Is Roller Skating Making A Comeback And Will Usurp The Throne Again?

Is roller skating making a comeback? This sport used to be extremely popular, then had its golden age, and kept the throne in the most favorite pastimes.

However, roller skating also experienced periods of crisis and recession when the number of players had decreased significantly. Will it return to usurp the throne again? Don’t miss the boat on figuring out the answer by checking this article!

General History Of Roller Skating

General History Of Roller SkatingRoller skating is a recreational sport that can be put into competition thanks to its antagonist. In this sport, participants use the special tools as a pair of shoes which have fitted with small and flexible wheels that make users can move easily on rinks or flat and paved surfaces. How cool it is!

How many genres of roller skating do you know? Two or three? It’s more than this! There is a variety of roller skating like dancing competition, roller hockey, speed skating, street style competition, etc. Thus roller skating players are divided into different groups based on their genre. The most popular is the street-style genre.

The first roller skates were invented in 1760 by John Joseph Merlin. In the following years, people continued to improve and upgrade this product until roller skate shaped like what we know it today.

Obviously, along with the development of roller skates is the rise of roller skating sport. This sport gradually became more popular and be wide-liked. Until 1880, roller skating made a considerable breakthrough, and roller skate was mass produced in America.

In 1973, Roller Skating Rink Owners Association (RSROA) was established, the event which initiated the onset of the Golden Age. And you may know the result yet?

Roller Skating became a trendy sport spreading from West to East and we could see the players everywhere! Furthermore, the popularity of roller skating was transformed into an official sport in many national competitions. It’s incredibly influential!

Why Roller Skating Ever Lost Popularity?

Why Roller Skating Ever Lost PopularityWas its popularity endures forever? The answer is No! No matter how prevalent it used to be, what will be will be, roller skating finally lost its throne. Do you know the reasons why?

The most obvious reason is the lack of material facilities. In the past, people could roller skate on sidewalks or on the streets when there was little traffic, roads were not crowded with people and many usable spaces. But in this crowded and hustling life now, how can we do?

For this reason, the players need more qualified rinks. The problems occured when people needed at least 20.000 to 30.000 square feet to build a roller rink. Investors need to invest a lot while the future of returns is too dim. Apparently, no one wants to take risks!

Can not develop further because of its disadvantages, it was gradually abandoned after other popular sports such as football, volleyball, tennis, etc.

It did not stop there, technology’s dramatic move partially inhibited roller skating’s development. As clear as daylight, people were caught up in the growth of technology, their pastimes changed and they didn’t focus on doing outside activities as they used to.

In that “hang-by-a-thread” situation, roller skating would disappear before long?

Roller Skating Making A Comeback – Positive Signals

You’re nervous because roller skating is your cup of tea? Don’t worry, we have good news for you: Roller skating is gradually making a comeback! You are curious about what we said and still skeptical? Let’s figure it out now!

More Tutorials Video On Youtube

You’re beginner roller skating, how can you practice with correct technique?You are looking for a teacher? It’s hard to find the official one and may cost you a lot! Learn by yourself based on information and direction in books or on the Internet? As such, it is hard to imagine and check the correct posture!

You are thinking of the best way, right?

Exactly! You can study by yourself on Youtube! It’s free, easy to use and you can find the video you want easily by some keywords with just one mouse click. It sounds incredibly fantastic, so why not?

Positive signals of roller skating comeback have appeared on this platform. With some keywords like “roller skating tutorials” or “how to play roller skating”, you will receive a plenty of videos which guide you from A to Z. Is there anything better than this? We bet that the answer is no!

The trend of posting videos on youtube is becoming more and more popular. Hence , roller skating players certainly don’t want to miss this golden opportunity to bring roller skating back to the track.

Roller Skating appeared in Music Videos

Roller Skating appeared in Music VideosThe digital technology era brings art closer to the audience. We can easily access artworks like painting, music,etc. on the Inter. As a result, movie and music videos are also contributing to making roller skating popular with users once again by their popularity.

Have you ever seen a movie or music video which has the appearance of roller skating? We make sure the answer is “Yes”!

In music videos, roller skating is representative of youthfulness, dynamism and freedom. The proof is that all those songs are all lively and playful. You can search for songs like: “Make me like you” (Gwen Stefani), “America’s Sweetheart” (Elle King), “Peanut Butter Jelly” (Galantis) to verify. Then enjoy them!

Besides, roller skating often appears on dramas, especially movies or series with school or teenage themes. It is such a typical symbol of youth, especially those who have hip-hop and “underground” style. In other words, just because it’s so cool!

How Does Roller Skating Make A Comeback? (500)

Are you wondering why roller skating can make a comeback? We will show you three main points that are contributing to reappearance of this sport. Let’s take a closer look!

“Old-but-gold” Trend

Old-but-goldIn recent years, “old-but-gold” trend made a revolution when it came back to the track. From fashion, photography, music field to home decor, food, etc., it’s no doubt to assert that: this trend is in the upper hand!

Like “New wine in the old bottle”, more and more people return to popular modes and lifestyles in the 70-80s. A harmonious mixture of nostalgia and modern conquered many people then made this trend prevail and take the throne.

As a result, roller skating does not miss the opportunity to return. Because roller skating is such an iconic symbol that is definitely indispensable, how could we ignore and forget it when we talk about “Retro style”? No way!

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People Are Looking For Fun With Healthy Sports

People Are Looking For Fun With Healthy SportsIs roller skating good for your health? For sure! It has been scientifically proven to have a positive effect on player’s bodies and brains.

Roller skating helps to mobilize the whole body so it will burn excess calories in the body, minimize bone and joint diseases as well as increase the process of absorbing blood to the brain to keep a healthy body, minimize the symptoms like diabetes, cardiovascular disease and build healthy muscles.

You are looking for a sport that is both fun and healthy? I make certain that roller skating can be one of your best choices. With this sport, you can play alone or with your friends. Moreover, you can even play it with a group of people!

What’s better than meeting your friends and joining them in an interesting game which is enormously beneficial to health together?

Roller skating certainly deserves a return for its significant advantages!

The Development Of Vibrant Music Genres

The Development Of Vibrant Music GenresDoes vibrant music make you excited? In some situations, it is a bit troublesome and makes you tired, but it’s incredibly wonderful!

But wait! Is vibrant music related to roller skating? Keep on reading to find out!

Vibrant music genres are growing more and more. Disco music is still prevalent in club and entertainment activities thanks to its vibrant and playful melody but still has the classic characteristics.

Electronic Dance Music (EDM) is more popular with young people because ear-catching electronic tunes are incredibly suitable for group activities and outdoor activities.

What do you want to do when listening to vibrant music? Just dancing is too dull! People will have to find other games to play. Why not roller skating?

Vibrant music will make you be “crazy” and full of energy. Playing with your friends in catchy music blends perfectly with the skillful moves will make unforgettable memories for you!

If you don’t know what to do with vibrant music, choose roller skating!

Bottom Lines

Is roller skating making a comeback? We can confirm with you one or more than one time the answer is “Certainly”. For the devotees of this sport, just continue to pursue it because we are confident that it will once again revive soon. For those who aren’t fans, why do you still hesitate to play it? It’s worth a try!

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