ve seen above, this model was made for a wide range of audiences. Surely you can rely on these roller skates when it comes to safety. These skates are also affordable for those who are on a tight budget. No more than 60 dollars, we think you can even buy more for friends and family if you like.

From the appearance, C SEVEN Skate Gear Cute Roller Skates strike us with how interesting it looks.

Inspired by the 80’s design of four-roller skates, these shoes may not have the velcro strap to tighten the grip around your feet but back in the day, they had another way to do this. These skates were designed after boots so they can tighten above your ankle, which does the job of the velcro straps.

These skates were made from faux leather, which gives a nice and soft embrace around your feet. Many customers confirmed it to have a firm grip, despite the traditional design. This line of skates also brings a lot of personality in its design, which is very bold, youthful and eye-catching.

Consumers are quite happy with their experience when it comes to this C SEVEN line. Many stated that these skates are light, so you can note that down and see if this would meet your requirements. On a side note, you should check the brakes before purchasing. Some have reported that the brakes aren’t very secure, which can be dangerous if you’re a beginner.

To give our two cents on these skates, we think they’re still a pretty good choice. They can be said to be good-quality, interesting design and comfortable wear despite being sold at a very cheap price. This is a pair you can strut yourself around with.

Roller Derby Elite Stomp-5 Roller Skates

Roller Derby Elite Stomp-5 Roller SkatesFrom the first glance, you might think the Roller Derby Elite Stomp skates are high-end and meant for professionals. However, you’d be surprised to know that these skates not only don’t cost as much as you think but also still provide you the security you need.

A pair of Roller Derby Elite Stomp can range from 50 to 100 dollars, depending on your size. The skates were made in leather, which gives the skate a very cool and chic look. Along with its sleek design, the Roller Derby Elite Stomp also comes in diverse colors like black, neon green and neon pink, many buyers find these designs pretty neutral while still keep an edge to them.

A notable feature from this line of roller skates is that they were made with a lateral support system and tuff scuff to protect your toes, this helps the skaters to feel comfort in spite of the extent of time they spend wearing these skates.

Each skate has four wheels, which is suitable if you’re a beginner or have a heavy build. Those wheels are quite sturdy and smooth rolling so we’re sure that you’ll have a wonderful time practicing.

However, we still need to inform you that in some cases, the rollers might not work so well. Or, if you’re someone who is meticulous, you might find the material leaves much to be desired. Great quality and affordable, these skates have them all.

Sure-Grip Rebel Roller Skates

Sure-Grip Rebel Roller SkatesFrom the name, you can already tell the most notable characteristic of these skates, their grip. As a skater, either beginner or professional, you’d want your skates to have a good grip in order not to trip and hurt yourself, right?

The Sure-Grip Rebel Roller Skates cost from 180 dollars to 190 dollars. They are about the same range as the Riedell skates. These skates might cost a bit higher than the ones we’ve named, but they are worth your investment.

The Sure-Grip Rebel Roller Skates are leather boots. They look stylish and smooth. The Roller Derby Elite Stomp pair is also leather but they’re quite average compared to these Rebel roller skates.

The Rebel roller skates were made from real leather, they look shiny and smooth. Along with that, the company designed them like sneakers, so the skates just have this simple yet modern feel to them.

The Sure-Grip Rebel Roller Skates received great praise from its users. The rollers slide effortlessly and by the end of the day, the users can’t find any dirt or gunk stuck to their rollers. This is obviously good because sometimes, objects stuck to your rollers can cause unwanted accidents.

From what we’ve gathered, these roller skates seem to be well-liked among skaters. They live up to their name, the Sure-Grip Rebel Roller Skates, protecting you from falling while skating and guaranteeing a fun experience overall.

When people ask what kind of skates they should start with, many skaters have brought these up and some still use them professionally, this really proved how great these skates are.

Crazy Skates Zoom Roller Skates

Crazy Skates Zoom Roller SkatesWhen you read the name “Crazy Skates Zoom Roller Skates”, you must have been caught off guard. Why would we suggest such skates for beginners? Well, to verify, we’d like to walk you through the wonderful features that go into this product. The rollers selected for these skates are certain to give you a speedy and smooth ride.

When you look at the Crazy Skates Zoom Roller Skates, the first impression of them is that they look neat. They might not go for some retro aesthetic like the C SEVEN or go full-on badass looking like the Sure-Grip Rebel Roller Skates, but these Crazy skates charms their customers with practicality, in spite of their name.

The classical low cut boot style was inspired by the classic ring style, but with a touch of advancement, their design is not just for the eyes. These skates are made from solid galaxy fiber nylon plates with some adjustments to make sure that the skates are responsive to your movement.

If you check inside, you can see that it is padded so the skates are incredibly comfortable.

On the downside, these are the skates that you need to be wary about. It’s better to try them in-store first and check for the components. Because of their speedy nature, their screws may go loose. So to make sure that you won’t get more than what you bargain for, check the skates directly before buying.

The Crazy Skates Zoom Roller Skates don’t go over 100 dollars, yet they’re still able to bring great satisfaction to their customers.

Key Features To Look For In A Good Pair Of Roller Skates

So as a beginner, you might not know which one would suit you the most, right? So, in order to give you a clearer view, we’d like to suggest the main basis when looking for a good pair of roller skates.

Type of Roller Skates

Type of SkateThere are two kinds of roller skates, the quad skates and the inline skates. The quad skates have four rollers, separated into two lines like the ones we’ve introduced. Whereas the inline skates have four rollers line up in one.

For heavy skaters, we think it is better to go for the quad skates because they’re easier to balance. But, if you’re professional and can balance yourself on the inline ones, we encourage you to go for what suits you best.

High Top Boot or Low Cut Boot

High top boot or low cut bootThis one really bases on what is your main interest. The high top boot is a retro look that many skaters are still fond of today. This high top design is exceptionally favored among artistic skating, where they shine the most with their retro aesthetic. Also, these high to boot doesn’t provide speed so the users can just glide and enjoy and show off their graceful movements.

On the other hand, the low cut boot is suitable for competitive roller skating. Hence, the skates with this design are also known as speed skates. They offer great support so the skaters won’t get worn out too quickly after skating.

These are not only popular among competitive skaters but also the regular ones, probably because of the sneaker-design, which people are more used to.

Indoor and Outdoor Skates

The feature that sets these two apart is the rollers. The indoor rollers were harder in material to provide a smooth feeling when you skate on these rollers. For outdoor rollers, they can be considered as softer than their counterpart, this supposed to help you move through any bumpy surface with ease.

Frequently Asked Questions About Roller Skates For Heavy Skaters


BudgetThis is something we all should take into consideration before buying anything, really. Though skates may not cost as much as some other items, you’re still making a real investment. We advise you to think thoroughly about your needs for buying roller skates.

On another note, be sure to buy them from a credible source. This not only ensures the quality of the skates but also, if you find them unfitting for you, you can resell them and have the papers to prove that those are legit.


The sizes in roller skates are varied so you don’t need to be worried about not being able to choose the pair that fits you. If you can, we highly recommend you go to a store and try the skates on directly.

After all, sizes vary from brand to brand, you can wear the same size but feel different from another brand. Not only can you check your size there but you can also examine other parts of the skates.

Practice Location

Practice locationChoose a place that has a nice surface and spacious. If you have a roller rink nearby, that’s wonderful. Parks are still a great choice, although parks can be crowded, which makes it hard to practice if you’re a beginner, you can choose an area or a suitable time that has less people around.

Safety First

This goes for both beginners and professionals. We advise you to buy protective gear along with roller skates. Also, just a minor suggestion, always have a band-aid around just in case of small injuries.


Roller skating is fun. They can be hard at first but through time and practice, we ensure that you will benefit much from it. So, this is our list of best roller skates for heavy skaters. We hope that you can go out there and find a pair of skates for you. From this article, we just want you to know that your weight shouldn’t stop you from enjoying sports or life in general.

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